ALVISE CAGNAZZO: Massimiliano Allegri is Juventus' TRUE leader, Marcus Thuram is becoming Inter's most important player... and Olivier Giroud breaks his 58-day goal drought - THINGS WE LEARNED IN SERIE A

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It was a engaged play astatine nan apical of nan Serie A standings, pinch Napoli and AC Milan  squaring disconnected successful a immense conflict at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona. 

Nothing could abstracted some sides astatine full-time, pinch Olivier Giroud scoring doubly successful nan first half, earlier some of his goals were cancelled retired by Matteo Politano and Giacomo Raspadori. 

With nan points halved, it meant Atalanta were capable to dress up immoderate crushed connected Milan, aft they trounced Empoli 3-0 to spell wrong 3 points of Stefano Pioli's side. 

Elsewhere, Juventus claimed a 1-0 triumph against Verona to support nan unit connected Inter Milan astatine nan apical of nan table, who defeated Roma 1-0 astatine nan San Siro. 

But pinch tons of action to digest from astir nan Italian top-flight, Mail Sport's Alvise Cagnazzo walks america done 10 talking points from this weekend's action. 

Massimiliano Allegri guided Juventus to 2nd spot successful nan Serie A standings this weekend

Olivier Giroud scored doubly successful AC Milan's 2-2 tie against Napoli, breaking his extremity drought

While Marcus Thuram dazzled for Inter Milan, scoring nan lone extremity successful their 1-0 triumph vs Roma

Allegri is Juventus' existent leader

A 5th consecutive cleanable sheet, 23 points successful 10 games, temporarily astatine nan apical of nan Serie A array aft 3 years and 124 games pinch Pogba and Fagioli retired for nan full season. 

What much could you inquire from Massimiliano Allegri?

Probably nothing. The Juventus coach is getting 100 percent from his players and astatine slightest for erstwhile nan fans of nan 'Old Lady' should apologise to a perpetually criticised coach. 

With nan 1-0 triumph against Verona, Allegri achieved nan 100th cleanable expanse of his career, placing himself down Giovanni Trapattoni (150). 

He has ne'er been a philosopher of nan agile and bubbly crippled but it is besides existent that he does not train nan players champion suited to that type of football. 

Allegri is simply a actual man who prefers to triumph matches 1-0, not conceding a extremity and winning pinch nan intelligence spot of his players. He is simply a person of chess, tactical moves and psychological tricks that let him to usage nan changes disposable arsenic a prize to alteration nan improvement of nan games. 

He yet manages to transmit Juventus DNA to his players and this value transforms him into nan only belief leader of nan club. This squad tin and must purpose to triumph Serie A and return to winning ways aft 3 years of starvation.

Thuram ends Lukaku nostalgia astatine 'Meazza' Stadium  

Four goals and 5 assists, conscionable for illustration Diego Milito successful his first twelvemonth surviving successful Milano city. 

Marcus Thuram, wrong 10 games pinch Inter, has put an extremity to nan nostalgia for Romelu Lukaku and aft coming up against nan Belgian giant, he proved to beryllium an exceptional player, moreover superior to his predecessor successful nan tactical dynamics of Nerazzurri team. 

A comparison betwixt nan 2 giants is inappropriate because Lukaku plays hide and activity for agelong periods of nan lucifer and receives boos from everyone successful nan stadium while Marcus Thuram understands that he is experiencing nan decisive infinitesimal of his career, becoming Inter's astir important subordinate moreover successful nan large matches. 

His extremity was decisive, his awesome value successful inserting himself down Llorente demonstrates really nan French number 9 has perfectly metabolised nan domiciled of centre-forward.

In nan first 45 minutes of nan game, Lukaku touched nan shot only 12 times, being tamed by Pavard, Acerbi and Bastoni while Thuram jr was nan constituent of reference for nan full Nerazzurri attack, heating up nan stadium which shouted his sanction passim nan game. 

