ALVISE CAGNAZZO: Antonio Conte wants to stay in Italy after his failed stint at Tottenham... he has not shut the door on Napoli and could accept their proposal to take over this summer - but he still loves Juventus

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Antonio Conte is nan man of desire for each nan apical clubs successful Serie A.

He is presently retired of activity aft his break up pinch Tottenham and has decided to return to unrecorded successful Turin, to beryllium adjacent to his girl Vittoria and her family. Today, he accompanies his girl to schoolhouse and lives surrounded by his loved ones. He decided to go a begetter and detoxify himself from nan discarded of stress. 

He loves nan oversea and now that he lives successful nan hills he still loves to walk his holidays betwixt Liguria and his beloved Puglia, successful Lecce. 

The grounded acquisition astatine Tottenham, nan arguments pinch nan media and nan decease of awesome friends Giampiero Ventrone and Gianluca Vialli person profoundly changed his life. He now wants to dress up for nan clip mislaid overseas to look aft and raise his family, and to beryllium adjacent to his woman and girl who person ever lived successful Turin.

Conte wants to enactment successful Italy and would only judge a caller connection from nan Premier League if he was definite that he would not beryllium capable to return to Juventus, aliases person nan chance to coach Napoli aliases AC Milan.  

Antonio Conte wants to get a occupation successful Italy aft being unemployed since leaving Tottenham

Conte enjoyed awesome occurrence antecedently arsenic nan head of Juventus and Inter Milan, and aft a stint pinch Tottenham, he now wants to enactment successful Italy to beryllium person to his family

Living overseas was an exceptional acquisition way for him but successful immoderate measurement it deprived nan man Antonio Conte of nan simplest family desires. 

Now 54-years-old, he is nary longer a young coach looking for glory but a mature man who wants to proceed coaching without losing interaction pinch Italy. 

He still has 8 to 10 years up of him astatine awesome levels earlier his shot goes successful nan aforesaid way that has already shattered Massimiliano Allegri's tactical certainties. 


Napoli is among nan fewer clubs that could fulfill Conte's wishes from a readying and method constituent of position because it possesses a imaginable Ballon d'Or victor for illustration Khvicha Kvaratskhelia and because they want to return to nan apical aft a unsuccessful season.

Conte decided not to switch Rudi Garcia earlier this play arsenic he nary longer wants to return a squad halfway done nan season. 

His family would stay successful Turin, a fewer hours' formation from Napoli and would not alteration his habits for nan umpteenth clip by trying to repetition nan sporting occurrence achieved aft complete 30 years by Luciano Spalletti's squad past season.

Conte decided not to switch Rudi Garcia arsenic he didn't want to subordinate a nine successful nan mediate of nan season

Winning a scudetto successful Naples is overmuch much difficult than doing truthful astatine a apical nine for illustration Juventus, Inter aliases AC Milan and this generates galore expectations successful nan caput of nan Apulian coach.

According to Tuttosport, Conte could still accept Napoli's connection successful June 2024. 

At nan extremity of nan play everything will beryllium clearer connected his sky and nan Neapolitan nine is astir apt 1 of nan champion solutions. 

Conte is nan correct man erstwhile location are nary world competitions and Napoli earnestly risks not qualifying for immoderate European competition. Today they are successful ninth spot successful Serie A, person to Torino than to Inter successful nan standings, and this is simply a motion of nonaccomplishment connected which Conte's determination tin build caller triumphs.

In Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Napoli person a subordinate who could 1 time triumph nan Ballon d'Or prize


Among nan constrictive alleys of San Gregorio Armeno, Conte would beryllium treated for illustration a divinity. 

His bonzer charismatic power would let nan fans to dream again aft nan method disaster knowledgeable pinch Rudi Garcia and Walter Mazzari - nan impermanent coach who has a worse points mean than his French predecessor.

If Conte needed emotion successful Naples he would find it without immoderate peculiar problems, without moreover paying excessively overmuch attraction to relations pinch nan media and his polemical characteristic would go a shield against immoderate outer attack.

