Bettor dubbed 'Million Dollar Marco' cashes $1.6MILLION after winning 13-leg parlay, including four NBA, two college football and seven NFL bets

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  • 'Million Dollar' Marco Piemonte won 8 bets worthy astatine slightest $1 cardinal successful 2022
  • Piemonte's profit went down to $1,078,738.10 aft attempting to 'middle' a bet
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com

Published: 18:29 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 18:29 EST, 21 November 2023

Sports bettor Marco Piemonte secured a payout worthy $1,578,783.10 connected Monday aft nan Philadelphia Eagles bested nan Kansas City Chiefs.

'Million Dollar Marco' lived up to his nickname aft acing a 13-leg parlay disconnected a $40,000 bet.

The winning parlay consisted of 4 NBA bets, 2 assemblage shot games and 7 NFL games. Most of nan wagers consisted of alternate spreads.

Piemonte picked mostly favorites arsenic nan parlay totaled astatine +3946 odds. 

In nan end, Piemonte hedged nan last point connected his parlay pinch nan Eagles-Chiefs game. Piemonte wagered $500,000 connected nan Chiefs -2, hoping for Kansas City to triumph by a section extremity but not by much than 10 points.

'Million Dollar' Marco Piemonte won $1.6 cardinal by acing a 13-leg parlay and betting $40,000

Piemonte's original profit went down to $1,078,038.10 aft switching nan past limb of nan parlay

Piemonte's elephantine 13-leg parlay spanned crossed Friday's NBA games to Monday Night Football

Piemonte's effort to 'middle' nan stake resulted successful his existent profit going down to $1,078,038.10 - but still surviving up to his moniker. 

The parlay that spanned crossed a fewer days astir sewage derailed wrong nan first limb arsenic Piemonte picked nan Los Angeles Clippers complete nan Houston Rockets connected Friday.

Houston had nan lead pinch little than 3 minutes remaining and looked to put nan crippled to bed. Fortunately, nan Rockets missed consecutive shots successful clutch time, allowing nan Clippers to rally and bargain nan win.

This is not nan first clip Piemonte earned a seven-figure payday pinch his bets. 

Last year, Piemonte won $2,880,263.52 aft betting $31,000 connected a five-game NFL parlay. 

Piemonte won 8 wagers worthy much than $1m successful 2022 while moving arsenic a car trader successful Chicago.