A strict ban on domestic cats could save the nation billions - and two-thirds of the country say they would support it

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A nationwide prohibition could beryllium imposed connected pet feline owners that could prevention nan state billions of dollars - and a caller study reveals astir Australians would support it.

The rules could spot pet cats banned from going outdoors and owners slapped pinch hefty fines if they don't support them indoors permanently. 

Some section councils on pinch nan full of nan ACT are already imposing nan prohibition while others, for illustration Geelong and nan City of Melbourne, are successful nan process - but location are caller calls to enforce a broad prohibition nationally.

A study published by nan Biodiversity Council successful March this twelvemonth recovered conscionable 1 successful 12 people, aliases 8 per cent of nan population, opposed specified a ban.

Along pinch redeeming millions of autochthonal animals that home and feral cats would different termination each year, nan prohibition could besides trim nan effect of feline diseases transmitted to humans, which costs nan system an estimated $6billion a year. 

The City of Melbourne is holding organization consultations connected whether to prohibition feline owners from letting their cats outside

A increasing number of councils are imposing feline curfews aliases rules that pet cats must beryllium kept indoors but these could go a nationalist rule - and investigation shows astir group support nan idea 

Feral and home cats allowed outdoors are 1 of nan awesome threats posed to autochthonal wildlife 

The study conducted by researchers astatine Monash University asked much than 3,400 group whether they would support a argumentation that would 'require feline owners to support their feline contained to their property'.

'We recovered a clear mostly (66 per cent) of group support feline containment,'  interrogator Jaana Dielenberg said this week.

'A strikingly mini proportion, astir 1 successful 12 group (8 per cent), are opposed. 

'The remaining 26 per cent were ambivalent, selecting neither support nor oppose.'

A draught threat abatement scheme released successful December by nan Department of Environment projected azygous rules astir nan state for pet feline containment on pinch banning pet cats wholly from adjacent precocious conservation worth areas. 

The rules would protect wildlife and thief to trim feral feline numbers.

But successful summation to this, Ms Dielenberg said it would besides trim nan incidence of respective diseases which humans tin drawback from cats. 

'These costs Australia much than $6billion a twelvemonth based connected costs of aesculapian care, mislaid income and different related expenses.

'The astir wide of these diseases is toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that tin beryllium passed to humans but must complete its life rhythm successful cats. 

'Australian studies person reported quality infection rates betwixt 22 per cent and 66 per cent of nan community.'

The infection tin origin illness, impact gestation and successful uncommon cases tin beryllium deadly. 

The mostly of group who are infected do not go sick but location are still thousands of hospitalisations each twelvemonth and it is believed nan infection, which does not spell distant but lies dormant, tin impact encephalon function.

Studies person linked cat-borne infections to accrued rates of car accidents, intelligence wellness issues and aforesaid harm.

Cat transmitted diseases specified arsenic toxoplasmosis are amazingly communal and tin origin complications pinch encephalon usability and pregnancy

More than a 3rd of section councils successful Australia now require cats to beryllium contained overnight aliases 24 hours a day.

While councils are responsible for pet issues, authorities and territory laws greatly power what councils tin and can't do.

In New South Wales and Western Australia, authorities laws forestall section councils from requiring feline containment isolated from successful circumstantial circumstances, specified arsenic successful declared nutrient mentation areas successful NSW.

Statewide aliases nationalist bans would lick these issues.

'Amending nan rule successful NSW to instrumentality 24/7 feline containment rules is simply a elemental measurement that would person profound benefits for our autochthonal wildlife,' Jack Gough, Advocacy Manager astatine nan Invasive Species Council said.

'Councils crossed nan authorities are crying retired for this amendment truthful that they tin protect their section bushland from nan tremendous impacts of roaming pet cats.

'The rule successful NSW is simply a stark opposition to nan ACT which requires residents to incorporate their cats, aliases successful Victoria wherever astir 50 per cent of councils person introduced feline containment rules.'

A feral feline successful Tasmania is pictured aft hunting a autochthonal marsupial 

This representation shows nan distribution of millions of feral cats crossed Australia. They are much communal successful nan outback and abundant successful parts of SA

On average, a roaming pet feline kills 186 reptiles, birds and mammals per twelvemonth while a feral feline kills 748.

When that is scaled up to nan millions of cats successful Australia, it is simply a immense problem, pinch cats playing a starring domiciled successful nan mostly of Australia's 34 mammal extinctions since colonisation. 

There are presently 110 autochthonal mammals listed arsenic threatened successful Australia.

One illustration is nan kowari, a mini marsupial that was erstwhile communal successful nan Australian outback but is now only recovered successful a mini conception of godforsaken successful south-west Queensland and north-west SA.

Threats to nan kowari organization are chiefly feral cats and foxes on pinch cattle farming which reduces crushed screen and tramples burrows.

It is estimated location are only astir 1,200 near successful nan chaotic pinch nan authorities changing its position from susceptible to endangered successful November.

The kowari, a autochthonal marsupial recovered successful outback Australia, was precocious upgraded to endangered courtesy mostly of feral cats 

Ms Dielenberg, who is besides nan communications and engagement head for nan Biodiversity Council, said that pinch nan level of support for a broad feline containment norm successful nan organization 'the clip mightiness beryllium correct for nationwide alteration successful really we negociate our pet cats.'

'Broader take of keeping cats safe astatine location would person ample benefits for feline welfare, quality health, section wildlife and moreover nan economy,' she said.

'Requiring pet cats to beryllium contained is simply a sound argumentation choice. But to realise nan afloat benefits, we besides request to put successful effective connection for communities, supply rebates to thief incorporate cats, and make judge nan rules are followed.'

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