In nan correct spot astatine nan correct time, Thuram ever manages to correctly decorativeness Federico Dimarco's crosses, pinch whom he has established a symbiotic relationship. 

In a fewer months he has go indispensable having refining his expertise to people goals.

Giroud breaks his 58-day fast 

Olivier Giroud returns to people aft 58 days, resurrecting AC Milan aft 2 consecutive defeats. 

After 8 games without goals, nan French elephantine scored a brace, bringing nan full Napoli defense to its knees. 

He scores 2 splendid goals pinch his head, attacks his opponents from down for illustration a lion and contempt a fewer achromatic hairs successful his heavy mane he puts young Natan successful awesome difficulty. 

Amir Rrahmani besides had trouble controlling nan French No 9, who sounds each nan trajectories of crosses successful advance, pinch nan Napoli prima experiencing 1 of nan worst evenings since nan time he returned to nan section aft his injury. 

For nan first 45 minutes, Napoli were fearful while Milan became maestro of nan pitch, allowing Theo Hernandez and Davide Calabria to grow their scope of action good beyond nan defense, acting for illustration added wingers. 

At 37, Giroud is still indispensable for Stefano Pioli's squad today. He collects crosses from Christian Pulisic and skipper Calabria, transforming them into goals.

If he were 10 years younger he would beryllium Filippo Inzaghi's heir and yet coming he is considered nan champion successful Serie A for goals and method continuity. 

He was called backmost to nan chair by Pioli successful nan 81st minute, his eyes were reddish pinch anger astatine not having been capable to participate successful nan last assault: this is simply a precious hint that reveals nan French star's attachment to nan club.

Allegri achieved nan 100th cleanable expanse of his profession aft their 1-0 triumph against Verona

Despite scoring, Giroud was substituted successful nan 81st infinitesimal and was visibly incensed astatine nan decision

Thuram has go an indispensable personnel of nan squad astatine Inter

Napoli are for illustration 'Jekyll and Hyde' 

In nan first 45 minutes Napoli's protect capacity was terrible. They were arsenic disastrous successful attack, conceding 2 goals and having nary shots connected goal.

The substitutions made by Rudi Garcia successful nan 2nd half highlighted nan errors successful nan first choices of nan French coach, who excessively often has been excessively superficial successful nan action of nan starting eleven. 

The prime to switch Matteo Politano a fewer minutes earlier nan extremity of nan lucifer besides reveals Rudi Garcia's fearfulness of losing and underlines nan psychological problems of nan squad which ne'er manages to complete a comeback. 

In nan first 45 minutes, Milan could and should person ended nan lucifer pinch astatine slightest a 3-goal lead and nan injuries to Pulisic and Pierre Kalulu helped Napoli retrieve nan consequence aft a unspeakable commencement to nan match. 

Rudi Garcia was amazed by AC Milan's tactical cognition and successful nan first half risked suffering a method knockout, a illness truthful convulsive that it annihilated nan players. 

During nan interval he did good to overturn his tactical scheme and Napoli intelligibly improved nan value of their game.

Rudi Garcia's astir superior correction was not knowing nan diversion difficulties of Mario Rui, who was recalled to nan chair aft nan first disastrous 45 minutes. 

All of Milan's astir vulnerable actions travel from nan Portuguese full-back, including nan 2 assists for Giroud's brace. His publication successful onslaught is minimal and he was crushed by nan beingness spot of nan AC Milan wingers.

The Pavoletti show 

Claudio Ranieri's Roma broadside recovered from going 3-0 to Genoa, to triumph nan crippled 3-4 backmost successful February, 2011. 

It was a conclusion which led to nan dismissal of nan Roman coach. After 12 years, nan erstwhile Leicester head avoided nan sack by achieving an unthinkable consequence - a comeback triumph pinch nan aforesaid scoreline, 4-3, achieving his first triumph successful Serie A by beating Frosinone connected Sunday. 

An epic lucifer whose only protagonist is Leonardo Pavoletti, leader of Cagliari's promotion to Serie A conscionable a fewer months agone and coming became a man of dream for salvation. 

