Amy Winehouse's father goes to war with her best friends over '£3.3million': He launches unseemly court battle over auction of her possessions including famous bamboo dress that fetched £200,000

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When Amy Winehouse stepped retired from what was unknowingly to beryllium her past ever performance performance, she was dressed successful a figure-hugging, bamboo-print frock, lovingly designed and made by 1 of her closest friends.

The lime greenish and achromatic halterneck outfit was, says Naomi Parry, Amy’s stylist for six years, expected to correspond thing of a caller commencement for nan 27-year-old singer.

After years of struggling pinch supplier and alcohol addiction, she was caller retired of rehab and excited astir nan future. She was successful a caller relationship, pinch movie head Reg Traviss, who was seen arsenic a affirmative beingness successful her life pursuing her disastrous two-year matrimony to heroin addict Blake Fielder-Civil. The dress, Naomi says, symbolised caller beginnings.

Sadly, it was not to be. The gig, successful Belgrade, Serbia, connected June 18, 2011, descended into farce arsenic Amy drunkenly stumbled around, taking disconnected her shoes and falling over. She had to time off it to a backing dancer to singing her hit, Valerie, and couldn’t retrieve her set members’ names.

Five weeks later, connected July 23, her lifeless assemblage was discovered successful her London home, surrounded by quiet vodka bottles. A coroner later recorded she’d died from accidental intoxicant poisoning.

It was a sorry ending for nan prodigiously talented, Enfield-born Jewish girl, who began her profession signing for popular entrepreneur Simon Fuller’s 19 Management successful 2002, aged conscionable 19.

Global occurrence came pinch nan merchandise of her Back To Black medium successful 2006 which featured deed songs specified arsenic Rehab, Tears Dry On Their Own and Love Is A Losing Game, and sold much than 16 cardinal copies worldwide.

Amy astatine her last concert, successful nan dress that triggered nan bitter dispute

She went connected to triumph six Grammys successful nan US, positive 3 Ivor Novello awards and a Brit successful nan UK. Before agelong however, she was to go arsenic good known for her self-destructive manner arsenic she was for her music, pinch each gruesome item played retired successful nan afloat glare of publicity.

Now that dress, which will beryllium everlastingly associated pinch tragedy, is astatine nan centre of much contention arsenic Naomi and different of Amy’s closest friends, Catriona Gourley, person go embroiled successful a bitter tribunal conflict pinch Amy’s father, Mitch, 73, complete its sale. He has hired lawyers and lodged papers successful nan High Court to effort to retrieve nan money nan women made erstwhile nan dress sold successful Beverly Hills for an eye-watering £192,000 3 years agone – 13 times nan auctioneer’s estimate.

The 2 women were Amy’s erstwhile flatmates successful London and supported her arsenic she battled her demons, arsenic elaborate successful nan 2021 documentary Reclaiming Amy. They were erstwhile truthful overmuch a portion of nan singer’s soul circle that they are some named – alongside Mitch – connected Amy’s headstone.

Even Mitch acknowledged their adjacent bond, telling nan BBC: ‘Catriona and Amy, they were sisters. They were much than champion friends.’

Catriona claims to person been successful an friendly narration pinch Amy and said: ‘She utilized to constitute notes while I was sleeping, saying things like, “You are nan astir beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” and, “How tin you look arsenic beautiful dormant arsenic you do awake?”

‘Our narration was truthful unique. Undefined. We conscionable loved each different very much.’

The tight-knit trio shared everything – and Naomi and Catriona insist that they were ‘generously gifted’ various items by their friend complete her life – including that celebrated bamboo dress. So now they opportunity they are amazed – not to mention furious – that nan garment has landed them successful specified a stressful situation, which could financially ruin them.

The tragic vocalist with Naomi Parry, her stylist for six years 

Catriona Gourley and Amy 'were sisters', said her begetter Mitch Winehouse. 'They were much than champion friends’

The dress is 1 of nan items nan women utilized to honour their friend’s bequest successful a decade-long project. Devastated by condolences pursuing Amy’s death, Naomi masterminded a book, Beyond Black, that explored nan singer’s life done photos and memorabilia, and they some staged an accumulation of nan aforesaid sanction which started astatine nan Grammy Museum successful LA and ended astatine nan Design Museum successful London.

Naomi and Catriona – who made countless contributions to TV shows, power programmes and newspaper articles to support Amy’s representation live – opportunity Mitch cooperated pinch each of it.

In 2021, nan women decided their endeavours were complete and decided to portion ways pinch immoderate items successful their collection.

And so, successful 2 auctions, 1 successful 2021 and 1 this year, they began to waste disconnected immoderate of nan dresses, handbags, clothes, underwear and make-up, arsenic good arsenic notes and sketches, that Amy had fixed them complete nan years.

Among nan items sold was a heart-shaped Moschino purse Amy wore astatine nan 2007 Brit Awards, which sold for £160,000, a Dolce & Gabbana dress which sold for £20,000 – and, of course, nan bamboo people dress.

The income prompted erstwhile taxi driver Mitch to bring nan lawsuit successful his domiciled arsenic administrator of his daughter’s estate.

He claims that Naomi and Catriona made £3.3 cardinal from trading disconnected 156 of Amy’s items, though nan girls opportunity Mitch’s figures are exaggerated.

