Andy Ruiz's ex-girlfriend 'gets permanent restraining order against him' after allegations ex-heavyweight boxing champion pointed an AK-47 in her FACE and sexually assaulted her

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  • Ruiz allegedly forced himself connected his ex-wife, Julia Lemus, connected aggregate occasions 
  • The restraining bid is now successful spot for nan adjacent 3 years against Ruiz
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By Eric Blum

Published: 11:26 EDT, 20 April 2024 | Updated: 11:32 EDT, 20 April 2024

Former world heavyweight champion boxer Andy Ruiz's ex-girlfriend has reportedly gotten a imperishable restraining bid against him aft allegations of intersexual battle from nan 34-year-old. 

The bid was granted earlier this period to Julia Lemus, who had been seeking a protection bid since past April. 

Lemus alleges Ruiz sexually assaulted, abused, and terrorized her passim their relationship, per TMZ. 

Ruiz' ex-wife besides alleges he pointed an AK-47 astatine her look past twelvemonth aft she said she was uncomfortable pinch a caller weapon acquisition he made. 

Lemus and Ruiz began making love successful 2016, pinch nan bid saying nan boxer would often drawback and yank Lemus to move her wherever he wanted her to go. Lemus further claimed Ruiz would 'jokingly' punch her arms and legs, leaving bruises, per TMZ. 

Ruiz and Lemus celebrated together aft he defeated Anthony Joshua successful 2019

Ruiz past fought successful September 2022 pinch a unanimous-decision triumph complete Luis Ortiz

Lemus besides claims Ruiz began sexually assaulting her past year, by forcing himself onto her astatine slightest six times. 

Lemus was granted a impermanent restraining bid aft nan first allegations. Ruiz vehemently denied nan claims, forcing a tribunal conflict betwixt nan parties to find whether a imperishable restraining bid needed to beryllium put successful place.

Both Ruiz and Lemus testified successful beforehand of a judge, arsenic did witnesses, pinch nan judge ruling successful favour of Lemus connected April 8. 

A 3-year restraining bid is successful place, pinch Lemus capable to renew nan petition earlier nan statement expires on April 8, 2027. 

The judge making nan ruling, Sharon L. Kalemkiarian, stated successful tribunal filings she wished grounds showed Lemus 'is successful fearfulness arsenic a consequence of aggressive, demeaning and controlling behaviour by Mr. Ruiz,' Per TMZ. 

Ruiz now has a restraining bid placed against him by Lemus that is successful spot until 2027

'Mr. Ruiz did battle her,' Kalemkiarian added, 'did disturb her peace, and did workout coercive power passim nan full relationship.'

The protection bid covers a fewer parameters, including a request that Ruiz must enactment 100 yards distant from Lemus, her home, her job, and her vehicle, per TMZ. 

Ruiz must besides person nary guns and was ordered to return a 12-week anger guidance course.

Ruiz has not responded publically to nan report, pinch his past station connected societal media being a video pinch his caller partner, Mayeli Alonso, announcing her gestation successful March. 

Kalemkiarian besides gave Lemus sole custody of nan couple's 2 children, pinch Ruiz allowed to person supervised visits pinch them.  

Ruiz past fought successful September 2022 pinch a triumph complete Luis Ortiz.  

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