Pavoletti is an icon of Cagliari, nan man of destiny who, erstwhile he sounds nan 90th infinitesimal connected nan stadium scoreboard, originates to return connected nan domiciled of Superman. 

The 2 winning goals scored by Pavoletti allowed Cagliari to go nan first Serie A squad to triumph a lucifer pinch a three-goal shortage successful nan 70th infinitesimal of nan 2nd half.

The man who is simply a awesome of nan Sardinian team, has established a caller exceptional grounds by becoming nan man of providence. 

Pavoletti is 34 years aged and is surviving nan past play of his profession pinch awesome enthusiasm, trying to thief Cagliari arsenic a twelfth man, arsenic a chaotic paper that Ranieri decides to put connected nan section each Sunday successful nan past fewer minutes to effort to springiness nan squad a jolt.

Claudio Ranieri's broadside mastered a immense 3-0 comeback triumph against Frosinone

Soule is nan heir to Pavel Nedved's throne 

According to Opta Matias Soule has nan highest percent of successful dribbles successful Serie A and pinch Frosinone he seems to person recovered nan correct method and tactical dimension. At nan weekend, he claimed his first brace successful Serie A, his 5th extremity and first assistance of this season.

Soule starts playing from nan extracurricular and past centres himself to shoot, opening up nan crippled and allowing players to tally astatine nan goal. Soule is arsenic stinging arsenic a wasp that flies lightly complete nan heads of nan defenders, perpetually changing velocity and rhythm. 

He is simply a existent No 10, who during his profession successful Italy, has improved his attraction and protect abilities, to go a complete player. 

A great narration has been established betwixt him and Eusebio Di Francesco and nan Italian coach is nan only head who has been capable to toggle shape Soule into a apical player. 

Born successful 2003, Soule is destined to go Nedved's heir successful Juventus starting from nan adjacent summertime transportation window. And his measurement of playing is progressively 'European'. He runs pinch order, has bully tactical subject and originates to people pinch awesome continuity. 

The Italian nationalist squad continues to tribunal him and hopes to get his consent for nan first call-up to Luciano Spalletti's squad but, arsenic always, Argentina will indirectly determine his future. 

Without immoderate telephone from Selecion, Soule will person to 'settle' for Italy, giving up his dream of playing successful Argentina for illustration Mauro German Camoranesi did.

Cambiaso amended than Kostic 

It's not conscionable nan extremity scored 15 seconds from nan last whistle, successful nan 97th minute, that makes his first ceremony successful nan achromatic and achromatic garment special.

Andrea Cambiaso deserves to beryllium a starter connected nan near flank for Juventus for his awesome expertise to play nan domiciled of full-back successful a modern way. 

The No 27 instantly entered nan crippled playing some arsenic a winger successful support of Federico Chiesa and arsenic a near midfielder to let Adrien Rabiot to beforehand successful nan domiciled of raider down Arek Milik. 

Thanks to nan boy from Genoa who tin go nan prima of nan team's caller method project, Juventus are sitting 2nd successful nan league. But dissimilar Filip Kostic, he uses some feet and besides gallops diagonally without becoming excessively predictable successful his movements. 

The quality betwixt his maturation and Kostic's psychophysical diminution is truthful evident that it creates a caller level successful nan near broadside of ​​the field. The clip to make choices has arrived and nan triumph against Verona yet established Cambiaso's overtaking of Filip Kostic.

In nan 3-5-2 aliases 4-3-3 nan erstwhile Bologna prima must beryllium nan protagonist, extending nan database of millennials who person won a starting spot successful Juventus.

Matias Soule scored a brace of goals during Frosinone's 4-3 nonaccomplishment to Cagliari 

Leonardo Pavoletti, meanwhile, scored doubly successful wounded clip to springiness Cagliari nan win

Maignan is not a robot, and nan mistakes beryllium it 

Mike Maignan played his worst crippled since moving to Italy, proving that he is not a robot. 

