Arsenal's 'leaked' kit for next season mocked by Spurs fans online, who cheekily claim the red part is 'shaped like a bottle' in honour of Mikel Arteta's chokers

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  • Arsenal's 'leaked' kit for 2024-25 has been mocked by Spurs fans online
  • The unique reddish portion of nan garment has a akin style to that of a bottle 
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By Samuel Draper

Published: 10:57 EDT, 20 April 2024 | Updated: 10:57 EDT, 20 April 2024

The alleged Arsenal location kit for adjacent play has sewage Tottenham fans saying nan aforesaid point - that nan unique reddish assemblage is shaped for illustration a bottle!

On X (formerly Twitter), an relationship called Football Headlines has shared images of what is believed to beryllium nan caller Gunners' location garment for nan 2024-25 campaign, pinch bluish broadside labels alongside nan reddish assemblage and achromatic sides.

But it was not agelong earlier rival fans - and moreover a fewer Gooners - noticed that nan style of nan main reddish portion of nan garment looked for illustration thing else.

'The reddish portion looks for illustration bottle', 1 personification wrote, alongside laughter emoticons.  

One Spurs instrumentality conscionable posted a image of a reddish drinks bottle, while different wrote: 'Love nan vessel creation successful nan middle… #AdidasKnows #Bottlers' accompanied pinch 3 crying laughter emojis. 

Arsenal's 2024-25 location kit has been 'leaked' connected societal media, and fans are talking design

Tottenham fans were speedy to joke that nan reddish conception successful nan mediate resembles a bottle

The placement of nan garment successful beforehand of bricks for 1 of nan shots was besides mocked. 

'Bottle connected nan wall? Amazing haha' wrote another Tottenham supporter.  

'Adidas made a vessel for Arsenal to proceed nan legacy' wrote different cheeky fan. 

One Gooner besides noticed nan similarities successful nan design, writing: 'Even Adidas is making nosy of america "bottling"'. 

The 'bottlers' tag has been applied to Arsenal for their inability to spot a successful run done to last success.

Another X (formerly Twitter) personification cheekily said that nan creation would 'continue nan legacy'

Even a Gooner said that Adidas were making nosy of nan nine pinch nan reddish portion of nan design

The 'bottlers' tag has been applied to Arsenal for their inability to spot retired a successful season

Their well-publicised shortcomings past play contempt starring nan Premier League for truthful agelong person been followed up this word by losing apical spot last play pinch defeat to Aston Villa, and exiting nan Champions League at nan hands of Bayern Munich.

Arteta admitted this week 'wasn’t nan champion experience', but said Arsenal were glued successful to nan title race, starting pinch Saturday's travel to Gary O'Neil's Wolves. 

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