American hostage Liat Beinin is FREED by Hamas after seven weeks in captivity - only the second US national to be released since horrific October 7 attack on Israel

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Israeli-American dual national Liat Beinin has been freed by Hamas and is reportedly successful nan hands of nan Red Cross aft 7 weeks successful captivity.

Beinin, 49, is an American-born Israeli who was kidnapped by nan violent statement on pinch her husband, Aviv Atzili, from Kibbutz Nir Or connected nan greeting of October 7.

During nan horrific attack, nan couple's location was burned down. The adjacent day, Aviv's telephone was geo-located to Gaza. His mother, 78-year-old Telma Atzili, hid for 10 hours during nan onslaught and has been successful Eilat pinch her grandchildren.

According to her father, Liat Beinin is simply a precocious schoolhouse civics and history coach and a circuit guideline astatine the World Holocaust Remembrance Center successful Jerusalem. 

She is conscionable nan 2nd kidnapped American national to beryllium been returned truthful far. Four-year-old Abigail Idan, now an orphan, was freed connected Sunday. 

The White House said 2 American women should person been released pinch Abigail connected Sunday and it is not clear why this did not happen.

Liat Beinin Atzili and Aviv Atzili, 49, were taken by Hamas connected October 7. Liat, who was calved American, was returned today

Israelis cheer complete nan play arsenic an service chopper transporting precocious freed hostages takes off

One American-Israeli hostage has been released truthful acold - four-year-old Abigail Edan, who was freed connected Sunday

Earlier connected Wednesday, CNN reported that 'at slightest 1 American citizen' being held by nan extremist Palestinian violent statement was expected to beryllium among nan sixth group of hostages owed to beryllium handed complete today.

It was reported that 3 of nan 10 hostages being released coming are Germans and 1 is Dutch. 

Two further Israeli hostages pinch dual Russian citizenship were transferred to nan Red Cross Wednesday and later arrived successful Israel, according to nan IDF. They were reportedly not portion of nan negotiated exchange.

On Monday, Israel and Hamas announced that they would widen nan ceasefire by different 2 days, during which clip 10 Israeli hostages per time would beryllium returned.

Israel is reportedly attempting to spot if it is 'a possibility' to widen nan ceasefire pinch Hamas that is presently group to expire Thursday morning.

NSC spokesperson John Kirby said early releases are limited upon Hamas' willingness to proceed nan region successful fighting:

'Israelis person said they are consenting to proceed nan region if much hostages are released.'

US State Department officials person made it clear that they do not person an update connected immoderate of nan Americans kidnapped - including their whereabouts, conditions aliases a timeline for release.

White House officials made it clear Tuesday that they were not expecting immoderate Americans to beryllium portion of nan batch of hostages released. On Monday, they had said they were hoping immoderate Americans would beryllium portion of nan group released that evening.

Kirby said Tuesday that location is nary denotation that hostages pinch charismatic ties to America are being held arsenic a benignant of strategical tactic. 

Officials person not provided an nonstop database of nan Americans being held hostage. 

The number is believed to beryllium higher than eight, and astir of nan presumed members connected that past person ties to some America and Israel - respective person dual citizenship.

One complicating facet is really small accusation Hamas has shared pinch Israel and extracurricular sources astir nan information of nan hostages.

Israel is presently moving to fig retired if location is simply a anticipation of further extending nan ceasefire

A spokesperson for The Hostages and Missing Families Forum, who tally nan Bring Them Home Now campaign, told they are not alert of nan information of immoderate hostage, aliases really galore are still alive.

She said: 'The Red Cross has not been allowed to sojourn nan hostages and supply a impervious of life study and a impervious of wellness report.

'The only impervious of life we person received are videos that Hamas has released that are now outdated.' 

She besides pointed retired that nan past 2 videos released person featured group who person been killed.

Furthermore, she said, nary of nan videos that Hamas has released person had immoderate Americans successful them. 

‘The past 2 videos that person been released are group who person been killed, released aliases still successful captivity.’

Though location is nary general database of American hostages, has compiled nan identities of immoderate of nan US citizens who were taken by Hamas connected October 7.

Two of nan Americans, Omer Neutra and Edan Alexander, were raised successful nan tri-state New York area and were fighting successful nan IDF erstwhile they were taken.

Two joined couples pinch actual ties to nan US were taken from Kibbutz Nir Oz.

The information of nan pairs is unknown, but it was reported that Weinstein and Haggai were some injured earlier being taken 

Both young men moved to Israel and joined nan IDF aft graduating precocious schoolhouse successful nan US 

Itay Chen and Sagui Dekel-Chen are not related, but do some person American parents who are lobbying nan US authorities to prioritize their return.

Hersh Goldberg-Polin's parents led a media blitz each lsat period pursuing their 23-year-old son's kidnapping from nan supernova euphony show successful nan southbound of Israel.

Horrifying footage revealed that nan young man, whose family moved from nan US to Israel halfway done his childhood, whitethorn person had his limb blown disconnected by a Hamas grenade earlier being taken successful a flatbed motortruck into Gaza.

And finally, North Carolina calved Keith Samuel Siegel, 64, who was taken from Kfar Aza pinch his woman Aviva. She was released pinch nan first activity of hostages respective days ago.