After becoming the third British UFC champion ever, Tom Aspinall has a number of options for his next move... from a fight with Jon Jones to a potential defence of the interim title - what's next for the heavyweight star?

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On Saturday night, Tom Aspinall wrote his sanction successful nan history books aft becoming conscionable the 3rd British champion ever successful nan UFC.  

Aspinall joined retired prima Michael Bisping and existent welterweight champion Leon Edwards arsenic a British UFC title-holder aft beating Sergei Pavlovich astatine UFC 295.

Aspinall accepted nan conflict connected short-notice, pursuing an wounded to heavyweight champion Jon Jones, but still managed to measurement up to nan juncture and became nan interim title holder.

However, pinch Jones group to beryllium connected nan side-lines until mid-2024 and small different options for nan 30-year-old, Aspinall whitethorn person travel to a crossroads already. 

So, here, Mail Sport takes a look astatine nan imaginable options for Aspinall aft becoming nan UFC's interim heavyweight champion.  

British prima Tom Aspinall claimed nan UFC's interim heavyweight title connected Saturday night

Aspinall produced a stunning KO to conclusion Sergei Pavlovich during nan main arena astatine UFC 295

Possible conflict pinch Jon Jones 

It's nary concealed that Aspinall's contiguous extremity would beryllium to unify his heavyweight title by facing existent champion Jon Jones. 

Speaking aft his triumph complete Pavlovich, Aspinall confirmed specified desires and suggested that Wembley stadium would beryllium nan cleanable venue for nan bout. 

He said: 'I've seen Jon talking bully worldly astir maine connected a podcast arsenic well, it's really nice. 

'Obviously it's ever bully to perceive bully things astir you, but from personification for illustration that who I massively look up to moreover much so. Thank you, Jon, and conscionable springiness maine nan opportunity. Let maine do it, springiness maine my dream fight.

'I deliberation if we do nan top combatant of each clip versus nan UK heavyweight champion of nan UFC successful nan UK, that would beryllium insane. Let's do it.'

However, nan American is group for a lengthy lay-off aft he tore a tendon successful his pectoral musculus and was ruled retired for an first 8 months.

And, while nan conflict pinch two-time heavyweight champion Miocic will not hap successful November, Jones still appears keen connected nan matchup successful nan early eventually. 

Jon Jones had initially been scheduled to header UFC 295 earlier pulling retired pinch an injury

'The extremity is to get room and get backmost to activity arsenic soon arsenic possible,' Jones said. 'I conjecture it'll beryllium Stipe and I astatine a later day and that's my plan.'   

UFC supremo Dana White agreed pinch Jones' return erstwhile asked astir nan early of nan heavyweight section aft UFC 295. 

When asked whether Aspinall has overtaken Miocic successful nan title to conflict Jones, White said: 'No. You do those 2 [Jones and Miocic]. Those 2 some merit that fight.

'That's nan conflict they want. JJ, arsenic soon arsenic he heard that he was injured, went correct to LA and sewage nan surgery. He's already successful beingness therapy'.

It intends that, if Aspinall wants to conflict Jones, he'll apt person to beryllium connected nan sidelines up until adjacent summertime - which is unheard of for an interim champion.  

UFC main Dana White has said that Jones will conflict Stipe Miocic for his comeback fight

Fighting nan No. 1 Contender 

Shortly aft Aspinall's stunning knockout against Pavlovich, nan number 1 classed heavyweight contender Ciryl Gane was speedy to sound his sentiment connected societal media. 

Taking to X, formerly known arsenic Twitter, Gane wrote: 'Congratulations, Tom. You are now nan champion and go nan 1 being pursued, and I americium nan hunter. See you soon'.

Gane's past conflict came successful September, erstwhile he delivered a sadistic second-round knockout against Serghei Spivac astatine UFC Paris.

Prior to that win, Gane was submitted wrong nan first-round by Jon Jones, who ended a three-year lay-off by beating nan French star. 

While a conflict pinch Gane would nary uncertainty beryllium welcomed by UFC fans crossed nan globe, it would airs a, somewhat, unnecessary consequence for Aspinall. 

The British prima fundamentally has a conflict pinch Jones guaranteed, moreover if he has to hold aft Miocic, but could jeopardise that pinch a match-up pinch Gane. 

The Frenchman would airs a superior threat to Aspinall's interim title and, having only been defeated by Jones and Francis Ngannou, could beryllium a monolithic obstacle. 

Should Aspinall return connected Gane and lose, it would time off him without an interim title and, erstwhile again, needing to beryllium his credentials. 

Ciryl Gane has called for a conflict pinch Aspinall aft watching nan British prima triumph connected Saturday

A 'filler' conflict until Jones is ready? 

Despite nan look that a unifying conflict against Jones is what Aspinall wants and a interim defence against Gane is apt what fans want - neither are each excessively apt to happen. 

Aspinall won't hold until mid-2024 to conflict Jones and a match-up pinch Gane, arsenic antecedently discussed, is simply a high-risk low-reward conflict for nan Brit. 

However, it still remains important that Aspinall stays progressive whilst he waits for Jones and, so, 1 conflict successful betwixt a bout pinch 'Bones' still makes sense. 

Thus, different action connected nan array for Aspinall is to conflict a lesser contender while he waits for Jones and Miocic to settee their differences. 

One apt contender for that is number 7 classed heavyweight Jailton Almeida, who precocious recorded an awesome triumph complete Derrick Lewis. 

Almeida is known for his awesome grappling expertise - which is uncommon successful nan heavyweight section - and could airs a unsocial threat to Aspinall's interim title. 

Rising Brazilian contender Jailton Almeida could activity arsenic a conflict inbetween Aspinall vs Jones

The 32-year-old is unbeaten successful his six UFC outings frankincense acold and has been connected a collision people pinch nan apical of nan rankings since his presence successful nan company.

A bout pinch Almeida would beryllium obscurity adjacent nan consequence that a bout pinch Gane would beryllium and would support nan interim champion progressive until Jones is fresh to return. 

However, contempt suggestions this would beryllium a decent match-up, Aspinall suggested that Almeida should return connected Gane - pinch nan victor past facing him. 

When speaking connected a conflict pinch Gane, Aspinall said during his post-fight property conference: 'I deliberation he should conflict Almeida. I deliberation them guys should conflict eachother first and spot what happens then'.  

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