The metropolis has ever dreamed of having Jose Mourinho connected nan chair but his 'Roman nature' and nan excessive costs of his ancient shot would beryllium excessively overmuch of a load to bear. 

This is why Conte represents nan correct man who could beryllium successful nan correct place, connected nan chair of nan Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

Napoli fans would beryllium allowed to dream again should they name Conte arsenic their adjacent manager

The metropolis has agelong dreamed of having Jose Mourinho successful nan dugout but his caller stint astatine Rome and the excessive costs of his ancient shot would beryllium excessively overmuch of a load to bear


You don't person to beryllium overly fussy to understand really Conte successful Naples would person awesome negotiated problems pinch president Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Both person a very beardown character, a reliable psyche and an bonzer passion for motivational dialogues.

In Italy location is simply a very celebrated motto: 'Two roosters successful nan henhouse cannot co-exist together' and this ancient celebrated building perfectly captures nan business that each coach who approaches Napoli experiences.

Napoli managers famously find it difficult to get on pinch president Aurelio De Laurentiis

In nan spring, De Laurentiis and nan Neapolitan nine will look to fulfill nan method requests of Conte, but not nan economical ones because nary Italian nine could ammunition retired nan aforesaid magnitude that he received during his clip astatine Tottenham.

Conte wants to triumph and to do truthful he needs players who are astatine nan apical of nan crippled aliases very adjacent to becoming one.

The waste of Victor Osimhen this summertime would costs astir £100m and nan Italian coach could negociate nan adjacent transportation almost personally arsenic he has ever dreamed of. 

If Conte has nan chance to beryllium a complete manager, by actively choosing nan players to buy, Napoli would surely go his first choice.

Conte could build a caller Napoli broadside pinch Victor Osimhen expected to time off for astir £100m


In summation to Napoli, location is evidently nan astir fascinating and slightest difficult presumption for Antonio Conte - returning to Juventus. 

Conte's profession arsenic a Juventus subordinate is afloat of successes pinch 5 Serie A titles, nan Champions League, UEFA Cup, nan Coppa Italia and nan European Super Cup.  His top wish is that to besides triumph nan Champions League arsenic a coach.

Allegri's 405 games are a cleanable snapshot of his value successful caller years for Juventus. 

Today, however, his clip seems to person expired and his shot appears to beryllium ancient, aged and frankly retired of place. 

Against Udinese, Juventus didn't person a changeable connected target for 45 minutes playing astatine nan Allianz Stadium.

Conte's return to Juventus is possible, by nan coach's ain admittance who during an question and reply pinch 'Belve' connected Rai2 said he regretted leaving Juventus.

Who would instantly use from nan erstwhile Tottenham manager's return to Turin? Federico Chiesa would surely beryllium nan happiest subordinate successful nan locker room.

Conte is still successful emotion pinch Juventus aft successful stints arsenic some subordinate and manager 


Chiesa has ever been a basal subordinate for Juventus and has ever been highly appreciated by Conte.

The Italian coach would not fto nan Italian winger beryllium debased successful nan domiciled of 2nd striker but would tactically rebuild nan squad to heighten his method characteristics.

Going from 3-5-2 to 3-4-2-1 aliases 4-2-4, nan existent exemplary of Conte's early career, would correspond an upgrade for Chiesa's career. 

Conte could prevention Federico Chiesa's Juventus profession - pinch nan subordinate perchance a early skipper of nan team

Conte's return could beryllium an electrical daze for each nan players. His beingness connected nan chair would moreover beryllium linked to nan permanence of nan Italian winger who would go nan icon of nan team's caller method course.

Conte's presence would extremity nan imaginable hemorrhage of players and would let them to recreate a beardown group from which to commencement again to triumph points and consolidate nan team's growth. 

Chiesa would return to being a basal player, nan early skipper of nan squad who will heighten nan contented of nan awesome Italian players who wore nan captain's armband for illustration Alessandro Del Piero.