Biden to ban medical debt from credit reports in latest attempt to boost election hopes

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The Biden Administration will coming denote a norm to get free of aesculapian indebtedness from in installments reports.

The norm could boost nan chances of millions of Americans to bargain a car and let 22,000 much group to get approved for mortgages each year, nan management says.

It will beryllium announced later coming by Vice President Kamala Harris and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Rohit Chopra.

Biden has antecedently been accused of attempting to 'buy' votes pinch indebtedness forgiveness measures specified arsenic his student indebtedness alleviation plan.

Pictured connected Monday night: Joe Biden, Dough Ehmoff, Kamala Harris, Philonise Floyd, Keeta Floyd l, nan relative of nan precocious George Floyd 

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