Aidan O'Brien salutes Ryan Moore's vintage display on board Auguste Rodin to win Breeders Cup Turf at Santa Anita as he hails the jockey for 'never panicking'

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Ryan Moore played it down. As nan questions came in, he looked astatine nan array astatine which he was sitting and winced a small erstwhile his domiciled successful nan title that had conscionable unfolded was mentioned.

It was ne'er going to beryllium immoderate different way. He’s ne'er been comfortable pinch nan thought he could overshadow nan achievements of a horse, peculiarly erstwhile nan equine is arsenic bully arsenic Auguste Rodin; Moore adores this superb colt and has done truthful ever since he first sat connected him successful February 2022.

But, arsenic overmuch arsenic he would person liked nan spotlight sparkling elsewhere, it had to beryllium connected him. The $4million Breeders Cup Turf was the outstanding title of this spectacular meeting, a conflict featuring Mostahdaf and King Of Steel, and it was decided by Moore’s genius.

Auguste Rodin has moved beautifully each week, floating seamlessly astir nan bends, but it must person felt for illustration he had been thrown onto a playground roundabout successful nan first 3 furlongs arsenic his rivals rocked and rolled and bounced disconnected each other.

Mostahdaf, a dual Group One victor this season, wanted to spell a stride quicker than his partner Jim Crowley would let and wasted immoderate power arsenic he strained nan reins; King Of Steel, truthful brave successful winning nan QIPCO Champion Stakes astatine Royal Ascot 14 days earlier, recovered things unfolding quickly.

Ryan Moore put successful a brilliant show to guideline Auguste Rodin to triumph astatine Breeders Cup Turf

Aiden O'Brien's equine saw disconnected title from Up To The Mark successful nan outstanding title of this meeting

Moore, 40, saw it each unfold successful beforehand of him but managed to get Auguste Rodin, named aft a French sculptor, poised. They had a decent position, 8 lengths disconnected nan pace, but up successful nan stands Aidan O’Brien was a small anxious astir what he was seeing.

‘After 3 furlongs it had turned into havoc,’ O’Brien gasped.

The show of his jockey, bobbing distant successful nan blue-and-orange silks of proprietor Michael Tabor, instantly provided comfort.

‘But that’s point astir Ryan,’ O’Brien continued. ‘He’s conscionable truthful master pinch everything that he sees, he never, ever panics. Ryan is simply a superb jockey but, much than anything, he loves horses – and, judge me, he really loves this horse.

‘I told him nan different time that he won’t scope his highest until he’s 45 – seriously! He’s truthful wholly professional. He does everything. When he comes complete to activity (at Coolmore successful Ireland), he’s nan first 1 successful nan gym earlier you. And, I committedness you, he is getting better.’

O'Brien hailed Moore's professionalism and dedication aft his sensational victory

How does he get amended than this? Auguste Rodin, who had won nan English and Irish Derbies successful mid-summer, had been prepared for this duty aft a thrilling capacity successful nan Irish Champion Stakes astatine Leopardstown successful September.

It could person ended successful bitter vexation – each it needed was for 1 of his rivals to rotation nan incorrect measurement – but Moore knew Auguste Rodin’s capabilities. He is nimble and speedy and he sped done nan gap, astir nan rail, for illustration a motorcyclist fizzing done a unreserved hour.

Once he burst through, it was each over. Up To The Mark, chased him to nan line, pinch nan Japanese contender Shahryar trying to springiness pursuit but nan crippled was up. Moore, for illustration a commencement striker popping up successful nan correct spot astatine nan correct time, had made nan quality erstwhile it mattered.

‘Going done nan race, what I did was scheme F,’ he said, deflecting nan praise; Moore has won this title before, doubly connected Conduit (2008 and 2009) and erstwhile connected each connected Magician (2013) and Found (2016). When he looks backmost connected this, however, nan footwear will beryllium a small different.’

‘Me? I’m conscionable delighted that he has vindicated really bully he is,’ Moore stressed. ‘He has beaten immoderate due horses here. This is simply a really apical drawer horse.’

A apical drawer equine that was fixed a rather superlative ride.

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