Artificial Armageddon? The 5 worst case scenarios for AI, revealed - from Terminator-like killer robots to helping terrorists develop deadly bioweapons

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A sedate informing complete nan dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) to humans has travel from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak today.   

While acknowledging nan affirmative imaginable of nan exertion successful areas specified arsenic healthcare, nan PM said 'humanity could suffer power of AI completely' pinch 'incredibly serious' consequences. 

The sedate connection coincides pinch nan publication of a government report and comes up of nan world's first AI Safety Summit in Buckinghamshire adjacent week.

Many of nan world's apical scientists attending nan arena deliberation that successful nan adjacent future, nan exertion could moreover beryllium utilized to termination us.

Here are nan 5 ways humans could beryllium eliminated by AI, from nan improvement of caller bioweapons to autonomous cars and slayer robots. 

From creating bioweapons and slayer robots to exacerbating nationalist wellness crises, immoderate experts are gravely concerned astir really AI will harm and perchance termination us   


Largely owed to movies for illustration The Terminator, a communal last day script successful celebrated civilization depicts our demise astatine nan hands of slayer robots. 

They thin to beryllium equipped pinch weapons and impenetrable metallic exoskeletons, arsenic good arsenic monolithic superhuman limbs that tin crush aliases strangle america pinch ease. 

Natalie Cramp, CEO of information institution Profusion, admitted this eventuality is possible, but thankfully it mightiness not beryllium during our lifetime. 

'We are a agelong measurement from robotics getting to nan level wherever Terminator-like machines person nan capacity to overthrow humanity,' she told MailOnline. 

'Anything is imaginable successful nan future... arsenic we know, AI is acold from infallible.' 

Companies specified arsenic Elon Musk's Tesla are moving connected humanoid bots designed to thief astir nan home, but problem could dishonesty up if they someway spell rogue.

Mark Lee, a professor at nan University of Birmingham, said slayer robots for illustration nan Terminator are 'definitely imaginable successful nan future' owed to a 'rapid gyration successful AI'. 

Max Tegmark, a physicist and AI master astatine Massachusetts Institute of Technology, thinks nan demise of humans could simply beryllium portion of nan norm governing life connected this satellite – nan endurance of nan fittest. 

According to nan academic, history has shown that Earth's smartest type – humans – are responsible for nan decease of 'lesser' species, specified arsenic nan Dodo. 

But, if a stronger and much intelligent AI-powered 'species' comes into existence, nan aforesaid destiny could easy await us, Professor Tegmark has warned. 

What's more, we won't cognize erstwhile our demise astatine nan hands of AI will occur, because a little intelligent type has nary measurement of knowing. 

Cramp said a much realistic shape of vulnerable AI successful nan near-term is nan improvement of drone exertion for subject applications, which could beryllium controlled remotely pinch AI and 'undertake actions that 'cause existent harm'. 

The thought of indestructible slayer robots whitethorn sound for illustration thing taken consecutive retired of nan Terminator (file photo)


A cardinal portion of nan caller authorities study shares concerns surrounding nan 'loss of control' of important decisions astatine nan disbursal of AI-powered software. 

Humans progressively springiness power of important decisions to AI, whether it's a adjacent telephone successful a crippled of tennis aliases thing much superior for illustration verdicts successful court, arsenic seen successful China. 

But this could ramp up moreover further arsenic humans get lazier and want to outsource tasks, aliases arsenic our assurance successful AI's expertise grows. 

The caller study says experts are concerned that 'future precocious AI systems will activity to summation their ain power and trim quality control, pinch perchance catastrophic consequences'.

Even seemingly benign AI package could make decisions that could beryllium fatal to humans if nan tech is not programmed pinch capable care. 

AI package is already communal successful society, from facial nickname astatine information barriers to integer assistants and celebrated online chatbots for illustration ChatGPT and Bard, which person been criticised for giving retired incorrect answers. 

'The hallucinations and mistakes generative AI apps for illustration ChatGPT and Bard nutrient is 1 of nan astir pressing problems AI improvement faces,' Cramp told MailOnline.

