Arajet First Dominican Airline To Offer Direct Flights To Canada

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Arajet logo arsenic seen during its drone ray show produced by Toronto's Illumin Drone Shows.


Arajet, nan Caribbean's budget-friendly airline, has now officially commenced operations successful Canada and will now beryllium offering nonstop flights betwixt Toronto and Santo Domingo, nan superior of nan Dominican Republic.

Arajet provides work to 22 destinations successful nan region, including Toronto's Pearson International Airport. The hose achieved a historical milestone by introducing nan first-ever nonstop formation from Toronto to Las Americas Airport successful Santo Domingo, nan superior of nan Dominican Republic and nan inaugural metropolis founded connected nan American continent.

Arajet launched their routes to Canada pinch an inaugural arena astatine Hotel X wherever they presented nan biggest drone show ever seen successful Toronto. The hose will beryllium flying retired of Toronto 4 days per week: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays - expanding nan connectivity betwixt nan 2 countries.

"Today, Arajet makes history by being nan first Dominican hose to alert to Canada, providing caller opportunities to turn business and tourism betwixt our 2 nations,” said Victor Pacheco, Founder and CEO of Arajet. “Arajet besides establishes Santo Domingo arsenic an breathtaking caller Hub connected nan continent for Canadians, connecting them to much than 10 countries successful nan Americas, specified arsenic Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Curacao, Aruba, and Colombia, pinch a low-fare hose that does not discuss connected customer work and experience."

The Ambassador of nan Dominican Republic to Canada, Frank Hans Dannenberg, said “The inauguration of this caller aerial way by Arajet, S.A. is not only a business accomplishment but besides a important measurement successful nan interconnection betwixt Canada and nan Latin American region, arsenic it will fortify nan mobility betwixt Canadians and Dominicans, astatine competitory prices”

Aerial position of beautiful Bavaro formation successful Punta Cana, Domincan republc. Hot sunny time connected tropical ... [+] formation afloat of palms.


“We are thrilled to beryllium nan first portion of Arajet’s description into nan Canadian market,” said Khalil Lamrabet, Chief Commercial Officer, Greater Toronto Airports Authority. “This caller way will nexus Toronto Pearson to a caller level of connectivity successful Central and South America. It’s conscionable different measurement we are moving to summation recreation options for nan millions of passengers who walk done our airdrome each year.”

Santo Domingo boasts a captivating history and vibrant culture. Attractions that travelers will want to put astatine nan apical of their database see nan first Cathedral of America, and nan first City Hall established successful nan Americas, on pinch different taste and culinary treasures. With a organization exceeding 3 million, nan state stands arsenic nan Caribbean's astir populous metropolis and a salient hub for some business and tourism successful nan region.

Toronto Arajet travellers will bask tropical beaches 20 minutes from nan airport, specified arsenic Boca Chica aliases Juan Dolio, arsenic good arsenic Bayahibe, conscionable 45 minutes away. Arajet besides offers recreation from Santo Domingo to nan celebrated resorts and beaches of Punta Cana, which is little than 2 hours distant and pinch nary other cost.

Arajet has an extended way web of 22 destinations successful 16 countries, and much than 150 connections successful North, Central and South America, interconnecting nan full continent astatine nan lowest fare pinch industry-leading operational safety. Arajet expects to alert much than 7 cardinal passengers successful nan adjacent 5 years done its Santo Domingo Hub, pinch progressively convenient flights and fares to heighten connectivity betwixt nan Americas and nan Caribbean.


About Arajet

Arajet is nan first low-fare airline successful nan Caribbean region and started operations successful September 2022 from its guidelines astatine Las Americas Airport successful Santo Domingo, nether its hose usability certificate (AOC) from nan Dominican Republic. Arajet will run a caller fleet of Boeing 737MAX-8 craft that supply safe and affordable recreation to and from nan Dominican Republic to respective destinations successful North, Central and South America, and nan Caribbean region. For much information, sojourn

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