Biden's migrant crisis will cost taxpayers $451 BILLION a year: Staggering Republican report lays out how much is spent on healthcare and accommodation - as they target Mayorkas for impeachment

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Taxpayers person to beforehand astir half a trillion dollars each twelvemonth because the Biden management is not stopping migrants astatine nan confederate border, Republicans said successful a study connected Monday.

The costs of providing education, healthcare, rule enforcement and different expenditure resulting from millions of other migrants adds up to arsenic overmuch as $451 cardinal a year, says nan House study. 

The 49-page study comes arsenic House Republicans push to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for allegedly failing to constrain nan grounds numbers of migrants arriving astatine nan US-Mexico border.

'Every day, millions of American payer dollars are spent connected costs straight associated pinch forbidden migration and nan unprecedented situation astatine nan Southwest separator sparked by … Mayorkas' policies,' says nan report.

Migrants clasp a protestation en way to nan US, wherever Republicans opportunity they are a costly drain connected resources

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas faces impeachment complete nan separator crisis

'Mass forbidden immigration, accelerated by Mayorkas' open-borders policies, now represents a monolithic costs to nan national authorities and authorities governments alike, arsenic good arsenic nan pocketbooks of backstage citizens and businesses.'

President Joe Biden's management has grappled pinch grounds numbers of migrants trying to transverse nan US-Mexico separator illegally, a inclination fueled by ever much group fleeing governmental chaos successful Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Since Biden took agency successful 2021, US separator agents person made much than 5 cardinal arrests of migrants making irregular crossings — that is, not done a controlled separator position — complete nan U.S.-Mexico border.

Many declare asylum astatine nan separator and recreation northbound looking for activity successful specified sanctuary cities arsenic New York City, Washington, DC, and Chicago, which are reeling from spending hundreds of millions of dollars connected nan caller arrivals.

Amid chaotic scenes of packed buses arriving from nan separator and migrants sleeping extracurricular refuge centers, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, said earlier this autumn that nan influx 'will destroy' nan city.

Hundreds of migrants beforehand successful a caravan successful confederate Mexico, galore headed for nan US

The costs of Medicaid for non-legal immigrants unsocial has surged this past decade 

The document, authorized by Mark Green, nan Republican Chairman of nan House Homeland Security Committee, brings together reports from these cities pinch estimates of nan migration costs from deliberation tanks and different nationalist sources.

It includes nan costs estimate of $451 cardinal from nan Center for Immigration Studies, a right-wing deliberation vessel that favors sharply cutting group flows to nan US, that was calculated by interrogator Andrew Arthur successful May.

It besides includes different estimate, released successful March by nan Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), different investigation group, that taxpayers ammunition retired astatine slightest $151 cardinal each twelvemonth to screen nan costs of forbidden immigration.

According to FAIR, US national and authorities governments walk $182 cardinal annually to supply services and benefits to non-legal aliens and their dependents.

That fig is only partially offset by nan $31 cardinal successful taxes that are collected by nan estimated 15.5 cardinal non-legal aliens surviving successful nan US, according to nan group's president Dan Stein.

Some 3.8 cardinal migrants person entered nan state since Biden took agency successful 2021, says FAIR. Nearly half of them slipped into nan state illegally and were ne'er caught, it is claimed.  

The House will ballot connected Monday whether to beforehand aliases artifact a Republican complaint to impeach Mayorkas for allegedly failing successful his work to unafraid nan US-Mexico border.

Mark Green, nan Republican Chairman of nan House Homeland Security Committee says US taxpayers are nan existent victims of unchecked migration

The surge successful forbidden migration intends national departments and separator states person to walk overmuch much connected security 

The articles of impeachment, introduced by Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene connected Thursday, contend that Mayorkas, violated his oath of agency by failing to fastener down nan frontier.

The impeachment comes aft months of threats from Republicans, who slam nan Biden management for rolling backmost harsh curbs connected migrants and asylum seekers introduced nether erstwhile president Donald Trump, a Republican.

The Republican-controlled House appears apt to impeach Mayorkas, but he will almost decidedly beryllium recovered guiltless aft a proceedings successful nan Senate, wherever Democrats person a slim majority.

The section has antecedently bashed Republicans for 'their reckless impeachment charades and attacks connected rule enforcement' erstwhile they should beryllium helping to betterment nan migration system.

Both Biden and Trump are seeking different word successful agency successful 2024, pinch Trump nan starring campaigner for nan Republican nomination.

Should he win, Trump is reportedly readying a wide description of his first administration's hard-line migration policies, including rounding up undocumented immigrants into detention camps and deporting them.

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