Andy Ruiz Jnr's boxing comeback is delayed until 2024 as the former heavyweight champion undergoes surgery - but The Destroyer is already back in the gym 'feeling good, feeling blessed'

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  • Andy Ruiz Jnr has fought conscionable doubly since losing to Anthony Joshua backmost successful 2019
  • He is nan first antheral heavyweight of Mexican practice to go world champion 
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By Dominic Hogan For Mailonline

Published: 11:08 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 11:08 EDT, 1 November 2023

For those still waiting for nan return to action of Andy Ruiz Jnr, hole for moreover further delay, pinch nan erstwhile heavyweight world champion now retired until astatine slightest nan caller year.

The American-born Mexican became nan first heavyweight of Mexican practice to go a unified heavyweight champion erstwhile he won nan WBO, IBF, IBO and WBA belts disconnected Anthony Joshua successful 2019. 

He only held them for six months, though, pinch nan British boxing prima bouncing backmost from a daze first master conclusion to triumph his belts backmost successful Saudi Arabia successful December nan aforesaid year.

And though he has fought conscionable doubly since then, Ruiz insisted that adjacent twelvemonth would bring astir a alteration successful prospects for nan 34-year-old, who claimed that 2024 was going to beryllium his year. 

'I conscionable sewage done moving now, 5 days retired of my room and we're backmost successful nan gym emotion good, emotion blessed,' he said successful an Instagram video.

Andy Ruiz Jnr (left) has only fought doubly since Anthony Joshua won backmost his heavyweight belts

Having beaten Joshua first clip information he became nan first heavyweight world champion of Mexican heritage

'Can't hold to get backmost successful nan ringing - 2024 is going to beryllium my twelvemonth baby, my twelvemonth retrieve that!

'Had a small insignificant setback for a awesome comeback but now we're coming let's get it!'

Since his double-header pinch Joshua, Ruiz has managed back-to-back wins connected points against Chris Arreola and Luis Ortiz. 

However, he will beryllium improbable to tie nan blockbuster clashes he was tin of backmost successful 2019, fixed his prolonged inactivity.

Reports circulated that Ruiz had been calling retired Deontay Wilder, pinch thing materialising arsenic a believed consequence of nan 34-year-old asking for excessively overmuch money, according to nan erstwhile WBC champion's trainer Malik Scott.

Ruiz's fame plummet has resulted successful speculation that he mightiness beryllium nearing nan extremity of his boxing career. 

Having pocketed a reported £8.23million ($10m) from facing Joshua, he has fought conscionable doubly and arsenic specified will not beryllium capable to bid anyplace adjacent arsenic ample a interest to measurement into nan ring.  

Ruiz reportedly attempted to organise a conflict pinch Deontay Wilder (pictured) only to beryllium rejected

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