Banksy’s Brexit Mural Destroyed After Building Demolished

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A mural by nan elusive graffiti creator Banksy was destroyed aft nan building it was painted connected was demolished, according to a municipality assembly successful Dover, England—the latest creation installation by Banksy to beryllium removed aliases dismantled.

City officials successful Dover, England, antecedently said nan artwork could not beryllium preserved without ... [+] “considerable costs” to locals.

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Key Facts

Banky’s mural, painted connected a building successful Dover that was “increasingly dilapidated and dangerous,” featured a building worker chipping distant 1 of nan 12 yellowish stars connected nan European Union flag.

The Dover City Council said nan building was 1 of galore on Bench Street that was “blighting nan section area and giving a mediocre belief of nan town,” indicating earlier this twelvemonth that it would beryllium demolished arsenic portion of a $31 cardinal renewal project.

The Banksy mural “could not beryllium viably conserved” without requiring “considerable costs to section taxpayers,” according to nan Dover City Council.

The metropolis said it had hired a patient to “scan and preserve” nan mural truthful that it could “recreate it digitally aliases moreover physically” astatine immoderate constituent successful nan future.

The mural was whitewashed successful 2019, though Banksy—who painted nan mural a twelvemonth aft nan UK voted to time off nan EU—wrote he intended to update nan mural pinch a crumpled EU emblem erstwhile Brexit was finalized, adding nan “white flag” that replaced nan original mural “says it conscionable arsenic well.”

Big Number

$1.26 million. That’s nan estimated worth of nan mural earlier it was destroyed, according to nan Dover City Council.

Surprising Fact

Several creation installations by Banksy person been removed aliases dismantled, including nan “Valentine’s Day Mascara” successful Margate, England, which was briefly dismantled earlier being restored by nan municipality earlier this year. In March, Banksy’s mural “Morning is Broken” successful Kent, England, was destroyed aft nan building it was painted connected was demolished. Last year, 8 group were arrested successful Hostomel, Ukraine, aft they attempted to region a mural from nan broadside of a partially destroyed home. Six group were arrested successful 2020 for stealing a mural by Banksy from Paris’ Bataclan performance hallway successful 2019. A pandemic-inspired portion discovered wrong a London train car was accidentally cleaned away.

Key Background

Banksy is an anonymous thoroughfare creator who first started spray coating successful Bristol successful nan 1990s, and his unannounced creation installations person garnered world acclaim and attention. Some of his artworks person routinely fetched upward of $1 million. His painting, “Girl With Balloon” sold astatine auction successful 2018 for $21 million, and instantly proceeded to autumn into a shredder hidden successful nan bottommost of nan framework aft it sold. The partially-shredded work, “Love is successful nan Bin”, past sold for $24.5 cardinal astatine auction successful 2021.

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