Anwar El Ghazi will RETURN to training at Mainz two weeks after he was suspended for a pro-Palestine social media post... with the club warning players they are 'bound to a code of values'

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  • El Ghazi was handed a suspension by nan Bundesliga broadside connected October 17 
  • The club's stadium is named aft 1 of its founding members, who was Jewish 
  • Player joined nan nine arsenic a free supplier this summertime and is contracted until 2025 

By Tamara Prenn For Mailonline

Published: 12:19 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 12:19 EDT, 31 October 2023

Anwar El Ghazi will return to training pinch Mainz aft nan Bundesliga nine suspended nan subordinate 2 weeks ago for posting a pro-Palestine connection connected his societal media. 

The Netherlands world deleted nan post, but Mainz meted retired a suspension nevertheless connected October 17 that saw him sidelined from some matchdays and training. 

Alongside nan measure, Mainz shared a connection that said nan nine and nan subordinate had 'engaged successful an in-depth discussion' . 

'Mainz 05 respect nan truth that location are varying perspectives connected nan decades-long, analyzable conflict successful nan Middle East.

'However, nan nine are distancing themselves from nan contented of nan societal media station successful question, arsenic it does not align pinch nan values of nan club.' 

Anwar El Ghazi has had his suspension lifted by Mainz aft sharing a seemingly pro-Palestine station 2 weeks ago

The subordinate shared nan station but was speedy to delete it aft chat pinch Bundesliga club

But contempt speculation past week that nan nine were looking to terminate his contract conscionable months aft signing nan free agent, nan German broadside are keen to invited El Ghazi backmost into nan fold. 

'Given his committedness to upholding nan club's values and nan remorse shown, and successful keeping pinch nan club's civilization of utilizing mistakes arsenic an opportunity to learn, Anwar El Ghazi will return to training and matchday-related activities pinch 1. FSV Mainz 05 soon,' a connection from nan nine read. 

As per BBC Sport, El Ghazi has returned to his location country, and it is not yet clear erstwhile he plans to return. 

Mainz's connection elaborate really nan nine believes it has a 'special work to nan authorities of Israel and nan Jewish people', successful portion successful a motion to their club's heritage. 

One of Mainz's founding members Eugen Salomon was Jewish, and stripped of his domiciled successful nan nine successful 1933 arsenic nan Nazi authorities began nan Aryanization of nan sporting industry. 

Salomon was later murdered successful nan Holocaust, and the club's stadium is named successful his memory. 

'El Ghazi has since distanced himself from his station connected his Instagram account, which he deleted minutes later, successful aggregate conversations pinch nan club,' nan connection continued. 'He regrets publishing nan station and was remorseful astir its antagonistic impact, particularly connected nan nine arsenic a whole.

'The club's committee made it clear to Anwar El Ghazi that labor of nan nine are bound to a codification of values. Implicit successful this codification of values is simply a typical work to nan authorities of Israel and nan Jewish people, not only owed to past events successful German history, but besides stemming from nan shared history pinch 1 of FSV's founding members and personnel of nan Jewish community, Eugen Salomon.'

Breaking his soundlessness past week, El Ghazi apologised for his earlier statements being 'misunderstood' arsenic he sought to stock a connection condemning nan sidesplitting of civilians. 

El Ghazi wrote: 'I condemn nan sidesplitting of each guiltless civilians successful Palestine and Israel.

'My sympathies are pinch nan guiltless victims of this conflict irrespective of their nationality. I americium committed to a serene and integrated Middle East region.

The subordinate antecedently featured for PSV Eindhoven, joining Mainz arsenic a free supplier this summer

'To nan grade my erstwhile statements connected societal media person been misunderstood, I would for illustration to make clear that I guidelines for bid and humanity for all.'

In nan aftermath of El Ghazi's suspension, nine representatives met pinch General Consul of Israel for South Germany Talya Lador-Fresher.

El Ghazi is 1 of only a fistful of shot players that has surgery their soundlessness amidst roiling conflict betwixt Israel and Hamas successful nan region. 

In Germany, Bayern Munich opted not to punishment Noussair Mazraoui aft nan right-back shared pro-Palestine posts connected societal media. 


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