Barcelona star Ilkay Gundogan and his wife Sara Arfaoui 'complain to the club about feeling ABANDONED' because they had no help with housing when moving from Manchester City - where she had moaned about 'all frozen food' in restaurants

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  • He reportedly complained that he had small support pinch lodging aliases transport
  • Ilkay Gundogan's issues are reportedly portion of wider complaints among players
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By Luke Power For Mailonline

Published: 05:54 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 08:13 EDT, 1 November 2023

Barcelona person reportedly apologised to Ilkay Gundogan and his woman Sara Arfaoui aft making them consciousness 'abandoned' pursuing their arrival. 

Gundogan had complained to nan nine that he was disappointed pinch nan magnitude of support he received erstwhile he was settling in. 

The 33-year-old joined nan Catalan giants on a free transportation successful nan summer after a Treble-winning run pinch Manchester City. 

He expected to person much thief pinch things specified arsenic housing, transport, and attraction for his family and complained arsenic a result, arsenic per SPORT. 

Barcelona's summertime was successful disarray owed to their player registration restrictions, meaning that Gundogan was only registered soon earlier their play opener against Getafe - contempt joining weeks earlier. 

Barcelona person apologised to Ilkay Gundogan and his woman Sara Arfaoui aft nan midfielder complained astir emotion 'abandoned' 

Gundogan and Arfaoui, pictured connected their honeymoon, arrived successful Barcelona this summer

He was expecting to received much support pinch things specified arsenic lodging and transport

SPORT claims that his unease is portion of a wider problem astatine nan club, pinch reserve players apparently having to return connected different jobs to money their recreation to training. 

Barca person started their play reasonably good and apical their Champions League gorup, but will dream to climb higher than 4th soon and were reeling aft an El Clasico conclusion past weekend. 

Gundogan suggested his team-mates were not wounded enough by nan defeat, successful which he scored nan opener.  

He said: 'Of people group are disappointed but aft specified a large game, and specified result. I wish location was much anger, vexation and disappointment.

'There has to beryllium much emotion, particularly erstwhile you lose.

Gundogan was dejected aft nan El Clasico conclusion and suggested his team-mates were not wounded enough 

The nine person reportedly apologised to Gundogan aft he complained astir his curen (Gundogan is pictured present pinch nine president Joan Laporta)

Arfaoui and Gundogan joined past twelvemonth but felt 'abandoned' by nan nine erstwhile settling into a caller place

'You cognize you tin do amended successful definite situations and you don't react, and this transfers to nan transportation astatine nan extremity of nan day.' 

They person now dropped points successful 3 of their past 5 LaLiga outings aft draws against Mallorca and Granada, but this was their first nonaccomplishment each season. 

Gundogan vanished 14th successful the Ballon d'Or rankings on Monday nighttime aft possibly his champion seasons successful a City shirt, wherever he and Arfaoui joined successful 2022. 

Arfaoui besides had difficulties while settling successful Manchester pinch her husband, publically complaining astir nan modular of restaurants successful 2022. 

Asked by a follower astir her favourite spot to eat successful nan area, she replied: 'Sorry I'm sad to beryllium honorable but nothing. I tried truthful bad to find a bully edifice but... horrible nutrient everywhere.

'Can't find a existent Italian aliases bully sushi aliases conscionable caller nutrient .. everything frozen. Restaurants present are conscionable focused connected making money pinch drinks and changeable for illustration nighttime clubs not value food.'


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