Al Pacino, 83, agrees to pay $30K per MONTH in child support to girlfriend Noor Alfallah, 29, in custody agreement reached five months after baby's birth

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  • Pacino will besides salary $110K upfront and $15K for acquisition expenses
  • His $30K-per-month support payments could summation pinch his income 
  • The character and Alfallah are reportedly still together contempt rumors of a split

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Published: 21:18 EDT, 2 November 2023 | Updated: 21:26 EDT, 2 November 2023

Al Pacino is fresh to salary a hefty magnitude each period to his woman Noor Alfallah aft signing a custody statement to attraction for their five-month-old child.

The 83-year-old character has agreed to fork complete a stunning $30,000 per period successful kid support payments to Alfallah, who astatine 29 is 54 years his junior, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

That's reportedly only nan level connected payments for nan Oscar winner, arsenic his monthly responsibility could summation complete clip successful accordance pinch his income.

It was first reported precocious past period that Pacino and Alfallah had arrived astatine a custody agreement for their boy Roman, who was calved successful June of this year. has reached retired to Alfallah and representatives for Pacino for comment.

Paying up! Al Pacino, 83, will salary astatine slightest $30K per period successful kid support payments to his woman Noor Alfallah, 29, TMZ reported connected Thursday; seen successful June 2022 successful NYC

 Settling it: Pacino and his decades-younger woman signed a custody statement precocious past period for their boy Roman, who was calved successful June 2023; Alfallah pictured connected October 28 successful West Hollywood

Pacino's besides connected nan hook for different sizable payments to Alfallah to thief her attraction for their son.

First up is simply a reported $110,000 upfront costs to her, which will beryllium connected apical of nan $30,000 guidelines payments.

He will besides beryllium paying for Roman's acquisition pinch yearly $15,000 that will beryllium put into an acquisition money for erstwhile nan kid is older.

According to TMZ, nan Godfather prima could besides salary up to an further $90,000 by nan extremity of nan year, which would beryllium wished by his level of income.

He will besides presumably proceed paying for different expenses he was already incurring for his woman and their child, including $13,000 per nighttime to employment a nighttime nurse. 

Pacino will reportedly beryllium paying nan lion's stock of Roman's early wellness needs, arsenic he will screen immoderate expenses supra what nan boy's wellness security covers.

The outlet besides reports that nan custody statement allows nan character and his Alfallah to stock ineligible custody of their son, but she will person superior beingness custody while Pacino will person visitation rights.

The existent statement will let nan 2 to travel to associated decisions astir what benignant of schooling Roman will person and what extracurricular activities he mightiness participate in. 

The parents will besides person to work together connected which genitor Roman will walk holidays pinch — assuming they don't extremity up celebrating together arsenic a family. 

Pacino already shares 3 big children from erstwhile relationships.

He has 22-year-old twins Olivia Pacino and Anton James Pacino from his narration pinch nan character Beverly D'Angelo, he's besides nan begetter of Julie Pacino, 34, whom he shares pinch Jan Tarrant.

Even much bills: Pacino will besides salary $110K upfront, positive $15K per twelvemonth for an acquisition fund. His payments could summation complete clip successful accordance pinch his income; seen together successful August successful NYC

Taking nan lead: The statement gives Alfallah superior beingness custody pinch visitation for Pacino, while they stock ineligible custody and will find vacation schedules and acquisition plans; seen successful August 2018 successful LA

Al and Noor were rumored to person separated aft she revenge documents successful tribunal requesting afloat beingness custody of Roman.

But a rep for Pacino denied a split, telling 'They are together.'

The 2 were first linked backmost successful April of 2022. 

Their custody statement included a voluntary declaration that Pacino was nan begetter of Roman, which was signed by nan parents six days aft his birth, arsenic good arsenic a 3rd party.

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