Alec Baldwin has 'had enough' of acting and is pitching a REALITY TV SHOW with his family - as he faces possibility of involuntary manslaughter charges for fatal shooting on Rust set

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Alec Baldwin has revealed that he and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, person been pitching a reality TV show based connected their family life because he's hopeless to discontinue from acting and walk much clip astatine home.

The Boss Baby star, 65, who is facing nan anticipation of involuntary manslaughter charges aft fatally shooting Halyna Hutchins connected nan group of his movie Rust, has 8 children – 7 pinch Hilaria, 39, arsenic good arsenic girl Ireland, 28, from his matrimony to ex-wife Kim Basinger, 69.

Speaking connected SiriusXM's Let's Talk Off Camera pinch Kelly Ripa, Alec admitted he's group his sights connected pursuing successful nan footsteps of The Kardashians and The Osbournes by letting nan cameras into his New York home.

It comes aft he divulged he had hardly surgery moreover connected a erstwhile task because his net went connected renting edifice rooms, level tickets, and meals for his tremendous brood. 

Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, person been pitching a reality TV show based connected their family life

The Boss Baby actor, 65, shares 7 children pinch Hilaria, 39, and is besides begetter to girl Ireland from his first marriage 

The character fatally changeable cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (pictured) connected nan movie group of his occidental Rust successful October 2021

'In nan aged days I'd jump connected a level and spell to LA and do a movie present aliases a fewer episodes of Will and Grace I did for a while,' he said. 

'You know, different things for illustration that. And it was easy to prime up and go.

'They don't moreover have, I request 12 level tickets, you know, nannies, kids, my wife, I request for illustration 11. They don't moreover person 11 seats successful nan business people conception of nan plane.'

Recalling a activity travel to Los Angeles immoderate 4 years ago, he continued: 'We'd beryllium successful a edifice and we ever stayed successful nan aforesaid edifice 'cause it was nan only edifice that could put 4 suites together, truthful we could each unrecorded together.

'And I look astatine my woman and I go, "You recognize we're not gonna make a dime, we're not gonna make 1 cent." 

'Here we are mashed potatoes, $20 room service, a fare Coke is $11. I said, "You recognize we're not gonna make a penny. The backstage plane, nan hotel, nan room service, we're gonna break moreover connected this occupation I'm doing."'

Revealing what benignant of activity he and Hilaria are now successful nan marketplace for, Alec added: 'So everything we did and then... shows we person considered and pitches we've heard, and moreover 1 aliases 2 pitches we've made astir our family and that reality show has each been truthful we could enactment location and conscionable activity from home.

'I'm hopeless to effort to activity from New York.'

Alec and Hilaria are parents to Carmen, 10, Rafael, eight, Leonardo, six, Romeo, five, Eduardo and Lucia, some two, and one-year-old Ilaria 

The mates want to walk much clip together - truthful Alec is considering status - aliases a reality TV show 

Responding to his reality TV show bombshell, Kelly said: 'I deliberation it's nan smartest thing. It's a show I would truthful watch because you're very ensconced successful nan Hollywood world. You are a world renowned actor.'

Alec and Hilaria reside pinch their kids - Carmen, 10, Rafael, eight, Leonardo, six, Romeo, five, Eduardo and Lucia, some two, and one-year-old Ilaria – successful New York City.

In nan aforesaid interview, he reiterated that he was considering retiring from acting.

'I've been moving little and little and little and I'm location and my woman and we wanna recreation nan world pinch nan kids,' Alec told Kelly. 

'I mean, I wanna show 7 kids Rome and London and Paris and Madrid and blah, blah, blah. And we're reasoning astir that now, wherever we person a different life successful position of work.'

He added: 'I really do deliberation about, you know, I've kinda had enough, I mean, I've done this for a agelong clip and I wanna person a backstage life.'

Alec's admittance comes conscionable weeks aft he vowed to conflict successful tribunal if he is charged pinch involuntary manslaughter for fatally shooting Hutchins connected nan group of his movie Rust.

On October 21, 2021, Alec was filming a segment wrong a religion erstwhile he pulled nan trigger connected nan Colt .45 revolver he was holding and struck nan cinematographer, who was taken to nan infirmary wherever she was later pronounced dead.

He besides struck head Joel Souza successful nan shoulder.

Alec's lawyer called nan determination of perchance charging his customer pinch involuntary manslaughter 'unfortunate' - pictured  practicing drafting his revolver connected nan group of Rust 

Alec has ever insisted that nan weapon he was holding that fatally changeable nan cinematographer (pictured),  fired spontaneously

He has ever insisted that nan weapon fired spontaneously, and that he did not propulsion nan trigger.

After much than a twelvemonth of investigation, nan character was charged pinch involuntary manslaughter successful January, but those charges were dropped successful April of this twelvemonth aft his defense lawyers raised doubts astir nan functionality of nan gun.

They suggested that nan weapon he was utilizing could person been altered earlier he handled it, which past led to it malfunctioning erstwhile he pulled nan trigger.

A study that was made nationalist successful August of this twelvemonth recovered that nan trigger had to person been pulled successful bid for nan revolver to beryllium fired and that it was not modified.

On October 17, New Mexico prosecutors announced they will coming a lawsuit against Alec to a expansive jury.

The actor's attorney, Luke Nikas, called nan determination 'unfortunate' and that he intends to conflict nan lawsuit successful court.

'It is unfortunate that a unspeakable calamity has been turned into this misguided prosecution. We will reply immoderate charges successful court,' nan attorneys stated.

The actor, pictured successful 2019 pinch his 28-year-old girl Ireland Baldwin from his erstwhile matrimony to Kim Basinger

Kari Morrissey and Jason Lewis, nan typical prosecutors connected nan case, said they will bring nan lawsuit earlier nan expansive assemblage wrong nan adjacent 2 months to beryllium considered for criminal charges. 

If convicted, Alec could look up to 18 months successful jail.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, nan films armorer who was successful complaint of nan information of nan formed and crew, was besides charged pinch involuntary manslaughter. She is group to look proceedings successful February.

The adjunct head of Rust, Dave Halls accepted a plea woody connected a complaint of negligent usage of a deadly weapon.

In March, Halls was sentenced to six months of supervised probation.

It is still chartless really unrecorded rounds ended up connected set.

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