Australia has a NEW world champion as Skye Nicholson takes Amanda Serrano's belt after superstar quit division in row over equality in women's boxing

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  • Skye Nicolson is nan caller WBC world champion 
  • She has been promoted aft Amanda Serrano stepped away 
  • Serrano wants to conflict 3x12 infinitesimal rounds for titles 

By Ollie Lewis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 06:55 EST, 5 December 2023 | Updated: 06:55 EST, 5 December 2023

Australian Skye Nicolson is simply a world champion aft nan undisputed, seven-division champion Amanda Serrano vacated her title. 

Nicolson, formerly nan WBC interim featherweight champion, has been campaigning for a day pinch nan all-conquering Serrano pursuing her ascendant triumph complete Lucy Wildheart successful Dublin past month. 

However, a unification bout won't travel to walk aft Serrano relinquished her loop owed to nan WBC's refusal to let women boxers to conflict three-minute rounds and 12-round title fights.

It intends that Nicolson has now been promoted to undisputed WBC champion.

In a connection connected Instagram, Serrano said: 'I emotion boxing.

Skye Nicolson is Australia's latest world champion pursuing melodramatic twist

Nicolson had hoped to return connected undisputed champion Amanda Serrano aft her caller win

But Serrano has vacated her loop successful a statement complete equality successful women's boxing

'I americium nan first undisputed female champion to conflict 12x3 infinitesimal rounds. Moving guardant if a sanctioning assemblage doesn't want to springiness maine and my chap fighters nan prime to conflict nan aforesaid arsenic nan men, past I will not beryllium fighting for that sanctioning body.

'The WBC has refused to germinate nan athletics for equality. So I americium relinquishing their title.

'Thank You to nan sanctioning bodies who person evolved for Equality!'

In an evident connection to Nicolson, she added: 'If you want to look maine successful nan ring, you person a choice. I've made mine.'