Angry Aussie cricket star lashes out as she reveals her career is OVER after sport's bosses banned trans players born as men from women's competitions

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  • Aussie Danielle McGahey was infuriated by decision 
  • Trans players calved arsenic men banned from world women's cricket
  • ICC determination was made to 'protect nan safety' of female players 

By Andrew Prentice For Daily Mail Australia and Sam Brookes For Mailonline

Published: 19:03 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 19:23 EST, 21 November 2023

Australian cricketer Danielle McGahey has confirmed her profession is complete aft nan International Cricket Council (ICC) banned transgender players calved arsenic men from playing women's fixtures astatine world level.

Taking to Instagram, McGahey stated: 'Following nan ICC's decision, it is pinch a very dense bosom that I must opportunity that my world cricketing profession is over. As quickly arsenic it begun, it must now end.

'While I clasp my opinions connected nan ICC's decision, they are irrelevant. What matters is nan connection being sent to millions of trans women today, a messaging opportunity [sic] that we don't belong.

'I committedness I will not extremity fighting for equality for america successful our sport, we merit nan correct to play cricket astatine nan highest level, we are not a threat to nan integrity aliases information of nan sport. 

'Never extremity fighting!'

Australian cricketer Danielle McGahey has confirmed her profession is complete aft nan International Cricket Council (ICC) banned transgender players calved arsenic men from playing successful women's fixtures astatine world level

In September, McGahey became nan first transgender cricketer to return portion successful an charismatic world lucifer when she represented Canada successful a T20 lucifer against Brazil

McGahey antecedently played men's nine cricket successful Melbourne before moving to Canada successful 2020, wherever she quickly caught nan attraction of Cricket Canada selectors owed to her prowess astatine nan crease.

She began transitioning medically successful May of 2021 - and successful September this year, McGahey became nan first transgender cricketer to return portion successful an charismatic world lucifer erstwhile she represented Canada successful a T20 lucifer against Brazil.

In a connection released connected Tuesday, nan governing assemblage concluded they had made nan determination to 'protect nan information of female players' pursuing a nine-month consultation process.

The connection from nan ICC read: 'The caller argumentation is based connected nan pursuing principles (in bid of priority), protection of nan integrity of nan women's game, safety, fairness and inclusion, and this intends immoderate Male to Female participants who person been done immoderate shape of antheral puberty will not beryllium eligible to participate successful nan world women's crippled sloppy of immoderate room aliases gender reassignment curen they whitethorn person undertaken.

'The review, which was led by nan ICC Medical Advisory Committee chaired by Dr Peter Harcourt, relates solely to gender eligibility for world women's cricket, whilst gender eligibility astatine home level is simply a matter for each individual Member Board, which whitethorn beryllium impacted by section legislation.

'The regulations will beryllium reviewed wrong 2 years.'

ICC main executive Geoff Allardice (pictured) stated nan move was made successful bid to protect female subordinate safety

ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardice added: 'The changes to nan gender eligibility regulations resulted from an extended consultation process and is founded successful subject and aligned pinch nan halfway principles developed during nan review.

'Inclusivity is incredibly important to america arsenic a sport, but our privilege was to protect nan integrity of nan world women's crippled and nan information of players.'

The ICC's erstwhile subordinate eligibility regulations, which were released successful 2018 earlier being amended 3 years later, stated that trans women wishing to compete successful world women's cricket needed to show 'the attraction of testosterone successful her serum has been little than 5 nmol/L1 continuously for a play of astatine slightest 12 months, and that she is ready, consenting and capable to proceed to support it beneath that level for truthful agelong arsenic she continues to compete'.

They were besides required to 'provide a written and signed declaration, successful a shape satisfactory to nan designated aesculapian officer, that her gender personality is female.'

Cricket joins athletics, cycling, swimming and some rugby codes successful banning transgender women from taking portion successful elite women's competitions astatine world level. 

However, nan ICC connection confirms home boards will beryllium fixed nan last opportunity connected subordinate eligibility for their ain competitions. 

'We proceed to reappraisal our transgender policy, considering inclusivity, information and fairness, and will see these caller ICC regulations arsenic portion of this work,' nan England and Wales Cricket Board said, according to Sky News.

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