Andy Murray confirms he is teaming up with Emma Raducanu at Wimbledon to play mixed doubles... a day after he withdrew from singles

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  • Andy Murray will play mixed doubles astatine Wimbledon pinch Emma Raducanu 
  • Raducanu is simply a doubles novice but cannot defy nan chance to play pinch Murray 
  • Murray withdrew from singles owed to fittingness but is keen to play successful nan doubles 

By Matthew Lambert and Nathan Salt

Published: 07:00 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 07:26 EDT, 3 July 2024

Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu will squad up successful nan mixed doubles this twelvemonth for a sensational British alliance.

This intends Murray's last lucifer astatine Wimbledon could good beryllium not pinch his relative Jamie successful nan men's, but pinch Britain's different Grand Slam singles champion.

Raducanu, 21, has only played 1 master doubles lucifer successful her profession – but it seems she could not defy nan opportunity to play pinch a fable of nan crippled connected his last quality astatine nan All England Club. 

This will only beryllium Murray’s 2nd clip participating successful nan mixed doubles astatine Wimbledon, aft he formed a superstar confederation pinch Serena Williams successful 2019, reaching nan 3rd round. 

'I deliberation nan biggest proposal is conscionable really he's ever taken attraction of his operations, really he manages his people,' Raducanu said of Murray connected Tuesday.

'I haven't really spoken to him truthful much. I deliberation for maine it's conscionable for illustration watching him run time to day, watching him beryllium perfectly connected it pinch everything. 

Andy Murray (left) and Emma Raducanu (right) are teaming up astatine Wimbledon successful mixed doubles

The brace person worked together a small spot and it showed Raducanu nan levels she must match

Murray withdrew from singles but is still eager to play successful some nan men's and mixed doubles

'Even successful believe now, he's truthful connected it to nan minute. I deliberation me, erstwhile I was a spot younger maybe, showing up 15 minutes earlier believe to do a fewer limb curls, plaything my manus astir and lukewarm up, he's location for an hr and a half doing treatment. He conscionable sets really bully examples.'

Murray was 'proud' but besides 'extremely disappointed' that his Wimbledon singles profession came to a crashing halt arsenic he had to retreat earlier his first information lucifer against Tomas Machac connected Tuesday.

The 37-year-old pulled retired astatine 10.15am connected Tuesday greeting and past said to reporters aft an day believe pinch his relative Jamie, pinch whom he will play nan men's doubles.

'I decided this morning,' he said. 'I slept connected it. I told my squad and my family I didn't deliberation I was going to play based connected really I felt yesterday. 

'I practiced beautiful well. I was playing beautiful bully but I conscionable wasn't happy pinch really my limb was feeling. 

'I wanted to slumber connected it and make judge I was happy pinch nan determination and besides to springiness myself a chance erstwhile I woke up this greeting to spot if it felt overmuch better. 

'I ran astir a spot astatine location this greeting erstwhile I sewage up. It conscionable wasn't wherever I wanted it to beryllium unfortunately.

'Probably a fewer days excessively soon but I americium proud, I worked highly difficult to astatine slightest springiness myself a chance to play. Yeah, it was nan correct decision.'

Murray had room connected Saturday, June 22 to region a cyst from his spine. 

'It is evidently highly disappointing I wasn't capable to play but wherever I americium at, 10 days aft nan operation, successful comparison of wherever I was told I would beryllium and my expectations were, I deliberation it is unthinkable really.

'I practiced pinch my relative coming and I look guardant to playing successful nan doubles connected Thursday.'

Going into much item connected his determination to retreat from nan singles, he added: 'It wasn't a clearcut decision. I thought agelong and difficult astir it. I practiced a fewer sets of singles and did good successful those practices. 

'I surely wasn't moving arsenic I would for illustration but it was still capable to beryllium really competitory and it was conscionable whether aliases not I was comfortable going retired location and not emotion for illustration I was capable to springiness my 100 per cent.

'Doubles is simply a somewhat different crippled successful position of nan physicality of it and yea I americium looking guardant to that.

Raducanu is simply a doubles novice but cannot defy nan opportunity to play alongside Murray

'Getting nan opportunity to play pinch Jamie present will beryllium typical - we've ne'er done that before. Hopefully we tin person a bully run.' 

Raducanu is successful 2nd information singles action erstwhile she plays Elise Mertens connected Court No 1. 

She hasn't spent that overmuch clip astir Murray what pinch her ain engaged schedule but nan brace spent a spot of clip together connected nan believe courts astatine Indian Wells. 

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