Ange Postecoglou admits players and managers MUST improve behaviour towards referees, as the Tottenham boss reveals he was 'embarrassed' after being booked against Chelsea

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  • Postecoglou believes introducing VAR has diminished nan domiciled of referees 
  • Mail Sport has launched a run to stamp retired referee maltreatment astatine each levels
  • Have you witnessed maltreatment of referees? Contact 

By Ian Ladyman for nan Daily Mail

Published: 17:30 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 17:46 EST, 21 November 2023

Tottenham head Ange Postecoglou says attitudes and behaviour towards referees successful nan apical formation request to improve.

Postecoglou was booked for nan first clip successful his managerial profession arsenic his Spurs squad mislaid astatine location to Chelsea earlier this month. Asked past nighttime if players and managers must do better, Postecoglou told Mail Sport: ‘Yes, 100 per cent. I was embarrassed for being booked, moreover if it wasn’t for abuse. It was for leaving nan method area.

‘Anyone who has been successful nan crippled immoderate magnitude of clip will show you we person each knowledgeable a bad determination — thing goes against america — and besides benefited from it. We person understood that’s portion of our game. That’s nan beauty of our game. There are flaws successful it because we are dealing pinch quality beings.

‘If I return that different measurement backmost and deliberation astir nan inferior playground wherever young referees are trying to do it, what are they going to do and what are they going to see? ‘There does request to beryllium immoderate addressing of behaviour on nan way. It’s easy for maine to opportunity but I person to unrecorded it and make judge I group that example.

Tottenham leader Ange Postecoglou believes attitudes towards referees must improve

Postecoglou admits he was embarrassed aft he was booked against Chelsea this month

Mail Sport has launched a run to extremity nan maltreatment of referees astatine each levels of nan game

‘I americium arsenic competitory arsenic anyone. I want to win. I dislike it erstwhile a determination goes against maine and it costs maine a game. But astatine immoderate constituent you person to respect nan officials of nan game. Otherwise, what’s nan point?’


We want to perceive from refs who person been abused - aliases parents who person witnessed atrocious behaviour connected nan touchline

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Mail Sport coming launches a run to bring backmost respect towards lucifer officials astatine each levels. At nan apical level, Postecoglou feels nan preamble of VAR has really made things harder for referees.

‘I deliberation VAR has played a role,’ he added. ‘We person diminished nan domiciled of nan official, almost made their jobs impossible.

‘Now I americium reasoning astir referees going retired connected to a section of play not having nan authority they utilized to. Because each determination gets questioned.

‘Our crippled is now refereed externally. So arsenic an official, really are you expected to person immoderate authority complete nan players?

‘We arsenic managers person a work to group an example.

‘More broadly, I don’t for illustration wherever we are taking nan crippled successful position of that portion of it.’

The Tottenham leader believes nan preamble of VAR has diminished nan domiciled of referees


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