Apple announces a surprise event next week - and the 'Scary Fast' tagline suggests it could be launching a HUGE new product

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  • Starting astatine 16:59 PT connected Halloween Eve, nan arena has sparked wide speculation
  • Some propose that a statement of Macs pinch a caller M3 spot could beryllium connected nan way

By Wiliam Hunter

Published: 07:40 EDT, 25 October 2023 | Updated: 07:40 EDT, 25 October 2023

Apple has announced a astonishment arena connected Halloween Eve - and nan tagline 'Scary Fast' suggests that location mightiness beryllium much of a dainty than a instrumentality for tech fans.

Starting astatine 16:59 PT (23:59 UK time) connected October 30, nan arena is scheduled acold later than astir Apple events and unusually is besides wholly virtual. 

There are very fewer specifications fixed astir nan arena beyond nan tagline, but nan tech elephantine is expected to uncover a merchandise related to its signature Mac machine line. 

The only hint is nan Apple logo connected nan company's events page, which transforms into nan icon for nan 'Finder' icon from nan Mac operating system. 

This has sparked wide speculation connected what Apple mightiness person lined up for nan spooky event, pinch suggestions ranging from caller processing chips to a caller scope of iPads.  

Apple has been staying quiet astir what mightiness beryllium successful shop for this astonishment Halloween arena but nan tagline, 'Scary Fast', whitethorn propose thing big 

The only hint arsenic to what mightiness beryllium coming is that nan Apple logo connected nan company's page transforms into a type of nan Mac operating strategy 'Finder' icon

Based connected nan tagline and nan finder icon, immoderate person suggested that Apple whitethorn beryllium preparing to unveil its long-awaited M3 chip. 

Most existent MacBooks usage Apple's M2 chip, pinch nan latest M2 models arriving past summertime pinch nan update of nan MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Some person besides suggested that nan high-end and costly 14" and 16" MacBook Pro could beryllium successful statement for an upgrade. 

If these much precocious models do get caller chips, it will person been only 11 months since their erstwhile upgrades. 

The iMac, Apple's desktop computer, meantime still uses nan older M1 spot and has not been updated successful 2 years.

Many person speculated that this merchandise could spot nan iMac astatine slightest being upgraded to an M2 model.  

Veteran Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that nan arena will motorboat a caller scope of MacBook Pro pinch an updated M3 chip

The inclusion of nan Mac Finder icon has near galore commentators pinch small uncertainty that location will beryllium a caller statement of Mac computers released connected Halloween

Current Apple Mac prices 

iMac 24"

  • £1,399 ($1,696) - £1,799 ($2,180.92)

MacBook Pro 13"

  •  £1,349 (1635.39) - £1,549 ($1,877.84)

MacBook Pro 14"

  • £2,149 ($2605.22) - £3,349 ($4,059.98)

MacBook Pro 16"

  • £2,699 ($3271.98) - £3,749 ($4544.89)

MacBook Air 13" (M2 Chip)

  • £1,149 ($1,392.93) - £1,449 ($1,756.62)

MacBook Air 15" (M2 Chip) 

  •  £1,399 ($1,696) - £1,599 ($1,938.46)

The latest MacBook Air models do see nan newer M2 Chip

Veteran Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that nan arena will spot nan merchandise of nan M3 bid of MacBook Pro, contempt having antecedently suggested that nan merchandise was improbable until 2024.

Additionally, tech writer Mark Gurnman suggested out that nan iMac and each 3 sizes of MacBook Pro showed longer shipping times than normal connected Apple's website - a communal motion that a merchandise refresh is approaching.

However, arsenic of today, MailOnline has confirmed that transportation times successful nan UK are now astatine normal speeds of 2 moving days. 

While a Mac-related motorboat is nan astir communal theory, location person been suggestions that a caller iPad mightiness besides beryllium connected nan merchandise schedule.

Earlier this month, rumour circulateds that an upcoming merchandise day would spot nan motorboat of a caller scope of tablets.

However, nan time only saw nan announcement of a caller Apple Pencil starring immoderate to estimate that nan iPad merchandise whitethorn person been delayed to coincide pinch nan Halloween event.  

This arena comes aft nan less-than-smooth motorboat of nan caller iPhone 15 scope which saw nan 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models plagued by problems.

Most significantly, some users reported that their phones deed temperatures of up to 48 degrees during normal use. 

The rumor was truthful bad that Apple was forced to rumor a package update to hole a bug which was supposedly causing nan overheating. 

The caller iPhones besides knowledgeable discolouration of nan caller titanium framework and successful immoderate cases appeared to ace easy successful users' hands.

One reappraisal posted to YouTube appeared to show nan iPhone 15 Pro Max bending and snapping pinch only a mini magnitude of pressure. 

More precocious several users connected societal media reported that their caller phones were showing signs of terrible 'screen burn', leaving ghostly images complete nan display. 

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