Bazball is now official! Term used to describe England's aggressive style of play under coach Brendon McCullum and Ben Stokes is listed in new edition of Collins English Dictionary

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  • Bazball set to beryllium included successful nan adjacent version of nan Collins English Dictionary
  • Term describes England’s style of play nether Brendon McCullum and Ben Stokes
  • Coach McCullum is not a instrumentality of nan building and described it arsenic 'silly' past summer

By David Coverdale For The Daily Mail

Published: 20:01 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 20:35 EDT, 31 October 2023

Bazball has officially entered nan dictionary aft being named arsenic 1 of Collins’ 10 words of nan year.

Listed arsenic a noun, it has been fixed nan dictionary meaning of ‘a style of Test cricket successful which nan batting broadside attempts to summation nan inaugural by playing successful a highly fierce manner’.

Its root is noted arsenic ‘C21: aft Brendon McCullum, known arsenic Baz (born 1981), New Zealand cricketer and coach’.

The connection has now been added to and is group to beryllium included successful nan adjacent version of nan Collins English Dictionary, nan largest single-volume English dictionary successful print.

Publishers HarperCollins stated that ‘the excitement of this summer's Ashes bid had galore group talking astir Bazball’.

Bazball was coined arsenic a word to picture England’s style of play nether caller coach Brendon McCullum and skipper Ben Stokes

Explaining nan process of adding caller words to their dictionary, they said: ‘The lexicographers astatine Collins Dictionary show nan 20-billion-word Collins Corpus which draws from a scope of media sources, including societal media, to create nan yearly database of caller and notable words that bespeak our ever-evolving connection and nan preoccupations of those who usage it.’

Bazball, which besides has its ain Wikipedia page and is nan sanction of a caller book co-written by Mail Sport’s Lawrence Booth, was first coined arsenic a word past twelvemonth to picture England’s style of play nether caller coach McCullum and skipper Ben Stokes.

However, McCullum said past summer: ‘I don't person immoderate thought what “Bazball” is. I don't really for illustration that silly word that group are throwing retired there.’

Collins’ different words of 2023 are AI, canon event, debanking, deinfluencing, greedflation, nepo baby, semaglutide, ultraprocessed and Ulez.

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