Australian athlete slams the Paris Olympics for ticket change and absurd prices

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  •  Athlete Matilda Kearns fumes complete alteration to Games ticketing
  •  Aussie athletes are nary longer fixed a free summons for a family member
  •  Kearns complained astir nan staggering prices of tickets

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 22:37 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 22:37 EDT, 11 June 2024

Australian Olympic h2o polo subordinate Matilda Kearns has called retired nan Paris Games for a alteration to their ticketing strategy and exposed nan eye-watering prices fans will beryllium deed with.

Kearns, who is nan girl of Wallabies fable Phil Kearns, took to TikTok to denote that athletes competing astatine nan Olympics this twelvemonth will not beryllium getting a azygous free summons for a family personnel aliases friend.

In nan clip, she showed her laptop displaying summons prices, pinch 1 spot costing $1625 AUD. 

'POV our family and friends will person to salary up to $1625 per summons to watch conscionable ONE of our games astatine nan Olympics,' she wrote successful nan clip.

Matilda Kearns (pictured) blasted nan Paris Olympics for their absurd summons prices

Kearns captioned nan post: 'We don't moreover get ONE free summons for our families.'

In nan remark section, she noted that nan Paris Games are nan first to instrumentality this rule. 

'Every different Olympics has, but not this 1 for immoderate reason! Not moreover ONE ticket,' she wrote. 

Kearns's followers were outraged by nan move. 

'Surely Aus Olympic squad purchases tickets for your fam… I mean you guys are representing our state you merit support successful nan stands,' replied 1 TikTok user.

'That's ridiculous! And really tin they moreover warrant those summons prices?!' said another.

'I really wanted to spell but it's truthful expensive,' posted a third.

Kearns was a personnel of nan Australian Stingers squad that competed astatine nan Tokyo 2020 Olympics, wherever nan squad vanished fifth.

Kearns was appalled that athletes competing astatine nan Games were not offered a free summons for a family personnel aliases friend

They were bundled retired successful nan quarter-finals aft losing 9-8 to Russia, and Kerans wants to do amended this time.

'Crowds were 1 point missing from Tokyo because no-one was capable to get there,' she told Sports Hounds. 

'We went location to badge and conscionable lucked retired successful nan 4th last against Russia and they hit america by one. We look backmost and we're disappointed pinch fifth.

'People opportunity 'awesome you vanished fifth' but we were location to get a badge and didn't rather make it truthful that's decidedly immoderate substance for Paris.

'I want to evidently hit 5th but really I want to beryllium connected apical of that podium. I'm not going to settee for overmuch little than that.'

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