Adam Johnson's family pay tribute to the hockey player who died after his neck was sliced by Matt Petgrave during Panthers game

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The family of erstwhile NHL subordinate Adam Johnson has paid tribute to him arsenic a 'generous young man' aft he had his pharynx slashed successful a horrific 'freak accident'. 

Kari Johnson has said her nephew, 29, had 'a piece' of her bosom aft his decease astatine nan play erstwhile his pharynx was trim pinch a footwear blade. 

Sheffield Steelers subordinate Matt Petgrave, 31, collided pinch Johnson successful beforehand of 8,000 horrified fans successful Sheffield, England connected Saturday.

The 29-year-old, who played for nan Nottingham Panthers, concisely stood up, bleeding profusely connected to nan ice, earlier collapsing again during nan game.

Speaking to nan Star Tribune, Johnson's aunt Kari Johnson said Johnson and his relative Ryan are for illustration her ain sons.

Kari Johnson is seen present pinch her nephew Adam Johnson who died astatine nan play pursuing nan freak accident

Sheffield Steelers subordinate Petgrave fatally trim Johnson's pharynx pinch his leaf successful what's been described arsenic a 'freak accident' erstwhile they collided 

'They were my boys and each 1 of them had a portion of my heart.

'He wanted to beryllium nan champion astatine immoderate it was he was doing. He conscionable wanted to beryllium good, but he didn't want each nan fanfare that goes pinch it.

'He wanted to dainty his friends each nan time. If 1 of them didn't person a occupation aliases something, Adam would bargain steaks for everybody truthful they could grill them.'

Kari besides told nan outlet that earlier he had near for England he had visited his grandma but was late, arsenic he was retired buying an engagement ring.

'He hadn't [proposed] yet because he wanted to do thing large and special. '

The incident connected Saturday happened successful nan 35th infinitesimal of nan Elite Ice Hockey League lucifer astatine Sheffield's Utilita Arena. The crippled was later abandoned.

Footage shows Petgrave crash into 1 of Johnson's teammates which causes him  to suffer equilibrium earlier his limb lifted up and made interaction pinch Johnson's neck. 

Johnson past manages to get to his feet, pinch humor pouring connected to nan ice. He was past helped by a referee and a teammate arsenic he headed disconnected nan rink, but collapsed. 

Johnson received contiguous aesculapian attention, pinch CPR performed connected nan ice, and was taken to infirmary but could not beryllium saved. 

After nan incident, players formed a shield to hide what was happening from nationalist view. 

Adam Johnson successful action for nan Pittsburgh Penguins successful nan NHL successful Columbus, Ohio, successful 2017 

Matt Petgrave (file image) collapsed into 1 of Johnson's teammates successful a collision which saw him suffer equilibrium earlier his limb lifted up and made interaction pinch Johnson's neck

Supporters person rallied astir 'distraught' Matt Petgrave who accidentally killed Johnson pinch his footwear blade. 

His woman Ryan Wolfe has paid tribute on Instagram, posting a image of him and saying: 'My sweet, saccharine angel. I'll miss you everlastingly and emotion you always.'

Former Canadian lucky prima Sean Avery has besides since suggested that nan footwear from Petgrave that killed Johnson was intentional. 

In a talk pinch Fox jost Jesse Watters, Avery said: 'I've watched it, it's terrible, it's reliable to watch.

'Did this kid make a move that was very unorthodox? Do I deliberation he was trying to make interaction of immoderate sort? Absolutely.'

'Do I deliberation he woke up and said I'm going to execution personification today? No.'

He went connected to speak astir really nan athletics should reconsider nan titanium bladed blades that are presently connected nan bottommost of players' skates.

'I saw nan hit...I saw nan limb move. It shouldn't person been wherever it was. It's terrible. I can't moreover watch nan video back,' he said.

The freak mishap is still being investigated by South Yorkshire Police.

Nottingham Panthers subordinate Adam Johnson and his woman Ryan Wolfe astatine a family wedding successful June 2022 

Sean Avery has suggested nan footwear from Petgrave that killed Johnson was intentional - but he refused to telephone it a homicide erstwhile pressed by Fox big Jesse Watters

Petgrave has played successful 8 different leagues during his career, and has been described by Fox presenters and group online arsenic a 'dirty player.'

He is presently nan Elite Ice Hockey League's astir penalized subordinate successful nan 2022-23 league, according to EuroHockey.

Petgrave has accrued a full of 129 PIM, punishment infraction minutes.

And betwixt 2013 to 2017, he was listed arsenic having 328 profession punishment minutes, according to VredsHockey.

In January 2022 Teddy Balkind, who was successful 10th people astatine St Luke's, a backstage schoolhouse successful Connecticut, died aft having his pharynx trim by different player's blade.

The aforesaid point besides happened to Clint Malarchuk successful 1989, successful an NHL crippled betwixt his Buffalo Bares squad and nan St Louis Blues.

Malarchuk survived but needed 300 stitches to adjacent a six-inch wound. He mislaid 1.5 liters of blood.

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