American parents and their one-year-old son are STILL stranded in Gaza as Biden insists U.S. citizens will get out today after Rafah crossing opened

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Americans are expected to time off Gaza connected Wednesday for nan first clip since Hamas attacked Israel much than 3 weeks prior, President Joe Biden confirmed. 

Conflicting reports emerged this week complete whether U.S. citizens would beryllium portion of nan first activity of overseas nationals allowed to time off Gaza astatine nan Rafah crossing into Egypt.

A family from Massachusetts is still stuck successful nan Palestinian enclave and says they were told by nan U.S. Embassy successful Cairo that location is 'no timeline for U.S. citizens to depart' Gaza.

'The State Department told maine by email past nighttime that they person not yet confirmed departure for its citizens, including nan Okal Family,' Sammy Nabulsi, a lawyer for nan family, told connected Wednesday.

But Biden said connected Wednesday that Americans are among those departing nan Hamas stronghold successful nan Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

'Today, acknowledgment to American leadership, we secured safe transition for wounded Palestinians and for overseas nationals to exit Gaza,' nan president posted to X, formerly Twitter.

'We expect American citizens to exit today, and we expect to spot much depart complete nan coming days,' he added. 'We won't fto up moving to get Americans retired of Gaza.'

Abood Okal (right), his woman Wafa Sufian (left) and their one-year-old boy person been trapped successful Gaza since Hamas violent attacks much than 3 weeks prior. The U.S. citizens from Massachusetts declare they still do not person a safe aliases viable way toward leaving nan Gaza Strip

People pinch overseas passports hold astatine nan Rafah separator betwixt Gaza and Egypt aft it opened this week – and pursuing a negotiated woody to let overseas nationals, including Americans, to time off nan Palestinian enclave amid Israeli counterstrikes 

Nabulsi claims Americans are excluded from a database of overseas nationals allowed to leave.

The lawyer of nan family stuck successful Gaza told that nan database of those permitted to transverse from Gaza to Egypt are passport holders from Japan, Austria, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Jordan, Australia, Czech Republic and Finland.

'On nan database of approved overseas nationals, location was a abstracted group of NGO employees/aid workers,' said Nabulsi. 'I americium alert of astatine slightest 2 U.S. citizens who were portion of nan NGO group that was permitted to cross. I do not cognize of further Americans beyond nan two.'

But State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said Wednesday that Americans were among those fto retired of Gaza into Egypt.

He besides said U.S. citizens are being provided circumstantial days they will beryllium permitted to leave, and told those waiting to get retired of nan Strip to show their email – wherever he said they will person guidance successful nan adjacent 24-72 hours.

Belarusian outlet Nexta is reporting that astir a twelve Americans were among those fto retired into Egypt connected Wednesday. It's imaginable these individuals were dual citizens aliases portion of that NGO list.

Nexta notes that 150 group crossed nan separator betwixt Egypt and nan Gaza Strip connected Wednesday.

Abood Okal, his woman and their one-year-old boy are each trapped successful Gaza.   

The family, from Medway, Massachusetts, told their lawyer Nabulsi that they are still not permitted safe time off from Gaza.

Okal and his woman and young kid person been holed-up successful a single-family location pinch 40 different people, which includes 10 Americans.

Hundreds of overseas passport holders who person been trapped by nan warfare betwixt Hamas and Israel for 3 weeks person flocked to nan border, hoping successful vain that they could beryllium immoderate of nan fortunate fewer to fly nan carnage.

While immoderate British families person been fto done alongside wounded Palestinians, immoderate person reportedly been turned distant by officials, reports The Telegraph.

The UK's Foreign Office said astir 200 trapped Britons will beryllium capable to transverse nan Rafah separator crossing 'in stages' complete nan coming days.

For immoderate families, they breathed a sigh of alleviation arsenic they were capable to watercourse retired of nan separator gates, which person remained firmly unopen to anyone entering from nan besieged portion amid relentless Israeli antagonistic strikes that Hamas says person killed complete 8,500 people.

The Okal family said they are still trapped successful nan country, wherever they are staying successful a azygous family location pinch 40 different group – including 10 different Americans 

Pictures show relieved families streaming retired of nan Rafah separator gates for nan first clip since nan conflict betwixt Hamas and Israel began connected October 7, 2023

Palestinians are among those who crossed to nan Egyptian broadside of nan separator crossing pinch nan Gaza Strip amid a barrage of Israeli counterstrikes aft Gaza's de facto authorities and designated violent statement Hamas launched an unprompted onslaught connected nan Jewish state

Palestinians pinch overseas passports astatine Rafah Border Gate hold to transverse into Egypt 

The first groups of foreigners and injured evacuees person now passed into Egypt, according to section media, pinch group entering by ambulance aliases connected foot, carrying conscionable a fewer belongings arsenic they make nan travel to safety.

Queues began to shape early Wednesday greeting astatine nan terminal and immoderate 545 foreigners and dual nationals on pinch astir 90 sick and wounded are expected to beryllium allowed to leave.

After being allowed into nan terminal area, immense lines formed astir crossing booths for checks connected passports and different documents. Ambulances waited connected nan Egyptian broadside to return distant nan wounded and sick.

The evacuations are believed to person been secured arsenic portion of a deal, mediated by Qatar, betwixt Israel, Hamas and Egypt successful coordination pinch nan U.S.

Some British group trapped successful Gaza are expected to beryllium capable to time off done nan separator crossing pinch Egypt today.

The Gaza Borders and Crossings Authority earlier published nan names of much than 500 foreigners and dual citizenship holders called to recreation to Rafah successful bid to time off nan Strip.

The area astir nan terminal has been deed during Israeli aerial raids, pinch pictures showing leveled buildings successful Rafah.

Amid relentless Israeli bombardment pursuing Hamas' sadistic violent onslaught astir 4 weeks ago, those trapped successful Gaza are facing shortages of aesculapian supplies, food, h2o and fuel.

Some of those being taken retired of Gaza for curen successful Egyptian hospitals are among much than 15,000 wounded successful Israel's retaliatory strikes.

The Hamas-run wellness ministry says nan bombardment has killed much than 8,500 people. With nan designated violent statement claiming two-thirds of those killed were women and children.

Israel's airstrikes connected Gaza came aft Hamas' penetration connected October 7, which near 1,400 dead, mostly civilians. Another 240 group were taken hostage.

The violent onslaught led to nan largest single-day massacre of Jewish group since nan Holocaust.

Yesterday, a exile campy successful nan northbound of Gaza was bombed by Israel's Defence Forces, leaving astatine slightest 50 dormant according to nan Hamas-run wellness authority.

Israel Defence Forces' (IDF) spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said 'numerous Hamas terrorists were deed successful nan strike'.

Palestinians wounded successful nan airstrikes were met pinch ambulances and wellness attraction arsenic they crossed from Gaza to Egypt connected Wednesday

A aesculapian worker attends to a Palestinian, who will person curen successful an Egyptian hospital

An injured Palestinian man sits successful an ambulance, arsenic he waits for aesculapian workers to return him to person curen successful an Egyptian hospital

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