Apple Stock In A $300 Billion Rut Since Its Last Earnings Report

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Apple will disclose its latest quarterly results Thursday afternoon, looking to threat its uncommon extended losing streak pursuing its past net report.

Apple shares are mired successful an uncharacteristic slump.

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Key Facts

Shares of Apple are down 10.4% since its August 3 report, which, contempt beating analysts’ apical and bottommost statement forecasts, stoked concerns astir nan company’s expertise to turn successful its China conception accounting for astir 20% of its full sales.

The downturn for nan world’s largest institution by marketplace capitalization coincides pinch a much humble slump for nan broader market, arsenic nan bluish spot Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 6% during nan period.

Investor reactions to Apple net thin to beryllium a mixed bag: Over its past 10 net reports, its shares person gained an mean of 1.3% nan trading convention instantly aft but are down 0.1% a week pursuing nan report, though nan results are skewed by August’s slump which saw Apple banal descent 6.9% a week after.

Analysts task Apple to study 4th revenues of $89.3 cardinal and $1.39 net per stock successful its Thursday release, according to FactSet, which would beryllium a astir 1% yearly diminution successful income and 8% profit growth.

Big Number

$303 billion. That’s nan marketplace headdress mislaid by Apple since its August net report, astir balanced to nan full valuation of Oracle, nan 19th astir valuable American company.

Key Background

Apple surged to an all-time high, split-adjusted stock value of $198 successful July, but now trades astatine conscionable supra $170. The descent comes arsenic investors progressively heed to what nan highest enslaved yields and liking rates successful 2 decades will mean for nan typically rate-sensitive exertion sector. Despite nan sliding valuations, different large tech firms person delivered third-quarter net results acold stronger than their peers frankincense far. Overall profits astatine S&P 500 companies which already reported Q3 net are up 6.8%, but if you scrub Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, Netflix, and Tesla from nan results, net maturation drops to a 1.2% yearly decline, according to Yardeni Research published Wednesday.

Chief Critic

“The wide sentiment of Apple connected nan Street is simply a antagonistic ‘groupthink mentality,’” Wedbush expert Dan Ives wrote successful a Wednesday statement to clients.

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