Biden says he 'bounced checks' when he was younger and jokes it's 'hard' to get bank records after Republicans subpoenad Joe and Hunter to try and get more details on foreign deals

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  • President Joe Biden admitted that he 'bounced a fewer checks' successful his youth, during a White House arena Tuesday connected junk fees 
  • He besides sarcastically said that it was 'hard' for banks to entree aged slope records, a remark that will raise eyebrows pinch Republicans who want to spot his 
  • Last period nan House Oversight Committee subpoenaed nan president and Hunter Biden for their individual and business slope records  

By Nikki Schwab, Senior U.S. Political Reporter

Published: 18:46 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 18:49 EDT, 31 October 2023

President Joe Biden said he 'bounced a fewer checks' erstwhile he was younger and joked that it was 'hard' to retreive aged slope records astatine a White House arena Tuesday debuting caller rules to prohibition junk fees associated pinch status accounts. 

Biden was ripping into banks and in installments unions for their fees erstwhile he made nan eyebrow-raising remark astir slope records. 

It comes aft House Republicans past month subpoenaed nan president and boy Hunter's individual and business banking records, successful an effort to link nan elder Biden to his drug-addicted son's overseas business deals successful Ukraine and China. 

The president boasted really nan Biden management had spent 2 years cracking down connected 'unfair and deceptive junk fees successful banking, edifice costs, rental housing, cable, internet, concerts, airlines, healthcare.' 

'For example, my management banned banks and in installments unions from charging fees for basal services for illustration checking your relationship balance. I emotion that one,' nan president said. 'Retreiving aged slope records. That's really difficult to do man.' 

President Joe Biden said he 'bounced a fewer checks' erstwhile he was younger and joked that it was 'hard' to retreive aged slope records astatine a White House arena Tuesday debuting caller rules to prohibition junk fees associated pinch status accounts

Biden said he sewage 'so dang mad' erstwhile he recovered retired astir those entree fees. 

'Or looking up your equilibrium for your loan, connected your loan. That's a slayer man. That costs truthful overmuch money for those banks,' he said sarcastically. 'But look, they charge. up to $30 for these services.'

'You know, erstwhile you've bounced a fewer checks for illustration I did erstwhile I was trying to get started,' he said, garnering laughs from a crowd gathered successful nan State Dining Room. 'Anyway - that's over, that's over.'  

Biden later ignored - aliases couldn't perceive - a shouted mobility astir whether his slope records would show overseas income arsenic he departed Tuesday's event. 

Biden has agelong said he had thing to do pinch his son's overseas business deals.

But Republican opponents remain undeterred. 

In nan weeks earlier House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted from his activity position connected October 3, he allowed nan House GOP to unfastened an impeachment enquiry into Biden. 

President Joe Biden (left) and Hunter Biden (right) depart religion past August successful South Carolina. House Republicans opened an impeachment enquiry successful September arsenic they effort to link nan president to his son's overseas business deals successful China and Ukraine 

In precocious September, House Republicans issued 3 subpoenas for Joe and Hunter's individual and business slope records arsenic portion of nan impeachment inquiry.

'The subpoenaed slope records will thief nan Committees find whether Joe Biden abused his agency by trading entree and/or by receiving payments aliases different benefits successful speech for charismatic acts,' said Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan successful a associated statement.

Comer and Jordan alleged that Hunter Biden and different family members 'sought to conceal nan root of overseas income by having lucrative wires sent to Biden associates' accounts, alternatively of their ain accounts.' 

'We judge these records will supply penetration arsenic to wherever nan overseas money was yet sent,' they said. 

White House spokesperson Ian Sams called Republican efforts a 'baseless chaotic goose chase' to distract from a imaginable goverment shutdown.

The impeachment enquiry took a backseat, however, to nan House GOP's ain play - arsenic nan House went 22 days without a speaker aft McCarthy's ousting, only electing House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana past week. 

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