Biden 'outraged' by Israeli strike that killed aid workers in Gaza

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden connected Tuesday said he was "outraged and heartbroken" by nan sidesplitting of 7 World Central Kitchen humanitarian workers, delivering immoderate of his strongest disapproval of Israel since nan commencement of its war pinch Hamas.

"This conflict has been 1 of nan worst in recent memory in position of really many aid workers person been killed," Biden said successful a statement. "This is simply a awesome logic why distributing humanitarian assistance successful Gaza has been truthful difficult — because Israel has not done capable to protect assistance workers trying to present desperately needed thief to civilians."

"Incidents for illustration yesterday’s simply should not happen. Israel has also not done capable to protect civilians," he added.

On Monday, an Israeli airstrike killed 7 humanitarian workers from nan alleviation statement World Central Kitchen, including a dual U.S. citizen. More than 200 assistance workers person been killed successful nan warfare since it began connected Oct. 7, said White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby connected Tuesday.

Biden added that he would "continue to property Israel to do much to facilitate" humanitarian assistance to civilians successful Gaza.

The president's connection — his first comments connected nan assistance workers who were killed Monday — comes arsenic he faces growing criticism from progressives, Arab Americans and Muslims complete his handling of nan warfare that began Oct. 7. Some critics person urged Americans to “abandon Biden” astatine nan ballot container aliases ballot "uncommitted" successful primaries to protestation nan administration's actions.

Criticism of Biden’s handling of nan warfare has been particularly stark successful states for illustration Michigan, which has a ample Arab American population. The plaything authorities could beryllium captious portion of a way to nan White House. Biden won Michigan narrowly successful 2020, while erstwhile President Donald Trump won it narrowly successful 2016.

Earlier connected Tuesday, Biden called José Andrés, nan high-profile cook who founded World Central Kitchen, "to definitive that he's heartbroken," said White House property caput Karine Jean-Pierre during a regular briefing.

World Central Kitchen announced that it was pausing assistance efforts successful Gaza aft nan killings. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that nan Israel Defense Forces had "unintentionally deed guiltless people," adding that "we will do everything truthful that this point does not hap again."

More than 32,900 group person died successful Gaza since nan warfare began, according to Gaza’s wellness ministry. About 1,200 group successful Israel were killed connected Oct. 7, according to nan Israeli government. About 240 Israelis were kidnapped, and Israel has said that much than 100 hostages remain successful Gaza.

Biden has antecedently critiqued Israel's handling of nan warfare and said much needs to beryllium done to supply humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

When nan president had 1 of his speeches interrupted past week by pro-Palestinian protesters, he said "they person a point," adding that "we request to get a batch much attraction into Gaza."

Biden has besides supported nationalist rebukes of Netanyahu. After Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., delivered a reside past period sharply criticizing Netanyahu and calling for caller elections successful Israel, Biden praised nan remarks.

"He made a bully speech, and I deliberation he expressed a superior interest shared not only by him but by galore Americans," Biden told reporters.

Separately, Biden said during an MSNBC interview successful March that he believed that Netanyahu was "hurting Israel much than helping Israel."

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