Apple TV customers threaten to CANCEL their subscriptions as prices are hiked: Furious customers say it 'doesn't have enough content' to justify the increase

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Furious Apple TV customers person threatened to cancel their subscriptions, pursuing nan news that nan institution is expanding prices by up to 40 per cent. 

The alteration will bring nan monthly costs from £6.99 to £8.99 successful nan UK, and from $6.99 to $9.99 successful nan US.

Some customers opportunity they are consenting to salary for Apple TV+'s caller higher value to proceed watching celebrated shows specified arsenic Ted Lasso, and The Morning Show.

However, galore person criticised nan changes, pinch immoderate arguing that Apple doesn't person capable high-quality contented to warrant paying more.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), 1 angry customer wrote: 'Apple TV+ was PERFECTLY priced for a work pinch a decent assortment of worthwhile originals and ZERO library. It's not worthy $9.99.'

Apple has announced a value summation to its streaming work Apple TV+, but galore customers opportunity nan value is nary longer worthy paying

Many Apple TV customers opportunity that nan level lacks a sufficiently ample room of contented to warrant paying nan caller accrued prices

Launched successful 2019, Apple TV+ has produced a number of original shows but has not had decades to build up a catalogue for illustration Netflix aliases entree to historical libraries for illustration Disney+.

'I for illustration a fewer Apple TV shows, but they do not person nan contented to warrant this,' 1 personification wrote.

Another added: 'I've utilized 2 3 period free promotions for Apple TV this year. I've seldom recovered thing worthy watching.'

And 1 commenter said: 'Will beryllium cancelling. 

'The fewer shows connected location worthy watching are fantastic, but erstwhile you've finished, why instrumentality around?' 

Frustration pinch nan service's value hikes has led galore commenters to frighten cancelling their subscriptions. 

Some commenters connected X (formerly Twitter) opportunity that they will now cancel because location isn't a large capable measurement of shows to support them paying for nan service

'Time to cancel', 1 personification tweeted,  while different added that Apple TV is: 'Going nan correct measurement for a cancellin.' 

Another simply wrote: 'Bye @Apple.' 

Some commenters, however, support that $9.99 (£8.99 successful nan UK) is an acceptable value for Apple TV+, particularly erstwhile compared to nan prices of rival services.

'That's a adjacent price, honestly,' 1 tweeted.

Another added: 'They request to get much properties to supply a larger library, but their original contented is apical tier and immoderate of nan champion retired of immoderate different streamers (I’d astir apt put HBO/Max supra AppleTV+.) 

'I deliberation $10 a period is still worthy it considering Netflix is $24 now.'

X users frighten to cancel their subscriptions successful consequence to nan value increases for Apple TV+

Some commenters still judge that $9.99 is simply a adjacent value for nan service, particularly erstwhile compared to nan value of rivals for illustration Netflix

How Apple subscriptions are expanding successful price


Apple TV+: Up by £2 to £8.99/month

Apple One: Up £2 to £18.95/month

Apple News+: Up £3 to £12.99/month


Apple TV+: Up by $3 to $9.99/month

Apple One: Up $3 to $19.95/month

Apple News+: Up $3 to $12.99/month

The value increases will statesman to impact existing Apple TV customers successful 30 days, starting connected their adjacent renewal dates. 

Apple News+ is besides expanding from $9.99 (£9.99) a period to $12.99 (£12.99) while nan bundle package Apple One - which includes entree to Apple Music, TV and Arcade - will now costs $19.95 (£18.95) per month, up from $16.95 (£16.95). 

By hiking prices, Apple is joining different large names successful streaming successful pushing up nan costs of monthly subscriptions.

Average monthly costs for streaming services person accrued 25 per cent twelvemonth connected twelvemonth according to study by nan Wall Street Journal.

This month, Netflix accrued nan value for its highest-cost subscription work by 10 per cent, bringing nan costs to $23 (£17.99).

In nan UK, nan value of Netflix's modular subscription remained unchanged but nan basal scheme accrued by £1 a period to £7.99 per month.

Meanwhile, nan value of an ad-free Disney+ scheme roseate to $13.99 (£7.99) while an ad-free Hulu subscription is now $17.99 (£14.89), having ballooned by 27 per cent. 

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