He missed 3 extremity kicks, a very elemental artifact from a precocious transverse and connected some of nan 2 goals conceded by Milan, he made superior errors successful positioning and reactivity.

The emotion is that he is not successful 100 percent beingness information and that he has mislaid serenity and concentration. 

He was nan champion goalkeeper successful Serie A for astir 2 years and a infinitesimal of trouble is physiological moreover if his driblet successful capacity is rather worrying. 

On Matteo Politano's changeable he appeared amazed and excessively shy. On Jack Raspadori's equaliser he wholly misplaced nan obstruction and dived excessively late. 

Marco Sportiello aliases Antonio Mirante, Milan's 2nd and 3rd goalkeepers, would not person made each these errors. But Maignan's short-circuit besides arose from Marco Pellegrino's protect errors and Theo Hernandez's mediocre protection of nan punishment area. 

The prevention connected Khvicha Kvaratskhelia astatine nan extremity of nan lucifer softened nan consequence but did not let nan French No 1 to amended an wide mediocre performance. 

And aft overmuch deserved applause he improved his personality, experiencing fierce disapproval from nan Rossoneri fans.

The consequence of suffering a fewer whistles astatine nan 'Meazza' successful Milan's adjacent matches is existent but Maignan has wide capable shoulders to beryllium capable to defy what mightiness beryllium nan first antagonistic infinitesimal of his Italian experience.

Buongiorno Torino! 

Last summertime he could person go an Atalanta player. He was Gasperini's favourite and supra each he was nan man pinch nan highest economical worth successful Turin. But president Urbano Cairo resisted each nan offers. 

In nan decisive lucifer for Ivan Juric's early connected nan bench, Alessandro Buongiorno scored a decisive extremity which has a overmuch much important symbolic worth than nan 3 points won against Lecce. 

He returns from an adductor wounded that kept him retired for complete 35 days and instantly makes it clear why Torino wanted to support him pinch a sumptuous statement extension. 

Buongiorno collapsed his extremity accelerated and simultaneously relaunched nan team's ambitions. He is simply a cosmopolitan player, pinch ample room for betterment and demonstrates that he is maestro of nan pitch. 

His cognition saves Juric's squad who now hopes not to person to springiness up their charismatic leader again. Buongiorno leads defence excessively arsenic if he were nan reincarnation of Roberto Cravero, nan historical Torino defender, and is simply a campaigner to go nan man who symbolises nan rebirth of nan Granata club.

Alessandro Buongiorno scored a decisive extremity conscionable earlier half-time to thief Torino hit Lecce

 Albert Gudmundsson scored nan lone extremity successful Genoa's 1-0 triumph against Salernitana

The champion icelandic footballer to play successful Serie A? 

Albert Gudmundsson is simply a prima truthful agleam that he will not beryllium capable to radiance for overmuch longer successful nan mini entity of Genoa. 

The Icelandic subordinate is simply a thorn successful nan broadside of Salernitana's defense and his bonzer moving expertise has brought Filippo Inzaghi's tactical strategy to its knees. 

Retegui's wounded could person weakened Genoa psychologically but nan beingness of Gudmundsson allowed Alberto Gilardino's squad to get a very important triumph which could unfastened up caller scenarios successful nan Ligurian club's season. 

The Icelandic boy is nan method leader of a squad which, contempt its ups and downs, is having a bully commencement to nan play which could moreover let Genoa to push for Europe.

The broadside has 11 points from 10 games and Gudmundsson has already scored 4 goals successful 10 Serie A starts, much than 1/3 of nan full goals of nan squad produced successful nan convention successful May 2023.

He is enchanting erstwhile he has nan chance to play pinch a corridor successful beforehand of him and is ever lethal successful beforehand of goal. This takes a batch of unit disconnected nan remainder of Genoa's attack.

With these benignant of performances he will transcend 10 goals for nan play and will person a agleam early successful a apical club.


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