Biden administration 'holds secret talks on stationing American troops in Gaza' after Hamas is defeated - but US officials fear deepening political peril after Israel shelled a refugee camp

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The Biden management and Israeli officials person held concealed talks connected stationing American troops successful Gaza aft Hamas is defeated, according to a report.

The US has told Benjamin Netanyahu that a scheme is needed for authorities of nan Strip if they succeeded successful driving retired nan terrorists. Israel has many times stated that it does not want to inhabit Gaza, but has besides said that Hamas tin nary longer beryllium allowed to norm nan enclave.

Among options being discussed is a a multinational unit that could see US troops according, sources told Bloomberg. Another anticipation would beryllium to put nan region nether nan power of nan United Nations.

But nan Biden management past nighttime denied it was readying to put US troops connected nan crushed arsenic nan humanitarian situation deepened aft Israel shelled a exile camp.

Hamas claimed much than 50 group were killed and 150 wounded. Israel said nan onslaught took retired a apical Hamas commander.

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu are pictured gathering successful Israel connected October 18

A position from nan area aft Israeli airstrikes connected Jabalia exile campy successful bluish Gaza connected Tuesday

Children dug from nan rubble of nan exile campy are carried from nan segment connected Tuesday

Humanitarian groups person condemned Israel's onslaught connected Jabalia exile camp, saying nan aerial ambush should beryllium a 'wake-up call' to world leaders to unafraid a ceasefire.

As nan fighting continued, sources told Bloomberg that respective options are nether information - including nan engagement of U.S. troops - but a National Security Council spokesperson denied nan report.

Adrienne Watson told Bloomberg connected Tuesday nighttime that 'sending U.S. troops to Gaza arsenic portion of a peacekeeping unit is not thing that's being considered aliases is nether discussion.'

But Bloomberg's sources insisted it was so thing that was being discussed.

The Palestinian Authority, led by 87-year-old Mahmoud Abbas, is not considered consenting aliases capable to power Gaza.

One option, nan sources said, would springiness location countries impermanent oversight of Gaza, backed by backed by troops from nan U.S., UK, Germany and France.

Arab nations specified arsenic Saudi Arabia and nan United Arab Emirates would besides ideally beryllium involved.

A 2nd action being considered, Bloomberg reported, is simply a peacekeeping unit modeled connected nan Multinational Force and Observers group that operates successful nan Sinai peninsula, enforcing nan position of nan bid pact betwixt Egypt and Israel.

A 3rd action would beryllium impermanent governance nether nan United Nations.

Israel is not enthusiastic astir nan idea, Bloomberg reported - successful portion owed to nan warfare of words successful New York betwixt nan UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, and Israel's ambassador, Gilad Erdan.

Erdan, a fiery showman, demanded past week that Guterres resign aft nan Portuguese diplomat said nan Hamas onslaught of October 7 'did not hap successful a vacuum'.

Guterres added: 'The Palestinian group person been subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation.'

The U.S. is ramping up its forces successful nan Middle East

United Nations peacekeepers are pictured connected nan separator betwixt Israel and Lebanon connected October 11

U.N. peacekeepers are pictured connected April 7, arsenic portion of the United Nations Interim Peacekeeping Force (UNIFIL)

Erdan accused Guterres of justifying Hamas' attack: Guterres insisted Erdan was twisting his words, saying he was 'shocked by nan misrepresentations by immoderate of my statement'.

On Monday, Israel's ambassador to nan UN successful Geneva, Meirav Eilon Shahar, said her state had been 'let down' by nan organization, claiming it had not done capable to condemn Hamas and increasing anti-semitism.

One action suggested by a Washington DC deliberation tank, nan Washington Institute for Near East Policy, is to person a shared power by nan UN and Arab nations.

'Public information and rule enforcement could beryllium directed by a consortium of nan 5 Arab states who person reached bid agreements pinch Israel - Egypt, Jordan, nan United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco,' they wrote successful a insubstantial connected October 17.

'Only those Arab states would person Israel's confidence, which is basal for this effort to succeed.'

Food and health, they suggest, could beryllium provided by nan UN.

Another problem for nan subject planners is that location is small enthusiasm successful nan West and Arab nations for getting dragged into a Middle Eastern location war.

Joe Biden, facing an predetermination adjacent year, is acutely alert of nan perils of getting sucked into different bloody and costly conflict.

Egyptian tanks are deployed adjacent Egypt's bluish Rafah separator crossing pinch Gaza connected Tuesday

Israeli soliders believe sitting connected a vessel successful nan Western Galilee, arsenic they defender on nan separator pinch Lebanon connected Monday

Antony Blinken, nan Secretary of State, said that successful nan agelong term, nan Palestinian Authority should power nan enclave.

'At immoderate point, what would make nan astir consciousness would beryllium for an effective and revitalized Palestinian Authority to person governance and yet information work for Gaza,' Blinken said, adding that 'whether you tin get location successful 1 measurement is simply a large question.'

He told a Senate committee successful DC connected Tuesday that aggregate options were nether consideration.

'We can't person a reversion to nan position quo pinch Hamas moving Gaza,' said Blinken, who will recreation erstwhile much to Israel connected Friday.

'We besides can't person — and nan Israelis commencement pinch this proposition themselves — Israel moving aliases controlling Gaza.

'Between those shoals are a assortment of imaginable permutations that we're looking astatine very intimately now, arsenic are different countries.'

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