Anti-Israel protesters take over NYC subway car, tell ‘Zionists’ to raise their hands: ‘This is your chance to get out’

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Masked anti-Israel protesters took complete a New York City subway car connected Monday and demanded to cognize if location were immoderate “Zionists” connected train — past warned them: ‘This is your chance to get out.”

The sickening infinitesimal came aft protesters rallied successful Union Square Park successful Manhattan and held up a banner that publication “Long unrecorded October 7.”

One antisemitic demonstrator astatine nan arena yelled that he wished “Hitler was still here” to “wipe out” nan Jews.

Later, nan mob of protesters lit flares and waved flags associated pinch Hezbollah and Hamas successful beforehand of nan Nova Music Festival Exhibition connected Wall Street during during an organized “citywide time of rage for Gaza.”

On nan packed subway Monday, 1 man told a group of masked and Kafiya-clad protesters, “repeat aft me” — past said: “Raise your manus if you’re a Zionist.”

The man was filmed asking if location were immoderate Zionists connected nan subway because “this is your chance to get off.” X / @AvivaKlompas

The different protesters dutifully repeated him.

Then he said, “This is your chance to get out.”

No 1 appears to raise their hands, according to nan clip, wide shared online Tuesday

“Okay, nary Zionists, we’re good,” he said arsenic others cheered.

Zionism is defined by nan Anti-Defamation League arsenic “the self-determination and statehood for nan Jewish people” successful Israel. Some 80% of US Jews said caring astir Israel is simply a cardinal portion of being Jewish successful a 2021 survey.

Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday that much than 2,850 arrests person been made astatine Israel and Palestine protests since Oct. 8. Michael Nigro

On Tuesday, Mayor Eric Adams addressed nan virulent antisemitic behaviour that pervaded Monday’s protests.

New York Post’s beforehand page screen from June 11 aft a nighttime of protests crossed nan city. NY Post

“My chap New Yorkers, successful this state we must ever protect nan correct to free speech. But I person a civilized responsibility to speak retired erstwhile nan messages that immoderate New Yorkers are sharing spell beyond nan pale,” Adams said successful a video address.

“These are reprehensible and vile comments. I, and each New Yorker who stands for peace, guidelines agreed against them,” Adams said.

Since October 8, NYPD has made much than 2,850 arrests astatine Israel and Gaza protests crossed nan city, nan politician said.

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