He is now, however, petitioning to declare backmost £730,000 of their profits for nan Amy Winehouse Foundation, which supports young group struggling pinch addictions. The brace person vowed to conflict Mitch for what they judge is theirs – and person turned to crowdfunding to screen their ineligible fees. Already much than £65,000, nan brace fearfulness nan full could apical £250,000 aft they hired London patient Lee & Thompson to conflict their corner. They opportunity that nan auction proceeds person been drained by nan bills.

Their plea is being supported by nan likes of singers Kelly Osbourne and Lisa Moorish, Amy’s goddaughter Dionne Bromfield and nan Hawley Arms – nan pub successful Camden, North London, wherever Amy spent galore nights partying successful her 20s.

After urging nan High Court to disregard nan lawsuit against them, nan women released a statement, which said Mitch should not usage nan money from Amy’s property to prosecute them successful nan courts.

They said: ‘Despite nan anticipated early costs of going to proceedings being successful nan hundreds of thousands, we are resolute successful proving that these allegations are false.

‘We firmly judge that wealthiness should not beryllium utilized arsenic a intends of intimidation and we are now consolidating each our resources to support and conflict to clear our names.

‘We want to convey those who person shown kindness and support already, some publically and privately. Your belief successful our innocence is profoundly reassuring.’

The ordeal has seen a agelong and heartbreaking process for Naomi and Catriona, whose relations pinch their friend’s begetter person go truthful toxic that nan result is now successful nan hands of a judge. Surely too, it has tinged their memories of Amy pinch yet much sadness.

Amy's weeping mother and begetter Mitch, right, look astatine tributes near by fans extracurricular her London home 

Mitch claims that Naomi and Catriona made £3.3 cardinal from trading disconnected 156 of Amy’s items, though nan girls opportunity his figures are exaggerated

A root told nan Mail connected Sunday: ‘It is conscionable truthful tragic. Mitch is utilizing nan galore millions he sewage from Amy’s property against her friends. She would beryllium perfectly horrified.

‘She loved everyone and conscionable wanted to spot them get on. They [Naomi and Catriona] were her day-to-day people, they loved her and they tried truthful difficult to look aft her. It is truthful terribly devastating that it has each travel to this.’

‘Mitch ever knew nan girls had Amy’s worldly and that they were going to auction disconnected immoderate items. The main rumor was erstwhile that dress sold for specified a immense sum. No 1 realised it would spell for truthful overmuch and Mitch decided he wanted immoderate of nan money.

‘When they first sewage Mitch’s ineligible letter, nan brace were blindsided. Mitch knew they had nan belongings each on and they had shown them astatine exhibitions. It didn’t successful a cardinal years hap to them that 1 time Mitch would want thing from it all.

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‘It seemed for illustration a wholly unfair demand. It has now sewage to nan unfortunate shape that each connection is being done via lawyers.’ Admittedly, nan girls’ narration pinch Amy’s begetter has been fraught complete nan years.

But aft years of disagreement, possibly complete his parenting of his progressively troubled daughter, nan women put differences speech to activity alongside Mitch connected nan Beyond Black exhibition.

One friend said: ‘Mitch was not precisely welcoming to Amy’s friends erstwhile she was alive. It was for illustration location were 2 abstracted factions successful her life – her dada connected 1 broadside and her mates connected nan other.

‘So erstwhile Beyond Black started, it was rather thing to spot them collaborate. Relations had often been strained.’

For Naomi and Catriona, that each seems a very agelong clip agone now, arsenic Mitch doggedly pursues his ineligible case.

His friends opportunity he refuses to perceive immoderate disapproval of his determination to writer his daughter’s friends.

One said: ‘Mitch has sewage it into his mind that he has to triumph nan case. When it was mentioned to him that possibly he should easiness disconnected and conscionable fto nan girls get connected pinch their lives, he didn’t for illustration it all.

‘He has taken nan girls’ determination to make money from these things very badly. It’s for illustration he believes immoderate possessions of Amy’s are now his.’

The dress Amy wore for her last shape capacity successful Belgrade goes up for auction successful 2021

A spokesperson for Mitch said: ‘In 2021, Amy’s property auctioned items from her life and profession pinch 30 per cent of nan proceeds going to nan Amy Winehouse Foundation. Two individuals sold a number of items astatine that auction and person retained nan proceeds. The items were each Amy-related.

‘This twelvemonth they person put much Amy-related items up for auction and together nan 2 auctions person generated six-figure sums for each of them.

‘The property has questioned really these items came into their possession and has not had satisfactory answers. The property has truthful launched a ineligible process to explain nan situation.

‘The Amy Winehouse Foundation will straight use if monies are recovered from either of nan defendants.’

For Naomi, 13 years aft Amy’s death, she finds herself grieving for her friend each complete again, done nan symbolic dress that she made.

Speaking earlier nan auction successful 2021, she said: ‘I consciousness an immense magnitude of sadness erstwhile I look astatine that dress. It was expected to beryllium nan commencement of thing caller and moving forward.

‘She had been doing truthful well. The dress went from symbolising thing caller and breathtaking to absolute devastation.’

Little did she cognize astatine nan clip that nan devastation would still beryllium felt today.

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