Huge machines that tally connected AI package are besides infiltrating factories and warehouses, and person had tragic consequences erstwhile they've malfunctioned. 

AI package is already communal successful society, from facial nickname astatine information barriers to integer assistants and celebrated online chatbots for illustration ChatGPT (pictured) 

What are bioweapons?  

Bioweapons are toxic substances aliases organisms that are produced and released to origin illness and death.

Bioweapons successful conflict is simply a warfare crime nether nan 1925 Geneva Protocol and respective world humanitarian rule treaties. 

But experts interest AI could autonomously make caller bioweapons successful nan laboratory that could termination humans. 


Speaking successful London today, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak besides singled retired chemic and biologic weapons built pinch AI arsenic a peculiar threat. 

Researchers progressive successful AI-based supplier find deliberation that nan exertion could easily beryllium manipulated by terrorists to hunt for toxic nervus agents. 

Molecules could beryllium much toxic than VX, a nervus supplier developed by nan UK’s Defence Science and Technology Lab successful nan 1950s, which kills by musculus paralysis. 

The authorities study says AI models already activity autonomously to bid laboratory instrumentality to execute laboratory experiments. 

'AI devices tin already make caller proteins pinch azygous elemental functions and support nan engineering of biologic agents pinch combinations of desired properties,' it says. 

'Biological creation devices are often unfastened originated which makes implementing safeguards challenging.

Four researchers progressive successful AI-based supplier find person now recovered that nan exertion could easy beryllium manipulated to hunt for toxic nervus agents


Cramp said nan type of AI-devices that could 'go rogue' and harm america successful nan adjacent early are astir apt to beryllium mundane objects and infrastructure specified arsenic a powerfulness grid that goes down aliases a self-driving car that malfunctions. 

Self-driving cars usage cameras and depth-sensing 'LiDAR' units to 'see' and recognise nan world astir them, while their package makes decisions based connected this info. 

However, nan slightest package correction could spot an autonomous car ploughing into a cluster of pedestrians aliases moving a reddish light. 

The self-driving conveyance marketplace will beryllium worthy astir £42 cardinal to nan UK by 2035, according to nan Department of Transport – by which time, 40 per cent of caller UK car income could person self-driving capabilities.

But autonomous vehicles tin only beryllium wide adopted erstwhile they tin beryllium trusted to thrust much safely than quality drivers.

They person agelong been stuck successful nan improvement and testing stages, mostly owed to concerns complete their safety, which person already been highlighted. 

It was backmost successful March 2018 that Arizona female Elaine Herzberg was fatally struck by a prototype self-driving car from ridesharing patient Uber, but since past location person been a number of fatal and non-fatal incidents, immoderate involving Tesla vehicles. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is 1 of nan astir salient names and faces processing specified technologies and is incredibly outspoken erstwhile it comes to nan powers of AI.

emergency unit activity a nan segment wherever a Tesla electrical SUV collapsed into a obstruction connected US Highway 101 successful Mountain View, California

In March, Musk and 1,000 different exertion leaders called for a region connected nan 'dangerous race' to create AI, which they fearfulness poses a 'profound consequence to nine and humanity' and could person 'catastrophic' effects.


According to nan authorities report, different realistic harm caused by AI successful nan near-term is 'exacerbating nationalist wellness crises'. 

Without due regulation, societal media platforms for illustration Facebook and AI devices for illustration ChatGPT could assistance nan circulation of wellness misinformation online. 

This successful move could thief a slayer microorganism propagate and spread, perchance sidesplitting much group than Covid. 

The study cites a 2020 investigation paper, which blamed a bombardment of accusation from 'unreliable sources' for group disregarding nationalist wellness guidance and helping coronavirus spread. 

The adjacent awesome pandemic is coming. It’s already connected nan horizon, and could beryllium acold worse sidesplitting millions much group than nan past 1 (file image)

If AI does termination people, it is improbable it will beryllium because they person a consciousness that is inherently evil, but much truthful that quality designers haven't accounted for flaws. 

'When we deliberation of AI it's important to retrieve that we are a agelong measurement from AI really "thinking" aliases being sentient,' Cramp told MailOnline.

