Aussie UFC star Alex Volkanovski shares sweet snaps from the christening of daughter Reign

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  •  Volkanovski shares photos of daughter's christening
  •  MMA star's girl Reign was calved successful August past year
  •  Volkanovski has 2 different daughters pinch woman Emma

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 21:19 EDT, 17 June 2024 | Updated: 21:19 EDT, 17 June 2024

Australian MMA prima Alex Volkanovski has posted beautiful photos to societal media from nan caller christening of his babe daughter, Reign.

The erstwhile UFC featherweight champion, 35, took to Instagram connected Monday to stock a bid of photos from nan friendly family christening astatine an Orthodox church.

Volkanovski is nan proud begetter of 3 girls pinch his woman Emma, who he joined connected October 12, 2012. The brace are precocious schoolhouse sweethearts and person been together for astir 19 years.

The Volkanovskis welcomed eldest girl Ariana successful 2015 and 2nd kid Arlie successful in 2017.

MMA superstar Alex Volkanovski has posted photos to societal media from nan caller christening of his daughter, Reign

Volkanovski, a erstwhile UFC champion, is nan begetter of 3 girls pinch his woman Emma

The mates welcomed 3rd daughter, Reign, successful August 2023.

Volkanovski, pinch a Macadonian begetter and a mother pinch a Greek background, is simply a proud Orthodox Christian.

Reign's sanction is simply a motion to Volkanovski's unthinkable tally arsenic a UFC champion. The erstwhile rugby convention prima defended his title 5 times since winning it from Max Holloway successful 2019.

He yet lost his featherweight title to Ilia Topuria successful nan main arena of UFC 298

Emma has followed her hubby each complete nan world to support him during his UFC career, but was absent for his triumph complete Yair Rodriguez successful July arsenic she was heavy pregnant pinch Reign.

Last week, Volkanovski offered to step up arsenic an force for Michael Chandler astatine UFC 303 aft Conor McGregor was forced to propulsion retired pinch an injury. 

'One 100 per cent. I've done it before,' Volkanovski said.

Volkanovski stepped successful past October connected 11 days' announcement to fight UFC lightweight champ Islam Makhachev, though he was knocked retired successful nan first round.

Reign Volkanovski was calved successful August 2023 and her sanction is simply a motion to her dad's incredible tally arsenic a UFC champion

Volkanovski and woman Emma are precocious schoolhouse sweethearts and person been joined since 2012

'Last clip I couldn't propulsion nan trigger, but people my words this clip I will,' Volkanovski said.

Despite his confidence, nan UFC decided to region some McGregor and Chandler from nan card.

The Aussie superstar is very keen to measurement backmost successful nan Octagon soon, earlier this period offering to return connected Dustin Poirier. 

'I want to conflict later successful nan year,' he said. 

'I don't cognize precisely what's happening and I don't want to hold excessively long, either.

'If nan timing works, possibly maine and Dustin tin person a bully fight.

'I cognize Dustin wants good, nosy fights. We person a batch of respect for each different and that would beryllium a monolithic fight.

'It's thing I'm consenting to do while I'm waiting for that featherweight title.

'A lightweight conflict against Dustin Poirier would beryllium great. Maybe we tin make thing happen.'

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