Alexander Zverev's ex-girlfriend claims he 'choked her against a wall in a row days before proposing' and 'raged if she moved his cuddly toys' ... after world No 9 was fined nearly £400,000 in 'abuse' court case

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The erstwhile woman of tennis prima Alexander Zverev has alleged that nan world No 9 'choked her during an argument' and was a 'jealous man' successful a caller interview. 

On Wednesday, Zverev received an bid for a Berlin tribunal to pay a good adjacent to £400,000 for physically abusing Brenda Patea, nan mother of their child, and 'damaging her health' during an statement successful May 2020.  

The German subordinate has denied nan charges, and done a spokesperson objected nan fine, which is apt to lead to a trial. 

A connection by his representatives, Schertz Bergmann, called nan punishment bid 'scandalous', and hinted that nan subordinate would return action 'using each intends possible'. 

Patea is thought to person dated Zverev for little than 12 months betwixt 2019 and nan commencement of their girl Mayla successful 2021. 

Alexander Zverev allegedly 'choked' his erstwhile woman Brenda Patea during an statement successful May 2020

The erstwhile world No 2 and nan German exemplary were together for little than 12 months betwixt 2019 and 2021 

The German exemplary has described a 'mixture of shame, fearfulness of Zverev's lawyers, and interest for her child' arsenic playing a domiciled successful why she delayed requesting nan tribunal order, but speaking to Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Patea said that her determination to speak retired has stemmed from a bid to group an illustration of victims of assault. 

Patea claims that during nan confrontation, nan erstwhile world No 2 'pushed (her) against nan wall and choked her during an statement successful nan hallway.'

This led to 'pain successful nan pharynx and cervix area, and trouble swallowing', which she discussed erstwhile confiding aft nan incident successful 2 friends. 

Zverev is believed to person admitted to 'touching' her neck, and conscionable days after, projected to his then-girlfriend. 

Patea besides shared specifications astir their relationship, alleging that Zverev's jealousy - and consequent 'repeated beingness unit against her' - could beryllium group disconnected by mini things, specified arsenic likes connected her Instagram profile, and that he many times looked done her mobile phone. 

Zverev is besides said to person had controlling habits, and Patea claimed that moreover moving a stuffed animal successful his postulation could person agitated him. 

Patea appeared to definitive regret, adding: 'I remained silent erstwhile I could person been loud'. 

After their break-up successful 2021, nan subordinate is believed to person sought Patea's signature connected a statement which gave her a one-off costs of £87,144 (€100,000), attraction payments and nan opportunity to unrecorded successful 1 of Zverev's properties. 

Patea has described her erstwhile fellow arsenic 'jealous' and that this could consequence successful 'repeated beingness violence' against her

After nan brace collapsed up, Zverev is said to person offered Patea a statement which elaborate restrictions astir their girl Mayla (pictured being successful nan nationalist eye

Conditions attached to nan statement are said to see a prohibition connected discussing Zverev aliases their narration publicly, arsenic good arsenic restrictions astir their daughter, including nan banning of 'photographs of nan child's assemblage parts, particularly nan hands and/or feet'. 

Patea was besides banned from contacting Zverev's erstwhile woman Olga Sharypova, who successful 2020 and 2021 accused nan subordinate of respective counts of battle successful two different publications. 

Zverev obtained an injunction against Sharypova later that year, and Sharypova did not record criminal charges against her erstwhile partner. 

The subordinate was nan taxable of a 15-month investigation by nan ATP which concluded successful January 2023 with nan verdict that location was 'insufficient grounds to substantiate published allegations of abuse'. 

'This determination whitethorn nevertheless beryllium re-evaluated should caller grounds travel to light, aliases should immoderate ineligible proceedings uncover violations of ATP rules,' their connection added.

'Zverev has consistently denied each allegations and supported ATP's investigation.'

A number of players had voiced concerns complete nan lengthy process and deficiency of home unit argumentation formed by nan governing assemblage of men's tennis. 

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic were amongst those who criticised nan ATP's approach, pinch nan three-time Wimbledon champion saying successful October 2021: 'I don't cognize really agelong it was (before ATP responded to nan allegations, but it surely was not immediate. I person publication immoderate stuff, and evidently tennis doesn't person a home maltreatment policy.

'That is thing we arsenic a athletics should beryllium looking into, truthful nan ATP cognize what to do successful that situation, alternatively than having to deliberation and respond to it.' 

Patea claims that she has spoken retired successful a bid to group an illustration to others successful nan aforesaid situation 

Before nan pair's split, nan mates often travelled together for Zverev's Tour commitments (pictured successful 2020)

On Thursday Zverev mislaid to Stefanos Tsitsipas successful their round-of-16 conflict astatine nan Paris Masters

When contacted for remark connected Zverev's court-ordered fine, nan ATP said that it would person been 'inappropriate' for nan organisation to connection comment. 

'We are alert of nan allegations against Alexander Zverev and nan caller tribunal bid successful Germany,' nan connection read. 'As ineligible proceedings are still ongoing, it would beryllium inappropriate to remark astatine this stage.' 

Zverev was knocked retired of this week's Paris Masters tourney by Stefanos Tsitsipas connected Thursday. 

Whilst not yet qualified, Zverev is expected to make nan trim for mid-November's Nitto ATP Finals successful Turin.    

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