'Applications for illustration ChatGPT tin springiness nan quality of thought and galore of its outputs tin look impressive, but it isn't doing thing much than moving and analysing information pinch algorithms. 

'If these algorithms are poorly designed aliases nan information it uses is successful immoderate measurement biased you tin get undesirable outcomes. 

'In nan early we whitethorn get to a constituent wherever AI ticks each nan boxes that represent consciousness and independent, deliberate thought and, if we person not built successful robust safeguards, we could find it doing very harmful aliases unpredictable things. 

'This is why it is truthful important to earnestly statement nan regularisation of AI now and deliberation very cautiously astir really we want AI to create ethically.' 

Professor Lee astatine nan University of Birmingham agreed that nan main AI worries are successful position of package alternatively than robotics – particularly chatbots that tally ample connection models (LLMs) specified arsenic ChatGPT. 

'I’m judge we’ll spot different developments successful robotics but for now – I deliberation nan existent dangers are online successful nature,' he told MailOnline. 

'For instance, LLMs mightiness beryllium utilized by terrorists for lawsuit to study to build bombs aliases bio-chemical threats.' 


Musk has been a long-standing, and very vocal, condemner of AI exertion and nan precautions humans should take 

Elon Musk is 1 of nan astir salient names and faces successful processing technologies. 

The billionaire entrepreneur heads up SpaceX, Tesla and nan Boring company. 

But while he is connected nan forefront of creating AI technologies, he is besides acutely alert of its dangers. 

Here is simply a broad timeline of each Musk's premonitions, thoughts and warnings astir AI, truthful far.   

August 2014 - 'We request to beryllium ace observant pinch AI. Potentially much vulnerable than nukes.' 

October 2014 - 'I deliberation we should beryllium very observant astir artificial intelligence. If I were to conjecture for illustration what our biggest existential threat is, it’s astir apt that. So we request to beryllium very observant pinch nan artificial intelligence.'

October 2014 - 'With artificial intelligence we are summoning nan demon.' 

June 2016 - 'The benign business pinch ultra-intelligent AI is that we would beryllium truthful acold beneath successful intelligence we'd beryllium for illustration a pet, aliases a location cat.'

July 2017 - 'I deliberation AI is thing that is risky astatine nan civilisation level, not simply astatine nan individual consequence level, and that's why it really demands a batch of information research.' 

July 2017 - 'I person vulnerability to nan very most cutting-edge AI and I deliberation group should beryllium really concerned astir it.'

July 2017 - 'I support sounding nan siren doorbell but until group spot robots going down nan thoroughfare sidesplitting people, they don’t cognize really to respond because it seems truthful ethereal.'

August 2017 -  'If you're not concerned astir AI safety, you should be. Vastly much consequence than North Korea.'

November 2017 - 'Maybe there's a 5 to 10 percent chance of occurrence [of making AI safe].'

March 2018 - 'AI is overmuch much vulnerable than nukes. So why do we person nary regulatory oversight?' 

April 2018 - '[AI is] a very important subject. It's going to impact our lives successful ways we can't moreover ideate correct now.'

April 2018 - '[We could create] an immortal dictator from which we would ne'er escape.' 

November 2018 - 'Maybe AI will make maine travel it, laughter for illustration a demon & opportunity who’s nan pet now.'

September 2019 - 'If precocious AI (beyond basal bots) hasn’t been applied to manipulate societal media, it won’t beryllium agelong earlier it is.'

February 2020 - 'At Tesla, utilizing AI to lick self-driving isn’t conscionable icing connected nan cake, it nan cake.'

July 2020 - 'We’re headed toward a business wherever AI is vastly smarter than humans and I deliberation that clip framework is little than 5 years from now. But that doesn’t mean that everything goes to hellhole successful 5 years. It conscionable intends that things get unstable aliases weird.' 

April 2021: 'A awesome portion of real-world AI has to beryllium solved to make unsupervised, generalized afloat self-driving work.'

February 2022: 'We person to lick a immense portion of AI conscionable to make cars thrust themselves.' 

December 2022: 'The threat of training AI to beryllium woke – successful different words, dishonesty – is deadly.' 

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