April showers dampen UK retail sales as shoppers opt to stay indoors

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The removal of non-food sales, specified arsenic furniture, clothing and footwear, was 1 logic for nan disappointing figure.

Retail income successful nan UK were down sharply successful April, pinch a autumn of -2.3% and down further from March's -0.2% successful March, according to nan Office for National Statistics (ONS). 

The figure, nan largest driblet successful unit income successful nan past 4 months was overmuch worse than expert expectations of -0.4%. 

The main logic for this was a driblet successful income volumes crossed respective sectors, particularly non-food sales, which dropped 4.1%. The sectors see sports equipment, furniture, clothing, games and toys and more.

Food costs stay high

Bad upwind for astir of April was seen arsenic nan main culprit, deterring respective in-store shoppers from venturing retired excessively much. Food waste volumes besides slid for nan 3rd period successful a row, arsenic nutrient costs proceed to beryllium high. 

Similarly, petrol income besides saw nan biggest monthly diminution since October 2021.

Online unit income besides suffered, pinch nutrient stores seeing a diminution of 1.9%. Online income for textiles, clothing and footwear came successful astatine -1%, whereas family equipment saw online income driblet -2%.

For nan 3 months to April, unit income were 0.7% lower, compared pinch nan erstwhile 3 months.

Year-on-year unit income besides came successful astatine -2.7% for April, down from 0.4% successful March and good beneath marketplace estimates of -0.2%.

Oliver Vernon-Harcourt, caput of unit astatine Deloitte, said arsenic reported by Yahoo Finance: "Though user assurance continues to rise, galore stay apprehensive and are not yet loosening their purse strings, particularly connected non-essential items and equipment specified arsenic clothing and footwear.

"Consumers are focused connected value, pinch nan likes of own-label nutrient remaining resilient. Overall, this is simply a clear motion that, contempt ostentation easing, retailers' roadworthy to betterment will require them to proceed to put into merchandise ranges that target consumers of each budgets."

UK user assurance rises to highest since December 2021

However, contempt disappointing unit income successful April, UK user assurance successful May roseate to nan highest level since December 2021, according to nan GfK Consumer Confidence indicator. May's fig showed user assurance was up to -17, rom -19 successful April, which was besides much than expert expectations of -18.

Although May's reference is still negative, meaning that consumers are still concerned astir nan authorities of nan economy, redeeming much than they are spending and perchance remaining anxious astir nan early of their jobs and financial situations, it still shows a marked betterment from April.

Cost of surviving concerns stay high

Joe Staton, customer strategy head astatine GfK said successful a property release: "There was different beardown showing for nan UK Consumer Confidence scale this month, driven by a jump successful nan outlook for our individual finances (up five) and a boost for our position connected nan wider system successful nan coming twelvemonth (up four).

"The only antagonistic successful May is nan flimsy dip successful our awesome acquisition measurement (down 1 constituent to -26), reinforcing nan truth that nan cost-of-living situation is still a day-to-day reality for each of us.

"However, pinch nan latest driblet successful header ostentation and nan imaginable of liking complaint cuts successful owed course, nan inclination is surely affirmative aft a agelong play of stasis which has seen nan wide scale people stuck successful nan doldrums.

"All successful all, consumers are intelligibly sensing that conditions are improving. This bully consequence anticipates further maturation successful assurance successful nan months to come."

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