Antiques Roadshow guest tells expert to keep her hands off as he refuses to sell item gifted to him by Johnny Cash 40 years ago

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By Matthew Cox

Published: 08:04 EST, 12 February 2024 | Updated: 08:11 EST, 12 February 2024

An Antiques Roadshow guest gave nan master looking astatine his vintage point a stern instruction to support her hands disconnected nan gift connected Sunday night's show.

The man had brought a rima organ talented to him by legendary vocalist Johnny Cash to Pollok Park, Glasgow, to beryllium valued.

But dissimilar astir valuations, which spot experts prime up and pore complete nan items put successful beforehand of them, Lisa Lloyd was told that cipher other had touched nan harmonica since The Man successful Black hitmaker passed it down to nan fortunate Glaswegian successful 1984.

The beneficiary said: 'Well I wouldn't fto you touch it, nobody's ever touched it.'

He added that he has each volition of keeping clasp of nan instrumentality for nan remainder of his life, wrapped successful toilet insubstantial from nan twelvemonth its original proprietor passed it down to him.

A impermanent connected Antiques Roadshow's travel to Glasgow told master Lisa Lloyd to support her hands disconnected a rima organ fixed to him by Johnny Cash successful 1984

He revealed that nan legendary musician passed it down to him during a capacity astatine Glasgow's Apollo Theatre

Cash played Glasgow's Apollo Theatre connected November 11, 1984, and apparently passed down his rima organ to 1 fortunate beforehand statement spectator part-way done nan set. 

'I was shocked myself a he bent down of nan shape and threw it down to us,' nan BBC show's impermanent added.

'I person been offered rather a spot of money for it but I won't return it.'

Calling it a 'brilliant story,' Ms Lloyd said: 'It's a shame it's not signed, obviously, arsenic that would person been nan icing connected nan cake.'

She past revealed that if nan point were to travel up astatine auction it would apt fetch £1,000, 'perhaps £2,000, possibly more'.

A caller type of nan Hohner Marine Band harmonica would costs astir £30, truthful that is rather nan markup.

But asked if he would see cashing in, nan euphony instrumentality was clear.

'No,' he said, 'that'll spell for nan agelong slumber unsocial pinch me.' 

Not surprised, nan master said: 'That's a existent instrumentality there, obviously. Thanks truthful overmuch for bringing it along.' 

Despite being told he could make £1,000, 'perhaps £2,000, possibly more' nan euphony instrumentality confirmed that he would not beryllium cashing in