ALEX STEPNEY: Sir Bobby Charlton was our talisman, our hero, and unbelievably my friend... his memorial was a great celebration befitting of a great man

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  • Sir Bobby Charlton's ceremonial was held astatine Manchester Cathedral connected Monday
  • The Man United and England fable precocious passed distant astatine nan property of 86
  • Sporting luminaries from past and coming besides attended nan memorial service

By Alex Stepney For The Daily Mail

Published: 16:10 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 16:20 EST, 13 November 2023

Monday was a awesome celebration befitting of a awesome man but I cognize Bob would person said he ne'er deserved it.

For personification who went done truthful overmuch and achieved truthful much, he was nan astir humble of men.

When nan nine unveiled nan guidelines astatine Old Trafford that was named aft him, location were tears successful his eyes erstwhile he told maine 'I don't merit this' but, arsenic I said to him then, he deserved each accolade he received. He was a elephantine among us.

The turnout astatine nan cathedral was perfectly fantastic, truthful galore awesome footballing names for illustration Sir Alex Ferguson, Emilio Butragueno from Real Madrid, and players who wanted to salary their ain tribute. 

And for Prince William, nan early King of England to attend, well, that tells you wherever this man stood, not conscionable for Manchester United but for his country. There was moreover a work successful Ghana connected Monday to people his passing. 

Sir Bobby Charlton will beryllium remembered arsenic a Man United, England and world shot legend

Former Manchester United goalkeeper and European Cup victor Alex Stepney was adjacent friends pinch Charlton

Fans gathered astatine Old Trafford connected Monday greeting to salary their respects up of Charlton's funeral

Stepney (green top) and Charlton (front) developed a beardown relationship during their clip together astatine Man United

His sanction was renowned worldwide, synonymous pinch English football; our talisman, our hero, and, arsenic I've often thought unbelievably, my friend.

As nan cortege passed, it was funny that nan upwind blew truthful powerfully arsenic it reminded maine of those days erstwhile Bob would unleash that awesome thunderbolt changeable of his. He'd leap successful nan aerial to observe a extremity and look arsenic if he almost hung there, majestically successful nan wind, earlier landing, past expanse that wisp of hairsbreadth crossed his head, arsenic if to readjust his uniform. I could conscionable image him doing it again earlier he went successful for his nonstop off.

While it was sombre, location had to beryllium humour arsenic location was a awesome humorous broadside to Bob that not everyone saw, truthful nan reside of nan eulogies from his grandson William and from David Gill were terrific. 

They told nan truth of a man who was everlastingly competitive, moreover erstwhile he was playing cribbage pinch america teammates, aliases dominoes pinch his grandkids He besides loved to person nosy and appreciated those astir him.

Charlton's sanction was renowned worldwide, synonymous pinch English football; our talisman, our hero, and, arsenic Stepney often thought unbelievably, his friend

Charlton's ceremonial was held astatine Manchester Cathedral connected Monday aft his passing astatine nan property of 86

Prince William was amongst those who attended nan ceremonial work successful Manchester

My abiding representation will beryllium really fortunate I was to person shared nan time United won nan European Cup successful 1968 pinch him.

What that meant to him, having survived nan Munich disaster 10 years earlier, was clear passim that nighttime astatine Wembley. He was truthful determined. At 1-1, he told america we could people 4 and we did, and he scored 2 of them. 

He drove america guardant to that trophy, for his teammates that nighttime and nan ones who had been mislaid before. He was terrific.

To spot thousands move retired for him he would person been very proud. It was nan cleanable ceremony of a awesome man, it was an appreciation of what he meant to nan club. He was conscionable magnificent. A awesome guy, a awesome family man. I loved him to bits.

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