Bayern Munich star Leroy Sane 'loses his head' after getting sent off during Germany's 2-0 defeat to Austria... as winger is dismissed for pushing both hands into his opponent's face

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  • Leroy Sane was sent disconnected for pushing an force successful nan look connected Tuesday night 
  • The Bayern prima featured during Germany's 2-0 qualifying conclusion to Austria 
  • It’s nan world against Everton – it tin galvanise nan players to enactment up - IAKO 

By James Cohen For Mailonline

Published: 18:04 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 18:04 EST, 21 November 2023

Bayern Munich prima Leroy Sane was sent disconnected during a friends for Germany aft pushing an force successful nan face. 

Sane, 27, played conscionable 49 minutes of Germany's conflict pinch Austria - which they yet mislaid 2-0 - aft his vicious outburst astatine nan commencement of nan second-half. 

In a clip that appeared connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter, Sane tin beryllium seen search backmost earlier clipping nan heels of Austria full-back Philipp Mwene. 

The 2 players some autumn complete earlier Mwene gets successful nan look of nan erstwhile Man City winger, who instantly roseate to his feet and shoved Mwene successful nan face. 

The Austrian instantly fell to nan crushed clutching his look earlier referee Slavko Vinčić showed nan Bayern winger a consecutive reddish card. 

Leroy Sane was sent disconnected during Germany's 2-0 conclusion to Austria aft pushing Philipp Mwene

Mwene went down successful a heap aft nan Bayern Munich winger confronted him successful nan second-half

The clip was posted connected Viaplay's societal media account, nan broadcasters for nan match, and was described as: 'Leroy Sané loses his head! The German is sent disconnected aft pushing some hands into Phillipp Mwene's face'.

Germany were already trailing nan lucifer astatine that point, aft Marcel Sabitzer's first-half strike, and nan winger's dismissal only made their situation harder. 

Eventually, RB Leipzig midfielder Christoph Baumgartner doubled Austria's advantage and they took location nan bragging authorities connected nan night. 

It was nan first profession sending disconnected for nan 27-year-old, who had conscionable 27 touches successful full connected nan night.  

Given Germany are hosting adjacent year's European Championships, they already person a spot successful nan tourney and do not request to participate qualification. 

The aforesaid cannot beryllium said for Rob Page's Wales side, who will now look a play-off qualification shape successful a bid to scope nan tourney aft their 1-1 tie to Turkey. 

Wales had been starring acknowledgment to Neco Williams' early extremity earlier a arguable punishment converted by Yusuf Yazici guaranteed 2nd spot for nan visitors.  

Sane was swiftly shown a reddish paper for his actions during nan friends connected Tuesday night


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