Aaron Rodgers admits enduring rehab has been AWFUL as the New York Jets season hits a new low without him... and reveals he thought he was finished in NFL when he snapped his Achilles

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  • The 39-year-old signal-caller is 'thankful' for his entourage helping him recover
  • Rodgers is eyeing a return successful December if nan Jets are still successful playoff contention
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By Alastair Talbot For Dailymail.Com

Published: 17:36 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 17:47 EST, 21 November 2023

Aaron Rodgers has admitted that his enduring rehab' has been atrocious arsenic nan New York Jets' play hits a caller debased without him, aft nan team's blowout loss to nan Bills, and reveals he thought his NFL profession was complete aft he snapped his Achilles.

Making his play quality connected ESPN's Pat McAfee Show connected Tuesday, nan 39-year-old backmost described his absence from nan squad arsenic 'awful connected astir days' earlier laughing astir it while lying connected his bed, seemingly downbeat astatine home. 

'I mean, I deliberation you person to find immoderate beauty successful nan midst of it,' he added. 

'A batch of group person said everything happens for a logic and that's a calling paper but I person ne'er really subscribed to that circumstantial thought process. I judge life is happening each nan time. Not happening to me, that's a unfortunate mentality. All we tin do is find really we respond to nan experiences that we're going through.

'I've tried to respond arsenic affirmative a measurement arsenic I tin and manifest what I want done my rehab' and to beryllium disposable to my teammates, clear my head, contemplate my life successful nan convention and my desire to still beryllium competitory astatine nan highest level. That has been great, but wide it's been difficult...'

"Rehab has been difficult but successful nan midst of it there's been immoderate beautiful experiences that I've had..

This isn't really I thought this play would spell but life is astir really you respond to adversity..

It conscionable makes maine miss nan crippled that overmuch more" ~ @AaronRodgers12 #PMSLive pic.twitter.com/eDzXcU6xUj

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) November 21, 2023

Jets backmost Aaron Rodgers pinch crutches successful an October location crippled against nan Chiefs 

Rodgers went connected to stock much reflections complete his betterment process from surgery, which took spot days aft he went down connected conscionable his 4th violative threat for nan Jets from a sack by Bills' protect extremity Leonard Floyd, sounding grateful to those he holds adjacent to his bosom while getting up to velocity from injury.

'I deliberation successful nan midst of it there's been immoderate beautiful experiences that I've had and reconnections pinch immoderate friends that wouldn't person happened had I been successful New Jersey nan full time. So, I'm thankful for those experiences, nan group successful my life that stepped up for maine erstwhile I was going done nan sadness and vexation of this injury. 

'But, this is not really I thought my destiny was going to spell this year, truthful it's been difficult. But, life is really you respond to adversity successful those situations. There's a batch of l lessons to beryllium learned successful this. I'd for illustration to deliberation a batch of lessons could've been learned without going done a awesome Achilles injury. 

'I'm thankful for what I've learned during this clip but it conscionable makes maine miss nan crippled that overmuch more, miss nan guys being astir nan guys and excited to beryllium backmost retired location soon.'

Asked by McAfee if coming retired of his February acheronian retreat helped him consciousness much motivated arsenic ever to prolong his longevity successful nan league, Rodgers said: 'I deliberation there's a thought instantly aft nan wounded [that] this is it. I'm done.

'I can't spell done this rehab, I'm excessively aged for this s***. And I did a batch of psyche searching and praying that nighttime and I woke up successful nan greeting felt for illustration ''nah, I'm coming back''. 

"I deliberation location was a thought instantly aft nan wounded that I was done & I'm excessively aged for this shit..

I've gotten a look astatine what status looks for illustration & I'm not fresh for that..

I still consciousness for illustration I've sewage a fewer bully years near & look guardant to getting a chance to show that"… pic.twitter.com/KmTlX0ya9w

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) November 21, 2023

Rodgers, 39, has been astir nan Jets connected almost each 1 of nan team's gamedays this year

'I'm going to do this again, I'm going to climb nan upland 1 much clip and I'm thankful to each nan group who reached out, nan group that were praying for me, supported me, sending maine bully messages, checking connected me. It's been really, really special.

Rodgers pointed retired that those who judge he tin flooded nan increasing pains of nan wounded person 'reignited' his emotion for to return to pro shot moreover more, though he knows that being distant from nan squad has fixed him somewhat of a 'semi-retired' tag from fans.

'I've been distant from nan squad for overmuch of these 10 weeks, but past seeing it connected crippled days, and I'm ne'er not overmuch pinch my squad successful nan fall. I ne'er made my autumn schedule since I was successful precocious schoolhouse playing 'ball truthful I've gotten a look astatine what that feels for illustration and [I'm] not fresh for that.

'I still consciousness for illustration I've sewage a fewer bully years near and tin still play astatine a precocious level and look guardant to getting a chance to show that.'

McAfee past offered to lighten up nan four-time convention MVP's temper by cracking a joke: 'Being a non-football human, dislike it. Can't hold [for you] to get back, [and] watch you grind it out.'

Rodgers is eyeing to return successful December if nan Jets (4-6) are still contending for nan playoff by past but his comeback seems much apt destined astir mid-January, sources person reported. 

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