Airbnb guest reveals the VERY bizarre hand-written notes host left around property

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  • Joanna Anderson shared nan notes pinch further charges stuck successful her Airbnb
  • She besides recorded nan telephone she had pinch nan big aft receiving a measure of $937
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By Ishita Srivastava For Dailymail.Com

Published: 22:26 EDT, 16 May 2024 | Updated: 22:38 EDT, 16 May 2024

A TikToker has shared a bid of hand-written notes she recovered while staying astatine an Airbnb - leaving galore viewers baffled. 

Joanna Anderson shared a now viral video explaining she was astatine a 'nice home', but was shocked to observe notes outlining further charges for utilizing basal amenities. 

One statement connected nan WiFi router read: 'WiFi is free connected nan first time of your enactment but will beryllium charged astatine £10.00 ($12.67 USD) per time per instrumentality thereafter.' 

Another statement connected washing appliances read: 'The washing instrumentality will beryllium charged at £5.00 ($6.34 USD) per wash. No exception.'

Similar complaint notes was besides stuck connected nan TV and excavation table.  

Joanna Anderson told spectators successful her now viral video that while she was astatine a very 'nice home', location were notes stating further charges stuck each complete basal amenities

But Anderson revealed it sewage overmuch worse. Other bizarre notes were scattered astir nan home. 

One stuck to a achromatic fur limb chair publication :'Do not beryllium successful this chair, it was my deceased husband's favourite one'. 

Attached to microwave was 'no nutrient products aliases animals allowed,' while nan bath descend had: 'Please do not return [a] ablution aliases bath aft 8pm, we're redeeming water'. Another connected nan fridge demanded: 'This is a vegan household, respect that!'

Anderson recorded nan telephone she had pinch Airbnb big astir nan charges aft leaving nan location and receiving a $937.73 (£740) bill. 

She had been charged for WiFi, washing instrumentality usage, heavy cleaning of floors and carpets arsenic good arsenic harm to ancient beverage cup. 

While connected call, nan big tin beryllium heard telling Anderson that she 'used nan excavation array doubly and location is simply a complaint connected nan table'. 

But nan shocked impermanent wonders: 'I'm really funny arsenic well, whether aliases not I utilized nan excavation table, really did you cognize I utilized nan excavation table?'

The big quickly told her 'everything was successful a different place,' and notes that Anderson had besides utilized nan washing machine. 

In nan end, Anderson is told by nan big that each nan other fees were listed erstwhile she signed an statement to rent nan Airbnb and that she should conflict nan charges pinch nan company. 

The video has near galore viewers wondering really nan big came to cognize of nan charges and suspecting that nan spot was fitted pinch cameras. 

Anderson besides recorded nan telephone she had pinch Airbnb big astir nan charges aft leaving nan location and receiving a $937.73 (£740) measure from nan company

A spectator wrote: 'I feel for illustration location were cameras successful that Airbnb'. 

While different said: 'Hidden cams. Call constabulary and a lawyer. Knowing thing was utilized doubly intends she’s watching.'

One spectator questioned nan placement of nan chair and said: 'Am I nan only 1 wondering why nan chair was put successful a nationalist Airbnb and not taken into a backstage residence if it was truthful typical and sentimental??' 

Another besides wondered: 'She said you utilized nan excavation array doubly - if you put it backmost incorrect really tin she show if it was erstwhile aliases 10 times?'

It comes arsenic different TikToker shared their scary Airbnb communicative and wrote: 'This is for illustration erstwhile I was recorded wrong an Airbnb because I fell dormant connected nan sofa alternatively of nan bedroom. I sewage a connection nan adjacent time asking maine to please slumber successful nan chamber connected nan bed.'

According to the Airbnb website, hosts are not allowed to cod immoderate further fees aliases charges extracurricular of nan level unless expressly authorized by nan company.

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