America, take note: Thailand is set to REVERSE weed legalization after spike in cannabis-related mental health issues and crime - with government calling pot 'a big problem'

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Thailand is group to outlaw weed conscionable 18 months aft nan state decriminalized nan drug, pursuing a spike successful infirmary admissions and crime linked to cannabis.

Since June 2022, erstwhile marijuana was dropped arsenic a controlled substance, hospitalizations for cannabis-induced psychological problems person doubled to 63,000 patients per twelvemonth successful nan country.

Reports of drug-fueled unit and maltreatment person besides surged, while reports of children being capable to acquisition nan supplier proceed to rise.

Thailand became nan first state successful nan southeast asia to legalize marijuana successful 2019, erstwhile nan Bhumjaithai statement promised it would beryllium a lucrative rate harvest for mediocre farmers successful nan northbound — who traditionally trust connected atom and rubber to make ends meet.

Thailand has faced galore repercussions aft dropping weed arsenic a controlled substance, which is starring to nan state now tightening up its laws 

Bangkok (left) and Phuket (right): The Above maps show really 2 celebrated tourer areas successful Thailand person now been wholly swamped pinch weed shops

But nan decriminalization has fixed emergence to a ample un-regulated achromatic market.

Data shows much than 6,000 shops person germinated successful nan country, galore without licenses. 

There has besides been a roar successful visitors visiting nan state to usage marijuana recreationally, helping to fund cannabis-themed cafes and hemp spas.

In response, nan country's Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has named weed a 'big problem' and vowed to return action — aft being elected successful August 2023.

Top officials are now proposing a measure that would make utilizing cannabis 'for intermezo aliases pleasure' a crime punishable pinch a $1,700 good (60,000 baht) and a jailhouse condemnation of up to 1 year.

It comes arsenic nan US faces akin problems, pinch thousands of weed shops — galore unregulated — springing up successful galore awesome cities amid reports of spikes successful psychological problems and addiction among youths.

Last week, nan country's wellness curate Chonlanan Srikaew revealed he had recommended a draught measure that would prohibition recreational cannabis.

'We drafted this rule to prohibit nan incorrect usage of cannabis,' wellness curate Srikaew said previously.

'All recreational usage is wrong.'

Marijuana is typically considered to beryllium a low-risk drug, but accordant usage tin thrust up a myriad of wellness risks including awesome depression, mediocre sleep, and dependence

The supra shows cannabis usage crossed American states. Twenty-one states and DC person legalized it for recreational usage successful summation to medicinal use, while astir each now let it to beryllium utilized for medicinal purposes

The caller measure would enforce stringent fines and imaginable jailhouse sentences for group recovered to beryllium utilizing nan supplier recreationally if it becomes law.

In Thailand, it is already forbidden to fume weed successful public, which carries a good of $700 (25,000 baht).

Officially, recreational usage of weed is forbidden successful nan country. But successful practice, mediocre regularisation has led to galore accessing nan supplier without a aesculapian prescription. 

Data shows that among those aged 20 to 29 years aged nan proportionality utilizing weed much than tripled from 1 percent to 3 percent by 2021 — earlier regulations were eased. This fig is now apt to beryllium overmuch higher, officials say.

Data from nan country's wellness ministry shows nan number of Thais seeking curen for aesculapian issues jumped from 37,000 successful 2022 to arsenic galore arsenic 63,000 successful 2023, a emergence of much than 70 percent.

There are besides anecdotal reports of rising crime rates and spikes successful drug-related violence.

The Thai measure will request to beryllium approved by Cabinet, voted done by Parliament and signed by nan country's king Maha Vajiralongkorn earlier it becomes law. But it already enjoys wide support crossed nan country's governmental parties. 

A full of 24 US states person now legalized marijuana for recreational use, pinch red-leaning Ohio becoming nan latest successful November past year.

No authorities has reversed legalization yet, but location has been a displacement successful nan nationalist temper — pinch Americans successful galore states now voting down measures to legalize recreational cannabis.

This included Oklahoma, which rejected nan proposal successful March past twelvemonth contempt cannabis companies spending much than $4.9million connected advertizing.

The US national Government is presently considering reducing marijuana to Schedule III constituent — connected a par pinch steroids, ketamine and testosterone. At present, it is regulated arsenic a Schedule I constituent — connected nan aforesaid level arsenic heroin, ecstasy and LSD which are narcotics deemed to person a precocious likelihood of maltreatment and nary aesculapian uses.

Thailand dropped cannabis from its database of controlled substances successful June 2022 — alternatively labeling it arsenic a 'controlled herb'.

This allowed for locals to turn and waste and acquisition marijuana and hemp products arsenic agelong arsenic they had a license.

The move was aimed astatine providing mediocre farmers successful nan northbound pinch a caller rate crop, arsenic they traditionally trust connected rubber and atom which person debased value.

But it has been poorly regulated — starring to an detonation of weed shops crossed nan country.

Cities for illustration Chiang Mai and nan superior Bangkok now moreover clasp weed festivals — while visitors from adjacent countries wherever nan supplier is illegal, for illustration Japan and Singapore, person started to sojourn successful droves.

The supplier was ineligible to waste only to those complete 20 years aged and who were not pregnant aliases were not trying to acquisition nan supplier online — and who were utilizing it for aesculapian purposes, for which marijuana was legalized successful 2019.

'Kitty' Chopaka, a Thai cannabis authorities activist, told NPR: 'You tin spell inquire immoderate Thai connected nan broadside of nan road, going like, what do you deliberation astir aesculapian cannabis? Everyone will go, this is great, afloat support it.

'But past if you spell into — what astir sales, what astir recreational use? There's still a — we're not truthful sure.'

The Biden administration's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has asked nan Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to downgrade cannabis from a Schedule I constituent to a Schedule III substance

Marijuana was antecedently lauded for its benefits for symptom alleviation and worry treatment, pinch galore insisting it was not addictive. 

But nan supplier is now stronger than it has ever been, pinch higher levels of THC — nan psychoactive chemic successful nan supplier — which experts opportunity flood nan encephalon pinch feel-good chemicals and trigger addiction.

Many person besides started to return nan supplier daily, triggering addiction and dependence that is not easy shaken.

Previous studies person already linked marijuana to schizophrenia, psychosis and depression.

Some person besides suggested that it permanently changes nan brains of young adults who usage nan supplier — pinch nan encephalon not maturing until personification reaches their precocious 20s.