Awkward moment a handsome cop is mistaken for the stripper after he arrives to try and shut down a house party

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  •  Women started chanting 'stripper, stripper' erstwhile nan bull arrived astatine nan party
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By David Southwell For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 21:54 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 05:36 EDT, 1 November 2023

A constabulary serviceman was near red-faced erstwhile he turned up to unopen down a noisy statement but was mistaken for a stripper.

The constabulary serviceman tin beryllium seen opinionated sheepishly adjacent nan doorway while a number of women crowd astir holding aloft their telephone to movie him, while immoderate chanted: 'Stripper, stripper.'

The serviceman smiles awkwardly arsenic he continues to talk to nan partygoers. 

The serviceman managed to support his cool while being taxable to immoderate enthusiastic female attention

'When nan cops stone up to unopen down your arena but you each deliberation he's a stripper,' nan video's caption reads. 

Commenters recovered nan video hilarious.

'The measurement he ended up conscionable leaving because everyone started twerking astir him,' 1 said.

Potentially adding to nan officer's blushes, 1 of those commenting believes she knows who he is.

'Omfg bent on, ima inquire my man if this feline worked astatine his station. I committedness I've seen him before,' nan remark reads.

'If he useful successful Sydney City past it's astir apt him,' nan relationship holder replies pinch a laughing emoji.

Some expressed sympathy for nan officer's plight.

'Poor bloke,' 1 commented.

However, others thought that it wasn't specified a trauma.

'Guy's item of his career,' they commented.  

NSW Police person been contacted for comment. 

It was an awkward lawsuit of mistaken personality for this NSW constabulary serviceman erstwhile he attended a rowdy party

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