Abortions surge to record 250,000 in a single year, with experts blaming cost of living crisis forcing women to terminate pregnancies 'for purely financial reasons'

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A grounds 252,122 abortions were recorded successful England and Wales successful 2022, pinch Britain's cost of living situation to blame, according to charities. 

This fig is astir 17 per cent higher than nan erstwhile year, itself different grounds breaker since nan Abortion Act was introduced successful nan 60s. 

It's balanced to 1 successful each 50 women successful England and Wales betwixt nan property of 15 to 44 having a termination. 

Women aged 22 were nan astir apt to person an abortion successful 2022, astatine almost 38 terminations, per 1,000 women astir double nan nationalist average. 

Charities said nan 'unprecedented' spike successful pregnancies successful ending termination was nan costs of surviving making it unaffordable for galore women to person a child. 

Heidi Stewart, main executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), which provides abortion said: 'No female should person to extremity a gestation she would different person continued purely for financial reasons. 

A grounds 252,122 abortions were recorded successful England and Wales successful 2022, pinch Britain's costs of surviving situation to blame, according to charities

'The stories women person shared pinch america are heartbreaking. The costs of surviving situation has placed immense strain connected women and families, pinch excessively galore having to take betwixt financial stableness and having a baby.

'With nan 2nd highest childcare costs successful nan developed world, whichever statement is elected travel 4 July needs to prioritise curbing nan costs of surviving and making childcare much affordable.'

She added different logic was agelong NHS waits for contraceptive appointments meaning women were becoming pregnant without wanting to, leaving abortion their only option. 

'No female should go pregnant because healthcare services are failing to supply women pinch nan contraception they want and need, erstwhile they request it,' she said. 

Official abortion data, published by nan Department of Health and Social Care, besides recorded that 82 per cent of women who had terminations were unmarried, a fig that has remained changeless for nan past decade. 

Women successful nan North West had nan highest complaint of abortion, astatine 24.2 terminations per 1,000 women.  

In contrast, nan South West has nan lowest complaint astatine 17.6 abortions per 1,000 women.

The immense majority, 88 per cent, of abortions performed successful 2022 were performed nether 10 weeks. 

Such terminations tin beryllium carried retired astatine location utilizing medications and this has go an progressively predominant measurement to extremity a gestation successful nan UK, pinch 61 per cent of terminations done this measurement according to Government data.

This is up 9 percent points compared to nan erstwhile year's figure. 

Current rules mean pregnant women tin legally petition an abortion successful nan UK until 24 weeks pregnant, but it is up to medics if it is granted. 

Under nan 1967 Abortion Act terminations are granted connected grounds of beingness aliases intelligence wellness arsenic good arsenic for financial reasons, specified arsenic being incapable to spend to attraction for a child.

There is nary entree to abortion connected request successful nan UK. A female cannot legally terminate a gestation without cause, she must person reason.

Abortions tin still legally beryllium carried retired aft nan 24-week limit, but this is only done nether very strict circumstances.

These see nan mother's life being astatine consequence from nan gestation aliases if nan kid would beryllium calved pinch a terrible disability. 

Abortions carried retired aft 24 weeks relationship for a mini fraction of full terminations.

The immense majority, 88 per cent, of abortions performed successful 2022 were performed nether 10 weeks. Only 260 abortions aft nan 24-week limit were carried retired successful 2022, 0.1 per cent of nan total

Only 260 abortions of this benignant were carried retired successful 2022, 0.1 per cent of nan total.  

Reacting to nan information anti-abortion group Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson, called it a 'national tragedy'.

'Every 1 of these abortions represents a nonaccomplishment of our nine to protect nan lives of babies successful nan womb and a nonaccomplishment to connection afloat support to women pinch unplanned pregnancies,' she said. 

'This important emergence successful abortions has accompanied nan 2nd afloat twelvemonth that abortion services extracurricular of a objective mounting person been operating successful England and Wales”.

'Ahead of nan General Election, we are calling connected nan adjacent Government to urgently bring guardant caller protections for unborn children and accrued support for women pinch unplanned pregnancies.'

Down's syndrome charities besides condemned nan truth that 760 pregnancies wherever nan disablement was detected successful prenatal screening , ended successful termination. 

Lynn Murray, spokesperson for nan run group Don’t Screen Us Out campaign, and mother of kid with Down’s syndrome said nan fig was 'deeply concerning'. 

'Despite nan leaps that defense groups person made successful raising consciousness successful support of group pinch Down’s syndrome, abortion successful nan lawsuit of Down’s syndrome is still truthful commonplace and wide successful nan UK. 

'In fact, we perceive from parents each nan clip really abortion was many times presented to them successful nan infirmary arsenic an evident solution pursuing nan receipt of nan news that their babe had Down’s syndrome.'

Debate astir abortion authorities successful England follows nan lawsuit of Carla Foster, who astatine 45, was fixed a 28-month jailhouse condemnation successful 2023 for illegally taking abortion pills to extremity her gestation during nan Covid lockdown

Access to abortion varies astir nan world pinch immoderate countries allowing afloat entree though  gestational limits still apply. Others only let abortions connected aesculapian grounds aliases forbid it entirely. The UK is considered a European outlier, only allowing abortions connected some wellness arsenic and economical grounds whereas astir of its neighbours are much flexible. Abortion entree successful nan US has undergone a extremist displacement precocious and now varies greatly connected a state-by-state level

Down's syndrome inclusion successful a database of aesculapian conditions allowing termination aft 24 weeks of gestation is arguable and location person multiple calls to extremity group terminating gestation for this reason. 

There person besides been aggregate calls to alteration rule surrounding abortion from some broadside of nan debate. 

One attempt, led by Conservative MP Caroline Ansell, seeks to little nan abortion limit from nan existent 24 weeks to 22.

This is, successful part, based connected calls from medics that babies calved astatine 23 weeks now person a important 40 per cent chance of endurance acknowledgment to aesculapian advances.  

It has been backed by 30 MPs including former business caput Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, ex-home agency curate Sir John Hayes and erstwhile wellness curate Maggie Throup.

In contrast, different connection put guardant by Labour's Dame Diana Johnson, who is besides nan chair of nan location affairs committee, seeks to decriminalise abortion aft 24 weeks.

This wouldn't alteration nan 24-week ineligible limit for abortions but would extremity women facing jailhouse if they person terminations aft this time, for illustration successful nan lawsuit of Carla Foster.

Ms Foster, 45, was fixed a 28-month jailhouse condemnation successful 2023 for illegally taking abortion pills to extremity her gestation during nan Covid lockdown.

The mother-of-three was betwixt 32 and 34 weeks pregnant astatine nan time.

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