Amy Winehouse's father Mitch suing late daughter's two friends in the High Court over claims they kept profits from a sale of her things

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  • The friends allegedly gained a information of £3.3m raised astatine an Amy-related auction 

By Katherine Lawton

Published: 21:07 EDT, 2 November 2023 | Updated: 21:15 EDT, 2 November 2023

Amy Winehouse's begetter is suing his precocious daughter's 2 friends successful nan High Court complete claims they kept nan profits from a waste of her things. 

Mitch Winehouse, a erstwhile taxi driver, wants to retrieve nan money he said should beryllium paid to nan instauration established successful nan singer's name. 

Amy's rumoured person Catriona Gourlay and stylist Naomi Parry allegedly gained a information of the £3.3million raised during an auction successful Beverly Hills successful America successful 2021.

Amy died from alcohol poisoning successful 2011 aged 27 - pinch a Parry-made dress that nan vocalist wore for her past ever capacity reportedly fetching £200,000 astatine nan auction. 

Notes written by nan prima were besides claimed to beryllium among nan items sold, The Sun reported. 

Mitch Winehouse, a taxi driver, wants to retrieve nan money he said should beryllium paid to nan instauration group up successful nan tragic singer's name

Amy's rumoured person Catriona Gourlay (left) allegedly profited astatine nan auction 

Amy, pictured successful 2009, died from intoxicant poisoning successful 2011 aged 27

The newspaper was told by the Amy Winehouse Estate that Catriona and Naomi sold much of Amy's belongings this year. 

In a statement, it added: 'Two individuals sold a number of items astatine that auction and person retained nan proceeds: nan items were each Amy-related.

'This twelvemonth they put much Amy-related items up for auction. Together, nan 2 auctions generated six-figure sums for each of them.'

Naomi penned a book astir Amy successful 2021 which included a section by Catriona. 

In a BBC documentary, Catriona told of her narration pinch Amy, saying: 'Our narration was truthful unique.'  

MailOnline has contacted nan Amy Winehouse Foundation for comment. 

MailOnline was incapable to contact Catriona Gourlay and Naomi Parry for remark but it is understood they conflict nan claims. 

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