Ben Stokes will undergo knee surgery after the World Cup as he looks to finally address the ongoing issue - but the England Test captain insists he should be fine for January's tour of India

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  • Ben Stokes has been struggling pinch a knee rumor for a prolonged period of time
  • There has been important speculation he would person room aft nan Ashes
  • The England Test skipper revealed he will spell nether nan weapon aft nan World Cup 

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Published: 04:53 EDT, 3 November 2023 | Updated: 05:00 EDT, 3 November 2023

England's Ben Stokes is group to person room astatine nan extremity of nan World Cup arsenic he attempts to conquer his semipermanent near knee injury.

The Test skipper has been struggling pinch nan problem for astatine slightest 18 months and has had to play arsenic a master batter recently, pinch his assemblage incapable to header pinch nan rigours of bowling.

Stokes suggested he was considering an cognition aft this summer's Ashes series, but alternatively chose to travel retired of ODI status and return portion successful England's title defence successful India.

With England connected nan measurement retired astatine nan extremity of nan group stage, he is apt to spell nether nan weapon earlier nan extremity of nan period and will dream to beryllium fresh to lead his side's Test circuit of India successful January.

Stokes, speaking connected nan eve of his side's conflict pinch Ashes rivals Australia successful Ahmedabad, said: 'I americium having room aft nan World Cup.

Ben Stokes revealed he will acquisition knee room to hole nan ongoing rumor aft nan World Cup

Stokes has been struggling pinch nan problem connected his near knee for overmuch of nan past 18 months

'I will hopefully beryllium good for nan Test bid (against India).'

Pressed for further details, he added: 'When we spell to those meetings we mostly return a physio and expert and they commencement talking. I conscionable move up, spell to sleep, aftermath up and dream it is better.'

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