Big Brother host Will Best confirms HUGE twist in major shake-up for next live eviction

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By Kate Dennett For Mailonline

Published: 08:36 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 08:58 EDT, 1 November 2023

Big Brother big Will Best has confirmed a awesome shake-up to nan adjacent Big Brother eviction.

Kerry became nan 4th housemate to beryllium evicted on Tuesday arsenic she was brutally axed successful a backmost doorway exit aft Noky and Trish's cursed nominations were revealed.

But Will, 38, confirmed that nan evictions are acold from complete this week arsenic this series' first double eviction will aerial connected Friday successful different immense twist.

Two housemates will beryllium evicted unrecorded from nan Big Brother location connected Friday, pinch nan news sending Tuesday's Late & Live assemblage into a frenzy. 

He confirmed: 'This Friday is going to spot our first double eviction! These guys are delighted but really do you deliberation nan housemates will header pinch a double eviction?'

Big news! Big Brother big Will Best has confirmed a awesome shake-up to nan adjacent Big Brother eviction

Former housemate Hallie shared her daze unrecorded from nan workplace arsenic she admitted: 'Three successful 1 week that's intense.' 

While Will agreed pinch her arsenic he said: 'It's brutal!'

The double eviction news comes aft Kerry was evicted connected Tuesday successful a Halloween twist aft going up for nan nationalist ballot against DJ Dylan, 39, and Dancer Olivia, 23.

Kerry was forced to exit done a coffin, nan backdoor, without saying goodbye to her chap housemates aft Noky and Trish's cursed nominations were revealed.

Kerry gave Olivia and Dylan a hug and asked them to walk on nan connection that location was 'no difficult feelings' betwixt her, Noky and Trish.

Noky and Trish had became 'possessed' during a Halloween twist connected Monday and were forced to prime 3 of their housemates to person 'cursed nominations', pinch Kerry going home.

Speaking to Will Best during her Late & Live interview, Kerry explained: 'I was truthful fresh to travel out, if you didn't cognize I'm a mum. But this was nan champion acquisition ever.

'I was ready, I've sewage MS, I consciousness fatigue, I hadn't been sleeping.' 

Shock: Two housemates will beryllium evicted unrecorded from nan Big Brother location connected Friday, pinch nan news sending erstwhile contestant Hallie and nan unrecorded assemblage into a frenzy

Shock: It comes aft Big Brother's Kerry was nan 4th housemate to beryllium evicted from nan ITV revival bid of nan show connected Tuesday

Brutal! Kerry was forced to exit done a coffin, nan backmost door, without saying goodbye to her chap housemates successful nan Halloween twist 

Tough: Noky and Trish were some possessed and had to spell into a concealed room successful nan mediate of nan nighttime wherever they chose Olivia, Dylan and Kerry to beryllium up for nomination

When asked why she was nominated, she added: 'In my caput I want to deliberation that they knew I was fresh to spell but successful reality they possibly thought I was moaning.'

Kerry and nan remainder of nan location were near shocked during nan past 2 evictions erstwhile they heard nan unrecorded crowd chanting for her to beryllium fixed nan footwear from nan show next. 

Speaking astir nan booing, Kerry added: 'It gets successful your seed and you can't get it out. It wasn't happening to anyone else, I pridefulness myself connected caring for group and loving group but I didn't get it. 

'The 2 group that had left, we hadn't had our infinitesimal yet. I hadn't gelled pinch Farida aliases pinch Zak until nan past day.'



AGE: 25


FROM: Bridgend 

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU? 'Loud and messy, and irritating probably.' 


AGE: 21


FROM: Somerset  

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LIKELY TO GET NOMINATED FOR? 'I deliberation I mightiness perchance offend immoderate people. My rima moves faster than my brain.'


AGE: 33

PROFESSION: Stay-at-home mum

FROM: Luton 

WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE PRIZE MONEY IF YOU WON? 'I deliberation my first privilege is to benignant retired my lodging situation. The lodging situation is conscionable ridiculous and my lodging business has been unstable. It brings maine a batch of mum guilt because I've sewage a young child. It’s my biggest inducement and information to win.'


AGE: 25


FROM: Scunthorpe  

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LIKELY TO GET NOMINATED FOR? 'Being cantankerous and acting arsenic if I don't want to beryllium location moreover if I do successful my heart. They mightiness nominate maine for being disengaged possibly aliases not paying everyone an adjacent magnitude of attention. They whitethorn consciousness near retired but I can't thief that.'


AGE: 39


FROM: Coventry 

TELL US AN INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: 'I appeared connected a TV show called The Last Leg astir amputees - 2 years earlier I mislaid my leg!'


AGE: 26


FROM: Derby 

WHAT MADE YOU APPLY TO BECOME A BIG BROTHER HOUSEMATE? 'I emotion challenges. I've had truthful galore astonishing times successful my life, for illustration going to Miss Universe arsenic Miss Great Britain. I for illustration to do thing different and I deliberation this is nan adjacent situation I want to conquer. I want to show group what pageant girls are really for illustration and disprove a batch of stereotypes astir them. I besides show what it's for illustration being a female who's worked successful male- dominated fields. I want to show that women are tin of doing thing they want.' 


AGE: 23

PROFESSION: Security officer

FROM: Liverpool 

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LIKELY TO GET NOMINATED FOR? 'Being nan biggest upwind up, eating each nan nutrient and being nan loudest housemate.'


 AGE: 25

PROFESSION: Customer support agent 

FROM: Harrogate 

WHAT PART OF THE EXPERIENCE ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? 'I’m astir excited astir being surrounded by truthful galore group from different walks of life. I don't deliberation I will ever unrecorded successful a location again pinch truthful galore different kinds of people. I’m from China and I deliberation it will thief maine beryllium much immersed successful British culture.'


AGE: 29

PROFESSION: Dental therapist 

FROM: Llanelli 

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LIKELY TO BE NOMINATED FOR? 'Probably conscionable for being annoying. In Wales, we person this saying, "I'll do it now successful a minute." So like, if I went to make nutrient and I near a crockery connected nan side, I person each bully intentions of washing it but I'd beryllium like, "I'll do it now successful a minute," and it mightiness beryllium 3 hours later earlier I do it. So astir apt for silly worldly for illustration that.'


AGE: 24


FROM: Isle Of Man 

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY DESCRIBE YOU? 'They would opportunity I'm rather for illustration a fortunate personification aliases personification who really wants to acquisition life to its fullest and do everything that it has to offer. Someone who is benignant and nosy and doesn't return life excessively seriously.'


AGE: 25

PROFESSION: Food writer

FROM: Cotswolds 

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY DESCRIBE YOU? 'I deliberation they would opportunity I'm peculiarly sociable and very chatty. I mean, I'll beryllium honest, my parents would decidedly opportunity I’m a spot of a snob but I return it arsenic a compliment. I deliberation it intends you've sewage precocious standards and bully taste. They’d opportunity I was rather a peculiar child.' 


AGE: 23


FROM: Glasgow

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LIKELY TO GET NOMINATED FOR? 'I deliberation erstwhile group are successful that hangry state, that's erstwhile I'll upwind group up and grind their gears. I deliberation they'll nominate maine for being afloat on, and for my sadistic honesty and oversharing of opinions.'

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