Adam Johnson: Nottingham Panthers to hold public tribute in memory of ice hockey star who was tragically killed in freak accident during a game

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  • Johnson died aft suffering a superior trim to his neck during a crippled connected Saturday 
  • Tributes person poured successful to American erstwhile NHL star Johnson aft his death 
  • The Panthers' adjacent 3 games person been postponed arsenic a people of respect 

By Dan Cancian For Mailonline

Published: 05:56 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 09:24 EDT, 1 November 2023

The Nottingham Panthers will clasp an evening to retrieve crystal lucky prima Adam Johnson, pursuing his tragic decease astatine nan property of 29 past week.

Panthers prima Johnson's throat was trim by Matt Petgrave's skate blade when he collided pinch nan Sheffield Steelers subordinate connected Saturday. 

The erstwhile NHL concisely stood up, bleeding profusely connected to nan ice, earlier collapsing again during nan game. 

The incident happened successful beforehand of 8,000 fans astatine nan Utilita Arena Sheffield and nan wounded was so horrific it forced nan crippled to beryllium abandoned and near traumatised spectators successful tears.

Now nan Panthers person announced they will travel together to retrieve Johnson.

Nottingham Panthers crystal lucky subordinate Adam Johnson died pursuing a 'freak accident' during a lucifer against Sheffield Steelers

The Panthers will clasp an evening to retrieve nan precocious crystal lucky prima connected Saturday

'The Nottingham Panthers will travel together connected Saturday evening to retrieve Adam Johnson,' nan squad said successful a connection connected X, nan level formerly known arsenic Twitter.

'Supporters of each clubs and nan wide nationalist are invited to be nan Motorpoint Arena from 5:30pm to salary tribute to our #47.

'The arena vessel will beryllium unfastened and group will beryllium invited onto nan ice, which will beryllium carpeted, to motion Books of Condolence.' 

The Panthers' adjacent 3 fixtures person each been postponed and nan squad has launched a fundraiser to raise money for the Love for Hibbing and Hockey Memorial Fund.

Almost £35,000 had been raised by Wednesday greeting successful support to section charities successful nan Johnson's hometown of Hibbing successful Minnesota.  

Johnson's tragic decease has near nan crystal lucky world successful a authorities of shock, pinch tributes pouring successful from nan NHL and his erstwhile club.

The Pittsburgh Penguins honoured Johnson anterior to their games against nan Anaheim Ducks connected Monday night.

The 29-year-old played successful 13 games for nan Penguins during nan 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons, signaling 1 extremity and 3 assists. 

Johnson was struck successful nan cervix by an crystal lucky blade. Pictured: Moments earlier nan tragedy

Flowers were laid successful tribute to Johnson extracurricular Nottingham's Motorpoint Arena, wherever nan Panthers play their location matches 

A memorial to Johnson now stands outside the Motorpoint Arena successful Nottingham

'It's thing that we've each been reasoning about,' said Penguins skipper Sydney Crosby.

'Our thoughts and prayers are pinch his family and loved ones.'

Pittsburgh caput coach Mike Sullivan struggled to find nan correct words erstwhile speaking connected Johnson's passing.

'I don't cognize if I person words to explicate nan full circumstance,' Sullivan said. 

'It's conscionable an unthinkable tragedy. He's a terrific kid, it was a privilege to beryllium his coach… There are nary words I person to explicate really I consciousness astir it.' 

The Ontario Reign besides paid a rubbing tribute to Johnson, who played 42 games for nan franchise crossed 2 seasons successful nan AHL.

Following their triumph complete nan Abbotsford Canucks nan Reign announced their three-stars of nan crippled arsenic location teams usually do.

As they recognised nan champion players successful nan crippled location was a abstraction saved arsenic nan top-star.

This was past fixed to Johnson arsenic an affectional Jacob Doty skated onto nan crystal holding a jersey sporting nan number 49 and Johnson's sanction connected nan back.

Meanwhile, nan wounded suffered by Johnson has prompted nan Oxford City Stars to make cervix guards mandatory for each players.

The 29-year-old played 13 games for nan Pittsburgh Penguins successful nan NHL complete 2 seasons

The Penguins honoured Johnson anterior to their games against nan Anaheim Ducks connected Monday

Johnson was besides honoured up of nan crippled betwixt nan Vancouver Canucks and nan Nashville Predators connected Tuesday night 

The Ontario Reigns paid a rubbing tribute to their erstwhile subordinate after their triumph complete nan Abbotsford Canucks

The apical crystal lucky convention successful Germany is besides considering introducing a norm to make cervix guards mandatory.

Deutsche Eishockey Liga lucifer operations manager Jorg van Ameln told German newspaper Bild: 'At our gathering of nan clubs’ sporting board connected November 27th, we will talk astir nan planned preamble of a cervix brace for nan caller season. 

'This is mandatory successful Finland and Sweden.'

Players are not presently forced to deterioration cervix guards successful respective awesome leagues.

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